Top 10 Free Online Text Summarizing Tools

The summary production can be time- and nerves-consuming. You should scan through the whole paper multiple times, gather the critical information, and assemble the summary in a natural and catchy way. Sometimes you also need to meet certain conditions specific to the exact writing project.

The online text summarizers have been developed to overcome or to automate the previously mentioned steps. You will quickly and efficiently produce numerous summaries for virtually all writing purposes.Our experts created the Top 10 Free Online Text Summarizing Tools rating. This top is based on the analysis of all web tools we could find with the matching features.

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🏆 Top 10 Text Summarizers

We spent 10+ hours to research and test all the free online text summarizers we could find. Save your time by reading this article so you can choose the best free summary generator for the exact situation.

Feel free to check them all.

ToolFree/paidAds & pop-upsImport/ExportAdjustable output optionShow/Hide keywords
IvyPanda Text Summarizing ToolFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Custom-Writing Summarizer ToolFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Helpfulpapers Text Summary GeneratorFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
QuillBot SummarizerFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Open Text SummarizerFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Conclusion Paragraph GeneratorFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Tools4noobs Online Summary GeneratorFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
EsummarizerPaid with free trialNo ads
No pop-ups
OnlineProofreadingServices Summary GeneratorFreeAdsNoYesYes
Linguakit SummarizerFreeNo ads
No pop-ups

IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool

The work with the IvyPanda web app is smooth and convenient from the start without guidance. With its neat and user-friendly design, you will quickly make a summary of nearly all writing tasks.

Copy and paste the initial text, press the “Summarize” button, and take the summarized result. The “Copy to clipboard” option allows you to export the text to external software for further work. Choose the number of sentences and show/hide the keywords to adjust your summary.

For large projects, the system allows you to input up to 20,000 characters; that equals about 8 – 10 average essays. This way, you avoid taking extra steps and get the article’s summary faster. The IvyPanda web tool does not have ads or pop-ups.

Besides, you get a fully functional and easy-to-use summarizer for free.

Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool

The Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool analyzes your essay, text of a blog post, research paper, or speech and generates a summary of the provided information. You will quickly understand how to use the article summarizer with its clean design. Besides, you may tune the summary size by selecting the number of sentences to display in the result. If your project requires the keywords, feel free to turn this feature at any time. Just type in or paste your text into the input field, select initial settings, or leave them default, press the “Analyze” button, and get the result. You may work with sizable writing projects without splitting its text because this free summarizer could analyze up to 18,000 characters at a time. The system works fast and does not have ads or pop-ups. Using the Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool is free of charge.

Helpfulpapers Text Summary Generator

The Helpfulpapers Text Summary Generator can compress up to 10,000 characters of your writing project into a short and clear summary. This flexible online summarizer allows you to generate the result based on the chosen number of sentences. It is also up to you whether to let the system create keywords or not. The summary creation process does not cause difficulties; it is easy and quick. Press the “Summarize now” button after choosing initial settings and grab the brief version of the project’s main idea. With this easy-to-use and swift web app, you will quickly create the best summary without guidance and for free. The Helpfulpapers Text Summary Generator also does not have ads or pop-ups.

QuillBot Summarizer

With the QuillBot Summarizer, you will generate a summary or critical sentences for almost all types of writing projects. The web app has a slider for convenient result’s size adjustments. Instead of keywords, the QuillBot Summarizer generates key sentences, and you may change their number in real-time. Drag & drop the document or paste the text of your writing project into the summarizer’s input field, tune the result’s length, and press the “Summarize” button. The system quickly creates a summary and a set of key sentences. If you need further result’s enhancement, push the “Paraphrase summary” button. The system then redirects you to the appropriate page and improves the summary without extra steps from your side. This easy-to-use summary maker offers all these functions for free, and you will not be disturbed by annoying ads or pop-ups.

Open Text Summarizer

The size of an input text does not limit this web tool. You may summarize books, essays, or science articles. Furthermore, the Open Text Summarizer can load the text data from the URL. Select a summary or a keywords pack output option, choose a summary volume and an input data language, submit the adjusted text, and get your summary. This web app has a neat and user-friendly design that allows you efficiently and quickly get the result without guidance. The Open Text Summarizer works fast and does not bother you with annoying ads. You get access to all current and future features of this continually developing web app for free.

Conclusion Paragraph Generator

Design of the Conclusion Paragraph Generator allows you to work with the web app from the beginning efficiently and without instructions. This web tool can generate a summary or a keywords pack based on the input text and project’s title. After entering initial data, select the summary’s length, press the “Summarize” button, and grab the result. This paragraph summarizer is an easy-to-use and fast summary creation tool. This free web app allows you to get the best result for almost any writing project without disturbing pop-ups and ads.

Tools4noobs Online Summary Generator

The Tools4noobs Online Summary Generator creates a summary based on the text of your blog, essay, or research writing project. This web tool allows you to make the following adjustments to the result.

  • You may select a threshold or number of lines.
  • The summary’s length can be limited by a minimum sentence or word length.
  • Decide whether to show or hide the best words, sentence relevance, and keywords.

These features make the summary creation process flexible and efficient. The web app can also summarize a website through the URL. The work with this ads-free web app is convenient and smooth. All functions of the Tools4noobs web app are free from the beginning.


The Esummarizer will help you with summary creation for any blog, essay, or research writing project. Paste the text you work with, select several sentences in the result, push the “Summarize” button, and save the generated text to your device. The system does not have excess elements on the page. You will quickly create the best summary of an article or an essay with the help of a clean and user-friendly design. The Esummarizer does not limit the size of the input information so you can use even books with this summary web app. The summary generation process will be smooth and quick because the online tool is ads-free. You do not need to pay for this web app, too.

OnlineProofreadingServices Summary Generator

The OnlineProofreadingServices Summary Generator takes a title and a body of your work and creates a summary or a set of keywords based on the initial text. You may adjust the result’s length by selecting an appropriate option. The service has a simple instruction but you will summarize an article without guidance and quickly, thanks to a neat and user-friendly design. Paste the project’s title and content into corresponding input fields, choose the desired result’s length, press the “Wow Me!” button, and take the created summary. It is worth noticing that this summary tool is free.

Linguakit Summarizer

Compared to the other tested summarizing tools this web app allows you to see the summary generation process. This system highlights the pieces of the initial text that have been used to construct the result. You may also enter the URL to the input data or import the file with the blog post or essay. The Linguakit tool also remembers the last analyzed text without registration so you may continue working with the summarizer later starting from the last project. Choose the summary’s size, the language of the written text, and push the “Analyze” button to get the condensed version of your paper. This summary creator works fast and does not have pop-ups or ads. The Linguakit web app limits the number of daily generation attempts but it is still more than enough to create the best summary for almost all writing projects.

🥇 Text Summarizing Tool: Editor’s Choice

Here we are going to group the text summarizing tools into sets that are the most suitable for particular groups of people. Of course, all of them perform similar functions but some are better for certain users than the others.

The Best for Busy People

There is one more reason why we decided to put the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool in the first place of our Top 10 text summarizers.

Some tested web tools with similar functionality have many features when others are limited by the specific task. All evaluated web apps have a different design that slows down or speeds up the summary creation process. However, the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool found the balance between the number of features and ease of use.

The default settings of this web app allow you to skip all extra steps and get the result in seconds. This web tool has a simple instruction but the user-friendly and clean design makes the summary generation process quick and understandable without guidance.

The IvyPanda summarizer is well-optimized for devices with small screens such as smartphones and tablets. All elements are big-enough and designed to be convenient for fast and efficient work. Not all mobile devices have an easy-to-use file system that is why the “Copy to clipboard” feature comes to the fore. These features allow you to use this web app on the go.

And last but not least, the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool does not have annoying pop-ups or ads, and this web app creates a summary for almost all writing projects for free.

The Best for Academic Use

The QuillBot Summarizer has a modern and user-friendly design. The instructions are perfectly incorporated into the elements of the web page so you do not need to learn how to use each button.

An input field for your text is limited by 2,500 characters that could be extended to 5,000 symbols after registration. This web app easily summarizes average-length essays, research papers, or speech materials. The bigger data sources need to be split into smaller parts.

This system generates the most important sentences and paragraphs. Use the slider to change the number of key sentences in real-time. For paragraph creation, use the slider before you push the “Summarize” button. Besides, the QuillBot Summarizer allows you to paraphrase the summary if needed.

As you can see, this web tool can save you plenty of time during your academic summary creation process.

The Best for Bloggers

The Tools4noobs Online Summary Generator offers a set of features that is suitable for people creating online writing content. You may limit the sentence or the word length, show the sentence relevance, highlight keywords, show/hide the best words, or split the input text to separate sentences.

This web app can get the text data from the website by URL. The feature can be useful with the keyword highlighting and the splitting option.

There are no ads or pop-ups and the Tools4noobs Online Summary Generator gives you full access to its functions for free.

📝 Things to Consider When Choosing the Summary Generator

The summary is a brief version with the main thoughts of a speech, an essay, a blog post, a research paper, or a magazine article. This short record is made to improve the understanding of the information by the reader and writer.

It also clarifies the main points of the topic and helps to remember the keynote of the set-out information for future analysis. This compression process allows an author to spot unclear, overcomplicated, or excessive parts of the writing project.

We tested plenty of summary generators and created this rating to help you choose the best web app for a particular situation. All of these web apps have their pros and cons. When working with the text summarizing tool, you could expect the following possible functionality from it.

  • You may paste the text from the clipboard, provide a link to the page with the article, or import the file with the paper.
  • The online summarizer tool could select the keywords from the paper and present them conveniently for further analysis.
  • You may expect the result’s size setting.
  • There also could be an input text multi-language support, a grammar or a spell check, and the synonyms for the paraphrasing option.

As presented, the summary tools might have plenty of features.

🗸 How We Test

We chose the rather versatile essay for the test purposes and to be closer to reality: “He Left So I Could Learn” The body of the paper includes 474 words. We used the full essay, its separate paragraphs, as well as the title of the paper if needed.

The whole test process includes the following steps.

  • We checked the distribution model of the web app. Is it paid/free? Do you need to register?
  • The keyword generation feature is essential when working with writing projects. We tested the tools for the availability and functionality of this option.
  • Each summarizing tool has been checked for the ads and pop-ups presence.
  • We tested how user-friendly the web apps’ design was.
  • The adjustments of the output text have been also assessed.

Now you see the work we did to form our Top 10 Free Online Text Summarizing Tools. Scan through the rating and choose the best summary generator for your writing project. To simplify and improve other aspects of your paper, check the essay writing tools section.