Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool Review

The summary writing can take away plenty of time and nerves. You need to analyze the source text, highlight the main points, and assemble it into a laconic and understandable result. Optimize the summary creation process by using the Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool. This web app instantly performs analysis, points highlighting, and assembly steps for you. The Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool is easy-to-use web software that allows you to get the result quickly and without instructions. This summarizer offers you a convenient workflow cleared from ads and pop-ups. Besides, you get fully functional online software for free. Generate the best summary for your essay, blog, and scientific writing projects.

❤️ What We Like about Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool

Here are the strong sides of the Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool. Check them out and read the whole review to clarify the web app’s pros and cons.


The Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool allows you to skip the article’s in-depth analysis and get the summary as fast as possible. Input your text into the “Text to summarize” field, choose a number of the result’s sentences, and launch an instant generation procedure. The system creates a summary on the same page to copy the result to the main project. Tick the “Show keywords” checkbox any time, and the summarizer will form a well-sorted list of the keywords. Feel free to work with large projects because the Custom-Writing web app’s input field can handle up to 18,000 symbols.


The Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool is flexible web software that gives you full access to its features for free.


Work with this article summarizer is convenient and efficient. There are no disturbing factors, such as pop-ups or ads.

Easy to use

The web page of this online application is free from excess elements. You will instantly get the customized summary with this user-friendly tool.

📑 Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool Details

With this online summarizer tool, you get the adjusted result skipping unnecessary steps. The creation process has been simplified to quickly generate the best summary for research, essay, or speech writing project.

Here is the main page of the Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool.

Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool Screenshot

As illustrated, the easy-to-use design of this online software, in most scenarios, allows getting the result in “one-click.” The system is ready to analyze up to 18,000 characters of the input text at a time; it means that you can summarize about six average essays, 1 – 3 volume science projects, or one relatively small book.

Check the “Show keywords” box, and the online summarizer will place a well-structured list with the keywords next to the generated result. Each keyword has a number in brackets that reflects its quantity in the body of your article. Feel free to use the “Show keywords” feature any time without restarting the summarization process.

As you can see, the Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool is designed to compress the input text into a summary efficiently and quickly. This online software can generate the result based even on the long papers. The summary generator improves your productivity when working with almost all writing projects.

🆚 Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool vs. Other Summarizers

Our team prepared this comparison table with the pros and cons of the top 5 online summarizing tools so you can easily compare them.

ToolFree/PaidAds & pop-upsImport/ExportAdjustable output optionShow/Hide keywords
IvyPanda Text Summarizing ToolFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Custom-Writing Summarizer ToolFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Helpfulpapers Text Summary GeneratorFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
QuillBot SummarizerFreeNo ads
No pop-ups
Open Text SummarizerFreeNo ads
No pop-ups

According to the table, the Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool is the second-best out of five. Unlike the IvyPanda Text Summarizing Tool, the Custom-Writing web app does not have any “Export/Import” options. This feature is especially useful when working with your article from a smartphone. On some mobile devices, the “text selection” option is not always stable and convenient. The QuillBot, on the other hand, has a “drag & drop” feature for an input text that allows you to skip extra steps when working with numerous information sources.

However, the keywords generation function’s flexibility allows you to get and remove them on the go. You do not need to refresh the page or restart the summary creation process to show/hide the well-sorted list of keywords.

The web app interface makes it possible to get a suitable result without being disturbed by annoying ads or pop-ups. Besides, you get all features the Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool offers you for free.

☑️ How We Test

We chose the rather general narrative essay for the test purposes: “He Left So I Could Learn.” The body of the paper includes 474 words. We used the full essay and its separate paragraphs.

The web app’s input field allows us to enter the full test paper. We inserted the essay, chose the result’s sentence number, ticked the “Show keywords” checkbox, and pressed the “Analyze text” button.

The system has generated the following output.

Custom-Writing Summarizer Results Screenshot

The Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool generates a summary based on the input essay. For your convenience, the web app put a well-structured list of keywords next to the created result. As you can see, you can use the generated summary in a project without significant corrections.

📊 The Bottom Line

The Custom-Writing Summarizer Tool took second place in our Top 10 Free Online Text Summarizing Tools.

This web software has the following features.

  • The summarizer is free.
  • You may show and hide a well-sorted list of the keywords any time without refreshing the web page or restarting the process.
  • This text summarizer has enough functions to become your summary generation companion on a daily basis.
  • There are no ads or pop-ups.
  • A user-friendly and clean interface makes the summary creation process smooth and quick.

With the Custom-Writing web app, you will likely get the best result for almost all writing projects.

Generate an essay’s, a blog post’s, or a science paper’s summary for free.