Chimp Rewriter: Paraphrasing Tool Review

What if we tell you that you can create dozens of variations of a single article just in a click? Would you believe that? If you don’t know about the Chimp Rewriter paraphrasing application, you’d rather don’t. We don’t know who you are – a student, a copywriter, a creative writer, a scholar – but we can be sure about one thing as long as you’re reading this article.

You are looking for a solution to deal with plagiarism in your writing piece. Then, you came to the right place! Today’s subject is Chimp Rewriter – a professional utensil that will help you to create unique content daily. 

🥇 What We Like about Chimp Rewriter

The Chimp Rewriter paraphrasing tool is an undeniable champion regarding its efficiency and an extensive list of features and settings. This paid rewriting machine is worth its money, and here is why.

No character limitations

The input text can be of any length, so you can fastly process a long article or a 10-page research paper.  

12 languages

Most paraphrasers are available only in English. However, this one gives you access to the vocabulary databases of 12 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, and Swedish. 

Export option

Once you are finished with rewriting, you can export your article or blog post in any file format or submit it directly to your website. Moreover, you can choose several websites at a time to post the articles.

Advanced editing

Chimp Rewriter is not just another similar tool. It has advanced thesaurus editing functions that will help you generate unique content. Learn more about them in the ‘Chimp Rewriter details’ block. 

No ads

As long as it is a paid PC application, it has no ads. That’s pretty obvious. 😉

🔍 Chimp Rewriter Details 

As we already mentioned, Chimp Rewriter is not just one of many other paraphrasers. This is one of a kind professional rewriting utensil. It costs $ 15/month or $ 99/year, so you have to evaluate whether this is the right choice for you. Many free paraphrasing tools on the Internet are convenient for daily rewriting if you’re not a demanding user. Still, they won’t allow you to generate plenty of distinctive articles. They won’t learn from your editing of the output text the same way as the Chimp Rewriter paid app does. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at how this tool works. Its process of content-generating is much more complex than of the other rewriters. 

  1. Define your goal (paraphrasing one text or generating several variants of the same text).
  2. If your goal is to paraphrase a single article or paper, click ‘File,’ then ‘New,’ and paste in the existing text. You can also copy directly from the web page by clicking ‘Website’ and opening the article or blog post that you need. Then, open the ‘Rewrite’ section in the top toolbar, press ‘Global Synonyms,’ adjust, and generate a rewriting. 
  3. If you want to generate a certain number of text variations, open the ‘Rewrite’ section and click ‘Spin & Preview.’ Adjust the settings: select the number of copies you need, set the profile, etc. Once you’re done, press ‘Create copies.’ 
  4. When you finish paraphrasing, you can save the document as a .txt, .html, or .rtf file. 

Of course, the list of Chimp Rewriter’s features doesn’t end here. We included the most popular ones, choosing the easiest path you can go through to generate unique articles or blog posts. You can edit each word in the text, check grammar and spelling in your content, reshape the text, translate it, find the keywords for your article, and so on. Not to mention, the advanced neural network and the API are constantly learning based on your preferences in editing and paraphrasing.        

One more feature we would like to highlight is User Thesauri. It’s a vocabulary of synonyms designed by the users. You can upload a thesaurus of words related to a specific niche, including those you’re frequently using. Then, when the paraphrasing machine is rewording your content, it will consider the synonyms from this thesaurus and apply them. It’s an excellent feature for generating distinctive content. 

If you struggle with applying certain features or want to learn more about the functions of the Chimp Rewriter paraphrasing tool, visit the ‘Help’ section. It contains an extensive list of helping tools, as presented below. Also, once you purchase the Chimp Rewriter license, you can receive a detailed tool guide.

🥊 Chimp Rewriter vs. Other Paraphrasing Tools

Chimp Rewriter is an indisputable winner when it comes to paraphrasing. Still, this app requires payment that makes it less accessible and appealing for an average user. In the table below, the Chimp Rewriter paraphrasing application is compared with its free alternatives. However, you have to consider that the list of features includes only the general ones. Speaking of specific features for content paraphrasing and generating, Chimp Rewriter has an undeniably stronger position. 

Tool nameFree/
AdsCharacters limitsCaptcha/ registrationExtensionsImport/
Chimp RewriterPaidNoNoNoYesImport/Export
PrepostSeo Paraphrasing ToolFreeModerateNo  NoNoImport
QuillBotFree & Paid plansNoFree – 400,
Paid – 10,000
Optional registrationMS Word, Google Chrome, Google DocsNo
Paraphrase GeneratorFreeNo2,000CaptchaNoNo
MyAssignmentHelp Paraphrasing ToolFreeNoNoNoNoImport

As you can see, there are free alternatives with similar features, so everything depends on your goals and demands. If you’re a student, non-professional writer, or an aspiring blogger, choosing a free paraphrasing tool with outstanding key features is a better option for you. But if you are a professional writer, using Chimp Rewriter will definitely benefit you in many ways.

🧪 How We Test

We pay much attention to the reliability of our research and rankings. First, we analyze a bunch of tools on the Internet, then, we select top-ten and test them with real articles. This time we checked 30+ paraphrasing tools and selected the best of them considering the following criteria:

  • Ads
  • Free or Paid
  • Character limitations
  • Registration or captcha
  • Import or export option

Once we defined the top-10 rewriting platforms, we tested each of them using articles on various topics. Below, we present to you the testing of the Chimp Rewriter paraphrasing tool. We used the article ‘How to Get Along with Your Roommate in College’ by IvyPanda.

We opened a website in the application and searched for this particular article. 

IvyPanda Article Screenshot

Then, we created a new file and copy & pasted the whole article into it. Switching between the website and the document is easy and fast because they are placed next to each other in the tab bar. 

Chimp Rewriter Screenshot

We analyzed the tools available for rewriting and chose ‘Global Synonyms’ to simply paraphrase the article.

Chimp Rewrtiter App Screenshot

Then, we adjusted some settings and let the app do its work!

Chimp Rewriter Options

The output text contained synonyms for words and phrases in the writing piece. In the tab on the left, we’ve chosen the synonyms we liked most and finalized the paraphrased article. 

Chimp Rewriter Results

The finished writing piece is ready to be uploaded to the web!

✔️ The Bottom Line

Choosing a paraphrasing tool is always up to you. First and foremost, you should consider your aim of paraphrasing. If you’re a student who needs to paraphrase somebody’s paper, you have to look for the tool without character limitations. If you need to rephrase a quotation, choose the rewriter that works with short passages, usually they are working more accurately. If you’re a professional writer, tools like Chimp Rewriter are the best option for you. Its extensive list of advanced features will help you generate dozens of plagiarism-free articles daily.    

If you want to learn in detail what tools are presented on the market today and how to choose the best one specifically for you, read our main article ‘10 Best Paraphrasing Online Tools’!