Paraphrasing Tool by Rewriter Tools: In-Depth Review

We usually deal with plagiarism by paraphrasing writing pieces manually. However, this kind of rewriting is tedious and complicated. When this process is automated, it’s much faster and easier. If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you were rewriting manually lately. Also, the quality of machine paraphrasing can be even better because the platforms possess extensive thesauruses. Now, you can give up this exhausting routine and start using online rewording platforms instead.

The Rewriter Tools Paraphraser is a notable example of how a computerized algorithm can paraphrase the text, making it plagiarism and error-free. This free content rewriter can deal with papers or articles of various lengths within a few minutes.

👍 What We Like about the Rewriter Tools Paraphraser

The Rewriter Tools Paraphraser is a top-rated platform that helps thousands of people worldwide generate unique content daily. Check out the main pros of this rewriting utensil to understand why you have to choose it. 

No character limitations

With the Rewriter Tools Paraphraser, you can process any kind of textual content. It can be just a few sentences, an average article, or a five-page document. 

Export option

You can download the rewritten content as a .docx file directly to your PC.

Editing option

Once the platform finishes paraphrasing your writing piece, you can enhance it by editing the text’s highlighted words. 


Use the Rewriter Tools Paraphraser for free at any time! This is an efficient alternative to hiring writers or using paid rewording platforms.

🖋️ The Rewriter Tools Paraphraser Details

You can find dozens of similar paraphrasing platforms on the Internet. Most of them apply the same algorithm that is replacing some words in the sentence with their synonyms. This method is less effective than the one used by the Rewriter Tool Paraphraser. This top-rated utensil analyzes the context of the writing piece first. Then, it rewrites the text using its extensive vocabulary. It changes the crucial words in the input text, preserving the original meaning. Thus, your instantly generated content is specific and error-free. This paraphraser has no character limitations, so when you want to rewrite a long article or paper, be sure to choose this application.  

The Rewriter Tools paraphrasing platform is designed to make the process of rewording straightforward and fast. Its interface is simple and accessible. There are no extra features that can confuse you. When the website looks messy, you can get lost in it, which will only waste your time. 

Now, let’s take a look at the process of rewriting with this app:

  1. Copy the article, essay, or academic paper you want to paraphrase and paste the content in the box.
    Tip: If your browser has a Grammarly extension, check the input text for grammar or spelling mistakes. When the original text contains errors, the paraphrasing can be inaccurate. 
  2. Click ‘Start Paraphrasing’ to generate rewording. 
  3. Edit the platform’s paraphrasing suggestion (optional). 
  4. Click ‘Next’ once finished.
  5. Copy the finished text or download it as a .docx file. Done!

In the end, you receive a plagiarism-free writing piece. This instant paraphrasing generator can deal with texts on various topics and of various lengths for free. 

Is it simple? Yes. Is it fast? Surely!

Tip: Once the paraphrasing platform finishes its work, copy the output text and process it one more time. This will make your content even less similar to the original, so that the plagiarism checkers will certainly regard it as authentic. 

The process of paraphrasing with this tool is undeniably better than manual rewriting. Imagine how much time you’d spend on changing the content on your own. 

Also, the Rewriter Tools website contains useful information for writers. You can find tips on how to make your rewriting better or how to use its paraphrasing application. You can find this information below the content reworder boxes, or read the Rewriter Tools blog. Also, the website offers other high-quality services for enhancing your writing piece. They include the Grammar Checker, Word Counter, and other rewriting utensils. 

🕵️ The Rewriter Tools Paraphraser vs. Other Paraphrasing Tools

When you browse the Internet in search of a paraphrasing platform that fits your needs, you may be confused by the quantity of apps on the market. Today, this overwhelming variety can make you spend hours choosing the app to solve your issue. How can you make this process faster? Here are our recommendations:

  • Define your goal. If you want to paraphrase a colossal text block, you need a paraphraser with no character limitations. If you’re going to paraphrase a short quotation, you need a tool that can spin the content, so its structure is less similar to the original.
  • Choose free or paid. If you’re a student, chances are you don’t need a paraphrasing tool for processing dozens of texts daily. But, if you’re a professional writer, your demands are higher, so, perhaps, it’s time to switch to paid applications that have more specific features. 
  • Mind the language. If your texts are always in English, it’s easier for you to find an excellent rewriting platform. However, there’re not so many tools that support other languages. You should consider it. 

Let’s compare some of the outstanding apps we’ve selected for you:

Tool nameFree/
AdsCharacters limitsCaptcha/ registrationExtensionsImport/
The Rewriter Tools ParaphraserFreeToo manyNoNoNoExport
MyAssignmentHelp Paraphrasing ToolFreeNoNoNoNoImport
Paraphrase GeneratorFreeNo2,000CaptchaNoNo
PrepostSeo Paraphrasing ToolFreeModerateNo  NoNoImport
QuillBotFree & Paid plansNoFree – 400,
Paid – 10,000
Optional registrationMS Word, Google Chrome, Google DocsNo

We hope that now you can easily find the best solution for you!

🔍 How We Test

You’ve seen a table of comparison of some top-rated rewriting platforms from our list in the previous block. You may be curious, how did we shortlist them? This process included two stages. Firstly, we analyzed 30+ paraphrasing tools applying the following criteria:

  • Character limitations
  • Import / export option
  • Free / paid
  • Language choice 
  • Registration or captcha requirement
  • Extensions for PC 

Secondly, we tested each app separately, paraphrasing articles on various topics and with different word count. At this stage, we considered the speed and quality of rewriting. Also, we tested the additional features if there were any.

For the Rewriter Tools Paraphraser, we chose an article Before You Go: Ultimate International Student Checklist’  by IvyPanda. We copied the passages and pasted them in the box on the Rewriter Tools website.

Rephrase Generator Input Form

Then, we clicked ‘Start Paraphrasing,’ and the algorithm generated paraphrasing instantly.

Rephrase Generator Paraphrase Suggestion

As we see, the platform gave suggestions for some words from the original text. They’re highlighted in different colors. You can click on each of them to select other synonyms from the tool’s vocabulary, or you can add your variant. Here is an edited version:

Rephrase Generator Results

Once we finished with editing, we hit the ‘Next’ button and downloaded it as a .docx file. 

Done! Now, we have an authentic writing piece.

The overall impression of working with this paraphraser is positive. Although it wasn’t 100% effortless because we still had to edit the processed text, it was still much faster than manual rewriting. 

📄 The Bottom Line

Choosing the paraphraser that solves your particular issue properly is not always easy. We hope that our evaluation and comparison will make this process faster and less confusing for you. Paraphrasing is definitely not the best part of creating textual content, but it can become less time-consuming with automated rewriting platforms.

Let’s summarize the key features of the Rewriter Tools Paraphraser, so you can decide if it’s an option for you:

  • This app is free, no matter how many times you use it.
  • This paraphrasing platform has no character limitations, so you can process texts of any length. 
  • Once the text is rewritten, you can edit it by tapping on the highlighted words.
  • You can download the finished text in the .docx format or copy it to the clipboard. 

If you aren’t sure about the Rewriter Tools Paraphraser yet, read our ‘10 Best Paraphrasing Online Tools’ to find more useful information!