IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool Review

A summary is one of the mandatory parts for various writing projects. The text’s compression process could consume plenty of time for the total project’s length. You analyze the material, take the main points of the paper, and rewrite gathered and condensed information in a clear and short form.

Using online text auto summarizers such as the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool removes mentioned problems. These web app uses inner algorithms to compress an input text into a brief version of it without losing the main points. A user-friendly and clean structure of the IvyPanda web app makes it possible to quickly and conveniently create the best summary of your writing project.

❤️ What We Like about IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool

It is necessary to understand the strongest sides of the summary generator you are about to work with. Get started and look at what our team has prepared for you.


The IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool does not overwhelm the reader with the rarely used features. Type or paste your paper into the input field, select the result’s length, and press the “Summarize” button. The same web page will instantly show the proposed summary. Push the “Copy to clipboard” button to export the result to your favorite text editor. You may also generate the keywords set by enabling an appropriate feature. The system can also handle large volumes of projects and documents. You may input up to 20,000 symbols; that equals about 8 – 10 average academic essays.


With the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool, you will not be limited by the number of daily generation attempts or the functionality block. A fully functional web app is available free of charge.


This online summarizer works fast and gets its job done without pop-ups or ads.

Easy to use

The online application is user-friendly and helpful, especially when the user needs the summary quickly. This web summarizer does not have excess elements on the page, so you get the result without guidance.

📑 IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool Details

This online software makes the summary generation process smooth and clear. The page elements’ layout allows you to operate the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool conveniently and without unnecessary steps.

Take a look at the web app’s main page.

IvyPanda Text Summarizer Screenshot

As you can see, the design of the system is simple and understandable. Input your paper in the “Text to summarize” field and press the “Summarize” button. You may also decide whether to show the keywords or not and select some sentences in summary. The online summarizer tool allows you to copy the generated result to the clipboard by clicking the appropriate button. This feature is useful for smartphones and tablets, where the touch selection feature is not always convenient and stable.

When the “Show keywords” option is turned on, the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool generates a summary and a well-structured list of keywords next to it. Each keyword is accompanied by its quantity in the body of your paper.

This web app can compress up to 20,000 characters at a time so that you may summarize almost any essay, blog article, or science work. The books, especially the voluminous ones, need to be split into smaller chunks, but this is the only limit.

Summarizing, the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool makes it possible to condense main ideas of almost any size and type of paper into a clear and informative summary.

🆚 IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool vs. Other Summarizers

ToolFree/paidAds & pop-upsImport/ExportAdjustable output optionShow/Hide keywords
IvyPanda Text Summarizing ToolFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Custom-Writing Summarizer ToolFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Helpfulpapers Text Summary GeneratorFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
QuillBot SummarizerFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Open Text SummarizerFreeNo ads
No pop-ups

According to the table, the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool is the leader of the rating. This web software has all features that you would expect from other online apps with similar functionality.

For example, the Custom-Writing tool, the second-best summarizer, allows you to generate the summary without at least one export option. Thus, the work with this online app on smartphones can be less comfortable than with the IvyPanda.

The “Show/Hide keywords” feature is essential for nearly all writing projects. That is why the absence of this option in the Esummarizer web app moves the IvyPanda higher in our top.

However, the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool, like all other tools from our rating, has its minor cons. Its input field is limited to 20,000 symbols, which is enough for relatively large projects; the Essummarizer does not have this limit. The QuillBot Summarizer, in its turn, allows you to “drag & drop” or upload the document when the IvyPanda only supports the “copy & paste” or typing options.

The balance between the number of features and their realization led the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool to the first place of our rating. With this web app, you will quickly summarize needed writing projects without ads and for free.

☑️ How We Test

We chose the rather general narrative essay for the test purposes: “He Left So I Could Learn.” The body of the paper includes 474 words. We used the full essay and its separate paragraphs.

The essay’s word count allows us to put the whole document into the input field, choose the result’s size, select the keyword option, and push the “Summarize” button.

We got the following output.

IvyPanda Text Summarizer Results Screenshot

As you can see, this free summarizer creates a result with a well-sorted list of keywords next to it. The total quality of the generated result is good enough to use it without significant corrections; that leads to sufficient time savings.

📊 The Bottom Line

The IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool took first place in our Top 10 Free Online Text Summarizing Tools.

The tested online tool has the following features.

  • You get a fully functional text summarizer for free.
  • User-friendly and modern design makes this web app convenient to work with, even without guidance.
  • The IvyPanda online software is ads-free.
  • This summarizer is well-balanced for daily use.
  • With features the web app has, you will quickly get the summary even on the go.

The IvyPanda online tool summarizes nearly all kinds of writing projects such as essays, research papers, or blog posts.

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