Paraphrasing.Tools: Review

Is it too challenging for you to create plagiarism-free textual content? Your light at the end of the tunnel is the Paraphrasing Tool. It takes paraphrasing to the next level, leaving old-fashioned manual rewriting behind. Now, you don’t need to spend long hours searching for the appropriate synonyms.

This free content rewriter generates hundreds of variants of a single text by replacing the keywords with synonyms. It will save you a lot of time and money. This highly regarded platform helps thousands of students, copywriters, creative writers, bloggers, and researchers to create unique writings. It applies advanced neural networks to create unique content on any topic.

🥇 What We Like about Paraphrasing Tool

This single-purpose platform is definitely worth your attention. You may be wondering why. We prepared a list of its crucial pros that we want you to consider. 

No character limitations

The best thing about this paraphraser is that it has no character limitations. You can process several sentences or several pages – the size doesn’t matter. This is excellent news when you want to compile a few existing writing pieces to fulfill your assignment. 


Yes, all the best features of this paraphrasing platform are accessible for free for anyone at any time! No need to pay to receive high-quality paraphrasing.

Editing option

After the rewriting machine processes the content, you can edit it by clicking on the highlighted words. Choose the word from the suggested list of synonyms or enter your own.  


Paraphrasing Tool will rewrite even a 5000+ words paper in a few minutes. Just think of how much time this platform will save you!

✨ Paraphrasing Tool Details

Paraphrasing Tool deals with plagiarism in the same way as the other rewriters. The computerized algorithm will process the text; it will replace crucial words in each sentence with their synonyms, and, in the end, you can edit the finished piece. The paraphrasing is always error-free, and the central meaning of the writing piece is preserved. Let’s go through the steps you should take to generate content with this tool:

  1. Choose a piece of text you want to paraphrase and copy it.
    Tip: To select the whole text in the document or web page, press Ctrl+A. 
  2. Turn back to the Paraphrasing Tool page and paste the text in the box on the left. 
  3. Press ‘Rewrite Article’ and wait for a while. 
  4. After the text is paraphrased, you can edit it. Click the highlighted words to replace them.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the results, hit the ‘Next’ button, then ‘Select all’ and press Ctrl+C to copy the output text. 

That’s all! The Paraphrasing Tool just helped you to create a unique writing piece. If you’re not content with the results of paraphrasing, you can press ‘Rewrite again,’ and the platform will generate an alternative for you. You can hit this button as many times as you wish, right until the output text will match your needs. 

The issue of plagiarism today affects amateurs and professionals from various spheres. If you’re a blog writer or creative writer, you have to write optimized content daily.  If you’re a student or a researcher, dealing with plagiarism in your papers is your everyday work too. Fortunately, the Paraphrasing Tool is an efficient solution for you. It concentrates on rewording the text by changing the keywords so that the checkers won’t regard it as plagiarism. Also, it’s advanced editing option allows you to make it even better. It suggests the list of words with the closest meaning to the original. You can choose or fill in your own alternative regarding the context.   

Professional rewriting platforms or applications are usually expensive and have many additional features designed not for everyone—no need to spend extra money on something you don’t need. Of course, if you’re an experienced copywriter, you’d better give a try to one of the paid paraphrasers. However, the Paraphrasing Tool is an excellent free option for students, scholars, or bloggers. Its straightforward algorithm and high-quality paraphrasing make it worth your attention! 

🕵️ Paraphrasing Tool vs. Other Rewriting Tools

Today, the market is full of paraphrasing tools, and it’s hard not to get lost in this variety. Firstly, you should understand that there is no such thing as ‘the best tool that will do everything for nothing.’ Some tools fit your needs and some tools that don’t. We believe that you will take a step towards the best rewriting tool for you!

Secondly, you should identify what’s the purpose of your paraphrasing. Do you want to make the writing piece shorter? Do you want to enrich the vocabulary of your text? Do you want to add some filler words? Do you want to paraphrase a huge text block? By answering these questions, you will see which features your perfect paraphraser should have. 

Now, let’s see if the Paraphrasing Tool is your perfect match by comparing it to the others:

Tool nameFree/
AdsCharacters limitsCaptcha/ registrationExtensionsImport/
Paraphrasing ToolFreeModerateNoNoNoNo
MyAssignmentHelp Paraphrasing ToolFreeNoNoNoNoImport
Paraphrase GeneratorFreeNo2,000CaptchaNoNo
PrepostSeo Paraphrasing ToolFreeModerateNo  NoNoImport
QuillBotFree & Paid plansNoFree – 400,
Paid – 10,000
Optional registrationMS Word, Google Chrome, Google DocsNo

✔️ How We Test

To ensure that our rating is a reliable source of information for you, we test each of the ten top-rated paraphrasing tools to check if they are as effective as stated. Sometimes we are surprised by the results, not in the right way, and sometimes the tools prove to be better than they seemed at first. This is precisely what happened to the Paraphrasing Tool. Why?

Let’s take a look at how we tested it. 

First, we pasted in the article “How to Beat the Monday Blues” by IvyPanda and pressed ‘Rewrite Article.’ Below is a piece of the output text we received:

Paraphrasing.Tools Screenshot

We like how the platform paraphrased the article, but we can still improve it by editing a few words. Once we were done with it, we pressed ‘Next’ below the boxes and received the finished text. It took us only 10 minutes to generate a piece of unique content with minor efforts!

🎬 The Bottom Line

Rewriting can be a real pain in the neck. We think that modern problems require modern solutions! Today you can find dozens of automated text processing machines on the Internet. They may have different features and limitations, but you will definitely find something designed specifically for you. By using online rewriters like Paraphrasing Tool, you will save hours of manual work. Also, you will enrich the vocabulary of your writing piece. Let’s summarize the key points about Paraphrasing Tool to assure that it suits your needs:

  • This rewriter has no character limitations so that you can process the content of various lengths.
  • The Paraphrasing Tool is free.
  • The process of paraphrasing is done within several clicks. It is as easy as it sounds.
  • You can edit the output text by clicking on each highlighted word. Also, you can add your alternative.
  • Paraphrasing Tool is a solution for processing texts promptly, regardless of their length and topic. 

If you want to compare this tool with the others of its kind, check our article 10 Best Paraphrasing Online Tools