ProWritingAid Grammar Checker Review

What makes a text look more appealing and reliable to the readers? The absence of grammatical mistakes and clarity enhance the engagement with your content. Also, the text should have high readability. You may wonder how to achieve this within a single app. It’s possible with ProWritingAid proofreading software.

This tool would be helpful for professional writers, students, and everyone who deals with textual content. It is available as an add-on for browsers or popular corporate messengers. Also, there are integrations for desktop applications. This grammar checker detects spelling and punctuation errors in your textual content and analyzes its vocabulary, sentence structures, and style to enhance the writing quality.

❤️ What We Like about ProWritingAid

The ProWritingAid proofreading app is one of the most advantageous on the market today. It’s not a regular grammar corrector. This proofreader’s services go far beyond spelling, word order, punctuation, or tenses check sequence. It’s a versatile utensil for text’s quality improvement. Let’s see what key pros it has.

Free version

The ProWritingAid integrations for desktop software are paid, but you can test its foremost features for free using an add-on for Google Chrome. Also, you can start a trial period of the tool’s desktop versions.

All-purpose features

ProWritingApp detects 250+ types of grammatical mistakes, including punctuation, spelling, words’ forms coherency, tenses, misused words or expressions, and many more. More than that, the proofreader analyzes the writing style and presents to you an in-depth report on the text’s readability and delivery. Also, you can search for proper words for your article or paper by using an in-built vocabulary.

Web and desktop add-ons

You can choose one option, which is the most convenient for you: an integration for desktop software or an add-on for web browsers.

Advanced performance reporting

Once the proofreader analyzes the content, it delivers a thorough summary of the assessment results.

📑ProWritingAid Details

There are not so many grammar checkers that possess such a vast scope of text improvement features. Most of them only detect major spelling or punctuation mistakes, and sometimes they don’t do even that properly. You may leave your worries behind because ProWritingAid is a special proofreading app. It spots over 250 kinds of mistakes with great accuracy as long as it pays attention to the complete sentence and not only to a few words. The tool is an excellent way to improve writing readability, clarity, omit repetitiveness, misused words, and deliver high-quality content.  

This grammar corrector analyzes your writing piece by applying state-of-the-art neural networks. The tool is always learning by the content you process. When you dismiss its correction suggestions that are wrong according to the context, it remembers new linguistic patterns and words. ProWritingAid is continuously improving its algorithm; the more you use it, the more adjusted to your writing style it becomes. 

ProWritingAid suggests choosing one of three pricing plans. You can subscribe for free to use a costless add-on for Google Chrome. This extension includes core features, so it’s enough for daily use if you aren’t a demanding writer. The other two pricing plans are Premium and Business. The Premium version also includes extensions for desktop apps and free access to the collection of writing books and resources. Its price is $20 per month. Also, there is an extended version – Premium Plus that provides extra plagiarism detection services. It costs $24 per month. ProWritingAid designed the Business subscription plan for teams of professionals, adding specific advanced features. They are weekly activity reports, style guidelines, team analytics, user management, premium account management, and more. You can choose one of three types of Business subscription plans: Individual ($6.58 per month), Teams ($24 per month for three users), and Enterprise (custom).
What is the process of working with this tool? There are two ways of using its Free version. After subscribing, you can upload and edit a piece of content on the platform’s website or turn on its add-on for Chrome. For the first option, you receive access to a wide variety of features. They are performance summary, style, grammar, thesaurus check, overused word detection, structure, length, transition analysis, etc. When you use an add-on for Google Chrome, the tool integrates into your work area, for example, into Google Docs. It assists you while you’re writing, correcting the errors, and giving advice on enhancing the content.

🆚 ProWritingAid vs. Other Grammar Checkers

There’re plenty of proofreading apps on the Internet today. Who to choose the right one? First, define your goal by asking these questions:

  • Do I need to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation?
  • Do I need to check style and readability?

If you answer ‘yes’ to both questions, you need software like ProWritingAid because it has various handy functions for various purposes. Now, let’s compare this tool with the others on the market:

Tool’s nameFree/PaidFeaturesAdsImport/ ExportExtensions
ProWritingAidFree & paid–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
NoExport/ImportWeb & desktop
GrammarlyFree & paid–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
NoWeb & desktop
ScribensFree–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
YesYesWeb & desktop
GingerFree–          Synonym suggestion
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
EasybibFree & paid–          Style check
–          Spelling check

☑️ How We Test

Before selecting the best grammar checkers, we analyzed over 30 tools on the Internet. We evaluated their core features. They included:

  • Style, spelling, and punctuation check options
  • Synonym suggesting option
  • Free/paid
  • Quantity of ads
  • Import/export options
  • Additional features (extensions, supported languages, etc.)

After that, we got a list of five- and four-star platforms and chose 10 of them, which scored the highest results. Then, we tested each proofreading software separately, defining their strong and weak points.

ProWritingAid is a five-star grammar checker, and its testing proved its high efficiency. Let’s see how it was. 

First, we copied the text from a source page and pasted it into the ProWritingAid free online platform. We used the article Western Education System: Feel the Difference’ by IvyPanda.

This is how the work area looks like. The proofreader underlines the words or phrases that need correction in different colors, specifying the mistakes. 

ProWritingAid App Screenshot

Then, we looked at the report. It shows overall writing performance.

ProWritingAid Summary Report Screenshot

The tool found online several minor grammar mistakes, but it presented over 50 suggestions for style improvement. Some of them are on the screenshot below:

ProWritingAid Style Check Screenshot

You can also use this platform for analyzing text structure, sentence length, transition, and many more aspects.

Afterward, you can copy the text or download it in one of the available formats.

📊 The Bottom Line

If you made it down here, you might already be sure about the efficiency of the ProWritingAid grammar checker. Still, let’s sum up!

  • This tool is not a regular grammar corrector. Its core features cooperate with additional style enhancing services to help you create high-quality articles, papers, clear messages and emails, and more.
  • Although it is a paid app, it has a free add-on for Google Chrome, so you can use its primary services paying nothing.
  • The proofreader presents an in-depth analysis for each piece of content you process, use it for enhancing your writing skills.

Still not sure about ProWritingAid? Read our article 10 Top-rated Grammar Checkers’ to compare it with the other grammar checkers!