10 Top-rated Grammar Checkers

Grammatical mistakes in your texts are like tiny bugs—you may not notice them at first, but they will annoy the readers later, making your article, blog post, or academic paper less appealing. On the contrary, error-free content looks more refined and reliable. Why so? We usually tend to accuse those who make grammar mistakes of being illiterate, so we cannot trust the author’s knowledge when we see even minor errors. What’s the solution then? Try automated platforms that provide offline or online grammar checks. They will correct spelling mistakes and incorrect word usage, wrong grammatical forms, style, and punctuation errors. We reviewed and evaluated 30+ grammar analyzers to present the rank of ten best tools. Check it out and choose the one that fits your needs!

🏆 10 Best Grammar Checkers Reviewed

We reviewed 30+ proofreading platforms and shortlisted 10 best grammar correctors on the Internet. Below, you can learn more about each of them. Compare their basic and additional features to choose the best solution for you!

Tool’s nameFree/ paidFeaturesAdsImport/ ExportExtensions
Language ToolFree & paid– Synonym suggestion
– Style check
– Spelling check
– Punctuation check
NoExportWeb & desktop
GrammarlyFree & paid– Synonym suggestion
– Style check
– Spelling check
– Punctuation check
NoWeb & desktop
ProWritingAidFree & paid– Synonym suggestion
– Style check
– Spelling check
– Punctuation check
NoExport/ImportWeb & desktop
ScribensFree– Synonym suggestion
– Style check
– Spelling check
YesYesWeb & desktop
Virtual Writing TutorFree– Synonym suggestion
– Spelling check
– Punctuation check
EasybibFree & paid– Style check
– Spelling check
CopywritelyPaid– Synonym suggestion
– Style check
– Spelling check
– Punctuation check
HemingwayFree– Style check
– Spelling check
White smokePaid– Synonym suggestion
– Style check
– Spelling check
– Punctuation check
NoNoWeb & desktop
GingerFree– Synonym suggestion
– Spelling check
– Punctuation check

Language Tool

Language Tool Pros and Cons

Language Tool is a proofreading software designed to enhance your writing piece. It has a free version and is available online and as an extension for PC, Google Chrome, and other browsers. The LT Grammar Checker is available in 27 languages. You can also analyze the texts according to different types of the English language: American, British, Canadian, Australian, South African, and New Zealand English. 

The LT online proofreader provides services for free and by subscription. You can use one of three pricing plans: Free, Premium, or Developer API. The freebie includes up to 20,000 characters per check and thousands of patterns for defining mistakes in each of 27 languages. The Premium version allows you to process up to 40,000 characters at once. It also provides desktop adds-on, additional word pairs, detection of incorrect checksums in ISBN and IBANs, etc. The Developer API plan includes services for advanced text analysis and API access. 

Let’s look at its workflow:

  1. Copy the text from the source page or document and paste it into the box.
  2. Press the green ‘Check Text’ button.
  3. Analyze the results. The words or phrases are highlighted in different colors: yellow, blue, or red. The colors specify the type of mistakes.
  4. Finalize the text by correcting all the mistakes and copy it. Done!

This tool is worth your attention if you’re looking for a superior proofreading app. It provides multipurpose services for improving the quality of your content.


Grammarly Pros and Cons

Grammarly must be one of the most renowned grammar checkers on the web. Its advertisements are everywhere. After analyzing it, we decided to include it in our rank for several reasons. This proofreading software is free, but it also has a paid version.

How does it work?

The most beneficial way is to install an add-on or a desktop app. Grammarly has no character limitations, and the most significant part is that it checks the text on the go. If you make a mistake, you can correct it just a moment later. Keep on writing while the grammar tool is checking your content. The words or phrases that contain errors will be underlined. Click on them to see the revising suggestions. Also, you can allow Grammarly to automatically correct typos in your text. A typo is a minor mistake that occurs when you’re writing fast. 

We recommend Grammarly for professional content creators and non-writers who want to deliver more explicit error-free messages.   


ProWritingAid Pros and Cons

The ProWritingAid grammar checker is not a regular error corrector. It helps to enhance the style and strength of your writing piece. The app provides a thorough report that goes above grammar. ProWritingAid helps to bypass word’s misusage, repetitiveness, excessive adverbs, passive voice, knotty sentence structure, and much more. This proofreading tool is available as a desktop application, as well as a web extension. 

ProWritingAid suggests three pricing plans: Free, Premium, and Business. The Free version includes a Google Chrome add-on. It allows users to check spelling and punctuation in their text. Also, the proofreader corrects stylistic issues in the content.

The ProWritingAid’s workflow integrates into your writing process. The app checks the text while you’re writing, so you can fix the mistakes promptly. It’s highly beneficial when you’re dealing with daily correspondence or using corporate platforms like LinkedIn, Zendesk, or Slack.  

Additionally, you receive access to an excellent plagiarism checker by buying the Premium and Business versions. That’s an undeniable advantage of choosing one of these pricing plans!


Scribens Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a reliable proofreading platform, Scribens is an option for you. It checks spelling and style in the text for free. Also, it suggests synonyms for the words that don’t fit a certain context. The Scribens grammar checker has extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Google Docs, MS Word, Libre Office, and many more web and desktop applications. 

Although your text seems to be error-free, it’s always beneficial to check it with apps like Scribens. It gives recommendations for enhancing your writing piece. The platform suggests alternative words or phrases; thus, your content becomes more appealing and interesting to read. Its extensive vocabulary allows you to revitalize your writing piece, eliminating arid expressions. 

How does this grammar tool work?

  1. Copy the content from your document and paste it into the box.
  2. Press the red ‘Check’ button.
  3. Look at the words highlighted in red. They contain spelling mistakes. Tap on them to see the correction suggestions.
  4. Look at the options on the left. You can switch on style or synonym suggestions. For example, you see ‘Words & Phrases (5).’ That means that the platform has detected five expressions that can be replaced. Switch on this option and check the highlighted words in the text. Tap on them to see the alternatives. It works the same with the other options.
  5. Once you finish correcting the writing piece, copy and paste it into your document. Also, you can save it as .doc, .txt, or .odt. Ready!

Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor Pros and Cons

Virtual Writing Tutor is a multipurpose platform for students and professionals who want to improve their writing skills. You can check grammar, word count, create an essay outline, and even generate a job interview script. Virtual Writing Tutor checks spelling, grammar, and vocabulary of the input text. Also, it corrects punctuation and has various settings for profound essay checks. 

Let’s see how it works:

  1. Copy the text and paste it in the box or use one of the other options: speech recording, uploading MP3 file, uploading .doc, or .txt file.
  2. Choose what you want to do with the text: check grammar or spelling, check cohesion, or look up a word in the dictionary.
  3. After you finish editing the text, copy it, and paste it into your document.

We recommend Virtual Writing Tutor to everyone who aims at enhancing their writing skills. This proofreading platform is especially useful for students who are preparing for the exams. There is no need to hire a tutor when you can learn how to write using this website.


EasyBib Pros and Cons

Are you looking for a tool that deals with grammar and detects plagiarism at the same time? Then, you need the EasyBib plagiarism and grammar checker. This platform has Free and Premium versions. The free services include spelling and style analysis. Once you sign up, you get access to plagiarism detection. You can process an unlimited number of characters without paying anything. You can also upload files in .txt or .doc formats directly from your computer or Google Drive.

Now, let’s see what steps you should take to generate an error-free writing piece:

  1. Copy and paste the content from the source or upload a document in one of the available formats.
  2. Press ‘Check my paper’ and wait till the platform analyzes the input text.
  3. Check the results. The words highlighted in red contain spelling or grammar mistakes. The phrases or sentences underlined with blue need stylistic revising.
  4. Once you finish editing the text, copy it to the clipboard or download it as a .txt file.

When you’re editing the text, the platform’s style enhancing tips appear on the left. You don’t need to follow them because sometimes the computerized algorithm cannot see what the human eye can see. But they’re mostly helpful because the platform is based on advanced neural networks and extensive databases. Also, it’s permanently learning from the texts it processes. 

The Easybib proofreader is an excellent grammar and style enhancing tool. What’s more, if you’re a registered user, you can use its plagiarism checker and a citation machine alongside. It’s highly convenient that you can use both kinds of services within the same website. 


Copywritely Pros and Cons

Copywritely is designed as a professional grammar tool for SEO. It’s a paid web platform that suggests an advanced analysis of the text. This process includes spelling, punctuation, and style check. Also, the proofreader gives tips on making content more appealing. What’s more, you can observe how the overall score of your writing piece changes throughout the editing process. Consider the tips the platform suggests and track how the changes influence the results. 

The Copywritely content checker is available in eight languages: American English, Russian, French, German, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

The platform offers comprehensive guidelines for SEO Content Optimization. You can learn how to make the most of it. The website also has other useful tools, such as a readability checker, article rewriter, words to minutes, and many more. 

Copywritely has four pricing plans: Personal, Startup, Company, and Enterprise. At the moment, the most popular one is the Startup plan. It costs $ 45 per pack and includes 200 content optimization checks per year and 200 SERP analysis per year. 

How it works:

  1. Paste the text or URL of the page you want to proofread.
  2. Press ‘Check’ and wait for the results.
  3. Look through the platform’s suggestions and correct the mistakes.
  4. Copy the output text or upload it directly to the website.

Copywritely is an excellent tool for writers who deal with textual content daily. It’s definitely worth its price!


Hemingway Pros and Cons

Hemingway is a proofreading and text editing platform. You can download it as a desktop app for free. It corrects the spelling and style of your content. This checker assesses the readability of your writing piece and helps you to improve it. The readability check is based on detecting weakening words or phrases, long and complex sentences, and passive voice. The Hemingway tool highlights the mistakes in different colors to expose their type. This platform has no character limitations so that you can proofread texts of various lengths. Also, it’s ad-free, so nothing will distract you while editing.

Let’s see how it works:

  1. Pate the text or compose it directly on Hemingway’s web page.
  2. Switch to ‘Edit’ mode (the button is in the right upper corner).
  3. Check the results and consider the platform’s suggestions.
  4. Copy the finished text.

This grammar checker is straightforward and easy to use. It’s a fast way to make your content more appealing and error-free.

White Smoke

WhiteSmoke Pros and Cons

Do you want to enhance the quality of your paper or article and eliminate all grammar mistakes? Then, the White Smoke professional proofreading tool is for you. White Smoke’s products include a web platform and desktop integrations for Windows, macOS, and Google applications. Its most prominent features are grammar checking, plagiarism checking, and translating. The grammar check consists of spelling, punctuation, and style check. Also, the app suggests synonyms for words that seem weak or overused. 

This tool is suitable for various purposes. If you are writing a high school essay, creating a blog post, or composing an article, the White Smoke grammar checker will help you make the best of it! 

How does it work? The web platform works separately, so you have to copy and paste the piece of text you want to review. Then, look through the changes that the White Smoke proofreader suggests and correct the content. Once finished, you can copy the output text. If you use a desktop app, it integrates directly into the software that you’re using. It corrects the content while you’re writing it. 


Ginger Pros and Cons

Ginger is another popular proofreading solution. You can use it as a web platform, extension for Google Chrome or other browsers, or an add-on for MS Office. This grammar checker detects spelling and punctuation mistakes. It doesn’t pay attention to the style and doesn’t give recommendations regarding the content. Still, this free proofreading app can help to make your writing piece error-free. It corrects various types of mistakes: subject-verb agreement, consecutive nouns, misused words, singular/plural nouns, etc.

The Ginger grammar checker works with an unlimited number of characters so that you can process texts of various lengths. If you use it as an extension for the web or an add-in for MS Office, it will integrate into your documents, so you can proofread the texts tight on the go. 

The Ginger online platform works similarly to the other proofreaders. You copy & paste your content in the box, press ‘Ginger it!’ and check the results. Click on the underlined words to see what’s wrong with them and correct your mistakes. Done! 

💛 Grammar Checker: Editor’s Choice

Today, the market is full of excellent grammar checkers, and you can get the essential services for free. Analyzing each of the top 10 proofreading tools, we paid attention to how they cope with spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes. Also, we considered how they could help users to enhance the content’s quality and readability. We aimed at choosing a tool that will be functional both for professional writers and people who only deal with writing emails. 

Our choice is Grammarly!  Its most popular features are free.  You don’t need to pay to receive high-quality services, including style, punctuation, and spelling check. Additionally, the Grammarly tool detects the tone of your text, that can be formal, informal, cheerful, accusing, friendly, etc. The Premium version includes rewriting suggestions for enhancing content’s engagement and delivery. Also, you can choose the Business plan that is similar to the Premium but is available for a team of workers. There are options for everyone!

Grammarly has an add-on for MS Office, Windows, Google Chrome, and a keyboard for Android and iOS. It’s convenient for daily use, not only when you have to create textual content but also to check your emails. Defining the right tone and choosing appropriate words may be difficult when writing a cover letter or a formal mail. The Grammarly tool will hint to you about it. It works best as an add-in for various browsers as you can write and correct the texts almost simultaneously.

The Grammarly proofreading tool is always learning. It processes thousands of texts daily and analyzes them detecting patterns, expressions, and sentence structures. This helps the database notice trendy phrases and understand which texts are more readable and less. Grammarly’s scientists are continuously improving this algorithm to make the tool even better. It’s perfectly suitable for everyone who works with texts of any kind. 

🆓 Grammar Checker: Best Free App

Most of the apps on our list are partly free. They won’t charge you for the basic services, but the advanced options are paid. However, there are still totally free proofreading tools out there. We have chosen the best of them. 

Meet Virtual Writing Tutor!

This is not a simple, proofreading tool. It’s a versatile platform for writers who want to enhance their texts. This website is especially beneficial for students who are preparing for written exams. Virtual Writing Tutor offers an extensive variety of tools: essay assessment, word counter, punctuation checker, spelling checker, cohesion checker, and many more. If you’re practicing before a written exam like IELTS or TOEFL, this app will do better than most paid tutors. It pays attention to your tone, length requirements, and more. Additionally, the platform presents guidelines for developing writing skills. 

The Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checking tools work fast and efficiently. They detect spelling and punctuation. Although there is no style check, you can use the essay assessment to see how you can improve your content. After the platform analyzes your essay or article, it presents a thorough report. Virtual Writing Tutor evaluates the writing according to its type, structure requirements, vocabulary usage, and grammar. For example, if you have to write an argumentative essay, just upload the draft paper and let the platform analyze it. There are specific demands regarding the structure of this essay type. There should be an introduction, two-four separate paragraphs with supporting arguments, and a conclusion. Virtual Writing Tutor checks if the writing piece meets all the requirements and presents to you the overall score and recommendations. 

Virtual Writing Tutor has no character limitations, so you can proofread texts of any lengths for free. This proofreading platform is designed for everyone who aims at improving their writing skills!

💰 Grammar Checker: Best Paid App

If you want to receive an advanced assessment of your writing, be ready to pay for it. Indeed, this is not an option for an average user, but this excellent grammar checker is worth its money. We’re talking about the ProWritingAid tool. It has a free version, so you can try it out and decide whether to buy it or not. 

Spoiler alert! It’s a great bargain.

ProWritingAid is not just another grammar checker. It has an extensive list of features that will help you to produce better content. You will learn a lot from this tool, and it will also learn a lot from your content. The proofreader checks spelling, punctuation, and style in the texts. Also, it detects weakening words, repetitiveness, passive voice, and the other issues that can affect your content’s readability. 

The platform offers three pricing plans. The Free version includes essentials like spelling, punctuation, and style check. The Premium plan offers additional advanced features, for example, an extensive thesaurus, so you can find appropriate synonyms, collocations, cliches, and even rhymes! The Business plan is designed for multiple users. This option is the most convenient for companies. You can choose an optimized package or create your own. They can incorporate features like style guidelines, centralized user management, team analytics, custom integrations, etc. 

You may be wondering, how much does it cost? Here are the pricing options for the Premium plan. The most convenient option is to buy a year subscription that includes updates and saves a lot of money.

ProWritingAid pricing

And here the options for a Business plan:

ProWritingAid Business Pricing

If you’re looking for a utensil to enhance your content’s quality and make it more appealing to the readers, ProWritingAid perfectly matches your needs! This hi-tech software is designed to make writing easy and highly profitable. Don’t miss your chance to try out its free extension for Google Chrome

📝 Things to Consider

Choosing the grammar checker may be complicated because the market is full of great tools today. That’s why we prepared a list of tips that can make the process of using proofreading tools easier and less confusing for you. 

Here they are:

  1. Choose free or paid.
    • Most of the apps are free, however, they include additional paid services. When you’re an individual who works with texts often but not every day, free tools are a better choice for you. If you’re dealing with textual content daily, it would be best to pay for the services that will make your routine easier, especially if you’re working in a team.
  2. Set your goal.
    • Why do you need a grammar checker? There can be various reasons. Maybe, you need to check spelling or punctuation. Maybe, you aren’t sure about style and how certain sentences sound. There’re proofreading tools that are designed for each specific occasion.
  3. Pay attention to additional features.
    • Sometimes you need something more than a simple grammar analysis. For example, you’re a student who wants to ensure their essay is well-structured. Then, you have to use a tool with an essay assessment feature. 
  4. Check character limitations.
    • If you have to proofread a 2500+ word article, it’d be more convenient to choose a tool with no character limitations. It’s more time-consuming to use apps with certain character restrictions for correcting huge text blocks.  
  5. Choose platforms or integrations.
    • You can use automated proofreaders as online platforms or add-ons for browsers or desktop applications. Usually, the proofreading platforms are multipurpose, so they can detect plagiarism or define keywords alongside. However, the add-ons are more convenient for daily use. You don’t have to spend extra time copying and pasting the text, these grammar checkers work simultaneously with you.
  6. Analyze the recommendations.
    • When you’re proofreading with an automated tool, check the recommendation that it gives you. They may not always be relevant because even state-of-the-art neural networks cannot comprehend the text the same as humans can.

👨‍💻 How We Test

We want our evaluation to be equitable as much as possible. That’s why we conduct thorough research and testing first. We started by selecting 30+ grammar checkers available on the Internet. Then, we evaluated them regarding the following criteria:

  • Free or paid
  • Quantity of ads
  • Synonym suggesting
  • Style, spelling, and punctuation check options
  • Import / export options
  • Additional features (extensions, supported languages, etc)

We evaluated each of the 30+ tools and defined the 10 best proofreaders. Later, we tested each platform to find their strong and weak points. We paid attention to their main features as well as to the additional services they provide. Let’s take a closer look at how it was!

We used articles from the IvyPanda blog to test the grammar checkers. For example, here’s the process of proofreading with the Scribens proofreading tool.

Scribens Screenshot

We’ve put in a piece of text adding some mistakes intentionally to see how the tool will deal with them.

Scribens Screenshot

The tool didn’t manage to correct all mistakes, however, it made useful recommendations for enhancing the vocabulary of the paper. Several words are highlighted in yellow, which means you can click on them and choose a better synonymical word or phrase. Considering the quality of grammar and style checking of this tool, we rated it as a 4-star proofreading platform.

We believe that each tool of our top-10 list is designed to fit the specific needs of its users!