Grammarly: Online Grammar Checker Review

Do you want to enhance the quality of your writing? When the text contains zero grammar mistakes, it looks more sophisticated and refined. This will increase the engagement with your content, making it more appealing to readers. You can achieve error-free content by using grammar checkers. There are plenty of them on the Internet today.

Grammarly is one of the most popular proofreading tools. Over 30 million users check their writing with this app daily regardless of their occupation. This software can be useful not only for professional writers but also for everybody who deals with texts in emails and corporate messengers. Its free subscription plan includes an add-on for browsers and several essential features: spelling, style, and punctuation check.

❤️ What We Like about Grammarly

The Grammarly proofreader is a fast and effortless way to create superb textual content. It helps to omit embarrassing mistakes and improve the writing’s readability. Let’s talk about its main advantages, which make it one of the best proofreading applications.

Free version

You can use Grammarly’s key services without paying anything! Choose a Free subscription plan that allows you to check grammar and style in your content.

All-round check

Analyze various aspects of your writing with this tool. It will correct over 300 types of mistakes and give recommendations on enhancing its quality.

Synonym suggestion

When you write overused words like ‘good,’ ‘important,’ or ‘great,’ Grammarly detects them and suggests less common alternatives, which enriches your content’s vocabulary. 

Smart integration

You don’t need to switch between the tabs while working on an article or writing an email. Use Grammarly as an add-on for browsers and corporate desktop messengers. The tool will analyze the text while you’re writing it and correct the errors.

📑 Grammarly Details

Not all grammar checkers have such a variety of services as Grammarly has. It’s not a common error corrector; this app can do much more. It detects spelling and punctuation mistakes with high accuracy and enhances the stylistic characteristics of the text. Moreover, it perceives the tone of the writing piece. This feature is useful both when creating articles or blog posts and when texting somebody. The app defines formal, informal, accusing, friendly, or cheerful tone of the text. 

Grammarly presents three pricing plans, you can choose one regarding your aim. There are Free, Premium, and Business subscription plans. The Free version includes spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction. Also, the app detects the tone of your content. The Premium version contains everything in Free and some additional features: ton adjustments, word choice, formality level, clarity-focused sentence rewrites, and plagiarism detection. It’s a great option for individuals who work with text daily. The price starts at $11.66 per month. The Business version is designed for teams of 3 to 149 users. It includes the same features as in Premium and some more advanced ones, such as a style guide, centralized billing, SAML single sign-on, admin panel, and priority email support. This subscription plan’s cost starts at $12.50 per month (per one member). 

Grammarly has five apps: add-ons for MS Office, Microsoft, and Google Chrome; an app for iPad, and keyboards for iOS and Android. Its integrations are incredibly handy to use. They’re analyzing the content while you’re writing it so that you can deal with errors right on the spot. Smart keyboards are also helpful for texting and creating short texts on your phone, for example, social media posts. They prevent the users from making embarrassing mistakes and give word suggestions while you’re writing. 

You can use Grammarly as an in-browser app too. Let’s see how it works.

You can upload a document to check it for grammatical errors or copy & paste it in the apps area. Once the tool analyzes the text, it presents a thorough report on its grammatical and style mistakes. Also, it assesses the content’s correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery, giving an overall score. You can press on the ‘Overall score’ tab to see more information about the writing performance. Grammarly shows the number of characters, words, sentences, reading and speaking time, and other metrics regarding its readability and vocabulary. The best part is that all these advanced statistics come within the Free version! Also, you can adjust your writing goals by setting the level of formality, adjusting the audience, domain, tone, and intent. The tool will assess your writing piece considering your aims, and give recommendations accordingly. 

🆚 Grammarly vs. Other Grammar Checkers

You already know about many excellent features of the Grammarly proofreading software. It’s time to compare it with the other tools on the Internet. Today, the market is full of various grammar checkers; each has its own specific services. However, when choosing a grammar analyzer, you should pay attention to its basic features and its additional services. Sometimes, they define the app itself, making it irreplaceable. The table below contains the comparison of several grammar checkers’ standard features. 

Tool’s nameFree/PaidFeaturesAdsImport/ ExportExtensions
Language ToolFree & paid–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
NoExportWeb & desktop
GrammarlyFree & paid–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
NoWeb & desktop
ScribensFree–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
YesYesWeb & desktop
GingerFree–          Synonym suggestion
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
EasybibFree & paid–          Style check
–          Spelling check

☑️ How We Test

When choosing the best apps in the field, we take careful note of this process. The first step is selecting customary tools on the Internet. Then, we take a list of 30+ applications and compare them by applying certain criteria. In the case of the grammar checkers, they are: 

  • Import/export options
  • Free/paid
  • Quantity of ads
  • Style, spelling, and punctuation check options
  • Synonym suggesting option
  • Additional features (extensions, supported languages, etc.)

Later, we choose ten 5- and 4- star apps and test each of them using existing articles. Let’s see how Grammarly dealt with one of them at this stage. The article is No Game, No Gain: How Playing Video Games Makes You Smarter’ by IvyPanda

Grammarly Input Form Screenshot

Seconds after we pasted in the content, the Grammarly proofreading app analyzed and assessed it. We set certain goals, as shown below, to see how the text meets them.

Grammarly Goals Screenshot

The content scored 98 and met 4 of 5 goals. Here’s a report:

Grammarly Report Screenshot

Also, the app gave suggestions on improving the article’s correctness.

Grammarly Suggestions Screenshot

📊 The Bottom Line

We can’t stop recommending Grammarly because this tool is definitely worth your attention and money too. It provides a thorough analysis of the input content and presents in-depth reports to know exactly how to improve your writing piece. Also, it’s available on many devices, as a separate online app, and as integrations for desktop applications. This proofreading app is designed to instantly correct over 300 types of errors and many more. 

It’s a handy, highly efficient utensil for everyone who deals with texts regardless of their occupation!

If you aren’t sure about this app, check out our article 10 Top-rated Grammar Checkers’ to compare it with the others, and learn more about grammar checkers!