Language Tool Grammar Checker Review

Grammar mistakes aren’t only embarrassing; they can seriously affect the readability of your writing. Also, they can confuse readers and cause misunderstanding. How to create error-free textual content? Your solution is automated proofreading software.

The grammar checkers apply advanced neural networks to analyze your writing and detect various types of mistakes. They can notice spelling and punctuation mistakes, style errors, misused words or expressions, and more. When the text contains no grammar mistakes, it looks more sophisticated and engaging. The online grammar checkers are designed to enhance your articles, blog posts, or academic papers with minimum effort. With platforms like Language Tool, you can concentrate on the creative process. The proofreader will do the rest!

❤️ What We Like about Language Tool

The majority of grammar checkers on the Internet have similar workflows. However, there are distinctive features that make the Language Tool proofreader an outstanding solution. We selected its main pros for you to evaluate and compare it with the others. 

Free version

This grammar analyzer is not free, but you don’t have to pay for its main services. You can check the basics like spelling and punctuation. Also, the tool gives style recommendations to make your content more appealing and interesting to read. 

No ads

Language Tool’s website contains no ads, so nothing will disturb you while editing your texts.

27 languages

Not all platforms have this excellent option for non-English users. With the Language Tool grammar checker, you can process texts in one of 27 available languages.

Web and desktop extensions

Use the add-in proofreaders to make the process more smooth and fast. You can download Language Tool’s extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, MS Office, and many more!

📑 Language Tool Details

You can use the LT proofreading app for free and by subscription. There are three available pricing plans: Free, Premium, and Developer API. The Free subscription plan allows you to check up to 20,000 characters at once, defining thousands of types of grammatical mistakes. Also, it checks the logical aspect of the content. The Premium version can analyze up to 40,000 characters per check. It’s also available as a desktop add-on and includes specific features like detecting incorrect checksums in ISBN and IBANs, additional word pairs, etc. The Developer API plan contains solutions for thorough text analysis and API access. 

The platform has a clean and well-thought-out interface. It makes the process of working with this tool faster and more pleasant. Let’s see what you have to do to generate error-free content with the Language Tool online platform:

  1. Copy & paste the input text into the box on the Language Tool website.
  2. Select the language of the input text.
  3. Click  ‘Check Text.’
  4. Analyze your mistakes. They will be highlighted in different colors specifying their type.
  5. Correct the errors and consider additional recommendations if there’re any. That’s it!

This process becomes even easier when you download an extension for desktop or web applications. The add-in analyzes the text while you’re writing it and shows how to improve it. You can avoid embarrassing mistakes in emails by using extensions for browsers. Also, it’s handy to use it for creating texts in MS Office or similar applications. 

As we already mentioned, the Language Tool proofreader is available in 27 languages, including various European and Asian languages. Also, you can check the content according to certain national variations of the English language. There are American, British, Canadian, Australian, South African, and New Zealandian English dialects. Similar options are available for some other languages as well. For instance, there are Austrian and Swiss dialects of German. This makes Language Tool an excellent solution for users worldwide, unlike many other grammar checkers that are designed only for English speakers. 

Lastly, Language Tool is open to contributions, so it’s continuously improving. It’s a verified Open Source for developers interested in error detection algorithms in multilingual texts and developing extensions for web and desktop applications.

Language Tool makes proofreading accessible to everyone. It’s an essential utensil for professional and non-professional writers and the others who deal with textual content daily. 

🆚 Language Tool vs. Other Grammar Checkers

When you google ‘grammar checker,’ the searching results can be confusing. Each promotion says that it’s the best-of-the-best proofreading tool. However, it’s not always true. You have to compare various platforms to find out which service is worth your time. Don’t worry. This won’t take long as we already prepared a table with top-10 grammar checkers and their key features. All you have to do is to choose the one that meets your needs.   

Tool’s nameFree/ PaidSynonym suggestionStyle checkSpelling checkPunctuation checkImport/ ExportExtensions
Language ToolFree & paidyesyesyesyesExportWeb & desktop
GrammarlyFree & paidyesyesyesyesWeb & desktop
ScribensFreeyesyesyesyesWeb & desktop
EasybibFree & paidyesyesyes

☑️ How We Test

Before presenting our rating, we conducted in-depth research to select the best tools for daily use. Then, we tested each application to try out their basic and additional features. We applied certain criteria to choose the ten best grammar checkers among 30+ platforms. These criteria are:

  • Style, spelling, and punctuation check options
  • Synonym suggesting option
  • Import / export options
  • Free / paid
  • Quantity of ads
  • Additional features (extensions, supported languages, etc.)

After making a list of the 4- and 5-star tools, we tested each of them with articles on various topics. We modified these texts internationally so that they contain mistakes of different kinds: spelling, contextual, punctuational. Let’s see how it was with the Language Tool proofreading software.

We selected the article ‘12 Career Experts on Questions to Ask in a Job Interview’ by IvyPanda to try out this grammar analyzer.

Language Tool Input Form Screenshot

This is a piece of the original text; later, we added some mistakes to test the proofreader.

Language Tool Results Screenshot

We added three mistakes: spelling, grammatical, and punctuation. The proofreader managed to detect 2 of them. That’s an excellent result. Also, the platform gives explanations of why you should correct the highlighted words.

Language Tool Corrections Screenshot

📊 The Bottom Line

The Language Tool grammar checker is an excellent solution for dealing with errors in texts. You can use its basic services for free. It has extensions for web and desktop applications, so using it becomes even handier. The proofreader integrates into your working process, helping to omit spelling, style, and punctuation mistakes. Also, it pays attention to some logical facts in your content. For instance, when you put a date alongside the wrong day of the week, the platform will correct that according to the calendar. Language Tool is available in 27 languages and various dialects of English, Portuguese, and German. 

If you aren’t sure about this app, check our article 10 Top-rated Grammar Checkers’ to find more useful information and compare it with the others!