Paraphrase Generator: Online Tool Review

You finished your blog post, article, or academic paper. Now, it’s time to check it for plagiarism, and, oh no, its percentage exceeds the acceptable! How would you deal with it? Manual rewriting may be exhausting and time-consuming, but with all these gadgets and technologies surrounding us, you can finally relax.

Paraphrase Generator is a tool to help you out in a few seconds. Copy, paste, press, and let it go! With the help of advanced neural networks, this paraphrasing tool will replace words and phrases in your text with their synonyms. It has a smart and straightforward interface, so you won’t get lost scrolling back and forth to find the button you need. Let’s get to know it better!

🥇 What We Like about Paraphrase Generator

If you type ‘Paraphraser online’ in the Google search bar, you may be confused by the dozens of rewriting tools out there. Although many of them are similar, it is hard to find a good one that meets your needs. So, why is Paraphrase Generator different from the others? 

Well, let’s take a look at its main pros:


While some tools require registration or payment, Paraphrase Generator is totally free. Regardless of the times, you hit the ‘Paraphrase’ button, it won’t charge anything. 

No Ads

Its clear and smart interface is not overwhelmed with useless ads. So, there is nothing that will distract you from your writing piece. And again, you shouldn’t pay for this option.  

Works promptly

You can copy and paste a 2000 character text or a short passage. This online rewording tool will deal with the task all in less than a minute.  

Lexical and grammatical rewriting

Paraphrase Generator not only replaces the words in your text but also suggests grammatical changes. 

🔥 Paraphrase Generator: Details

The Paraphrase Generator online tool supports texts written in English. Mind that Paraphrase Generator has 2000 character limitations. This is quite enough for paraphrasing a short writing piece, or you can break the passage that exceeds the limits into shorter ones and process them one by one. This is a fast and effective service to help you create unique content. Also, it is always free, regardless of how many times you use it. 

Before rewriting, check if your text has any errors with spacing or punctuation. Sometimes, when you copy an article, words from neighboring paragraphs can bulk together. You can do it manually, but it’s much faster to use inbuilt checkers like Grammarly. It will analyze the pasted text in the box and show if it has any errors. The Paraphrase Generator tool supports the Grammarly extension for the web. So, after pasting the content in the box on Paraphrase Generator’s website, wait till Grammarly check it and suggest changes. Afterward, your content is ready to be processed.

Let’s see what steps you should take to do that:

Paraphrase Generator: Step-by-Step
  1. You’ve already copied the text from the source page or document, inserted it in the box, and checked with Grammarly. Now, do an easy sum and press the ‘Paraphrase’ button below. 

Tip: If your document is in the .pdf format, use the iLovePdf online platform to convert it to .doc or .txt. 

  1. In a few moments, you will receive an output text with the paraphrased sentences. 
  1. Look through the text and hit the ‘Paraphrase’ button again as many times as needed, if not satisfied with the results.  
  1. Finally, copy the text and paste it in your document. Done!

Paraphrase Generator rewords content by replacing certain words or phrases with synonymical ones. It chooses words with the closest meaning to the original, so they are interchangeable. Not to mention, it selects unusual words that will make your content stand out from the multitude of others. This automated rewriter can also alter the word’s form, case, or tense regarding the context. This helps to make the writing piece plagiarism-free, preserving its initial meaning. The original words are highlighted with red and the Paraphrase Generator’s suggestions are highlighted with green. If you ask the tool to regenerate the paraphrasing again, it will suggest the other words with the closest meaning. The times you hit the ‘Paraphrase’ button are not limited, so you can rewrite the same content as many times as you need. 

📰 Paraphrase Generator vs. Other Paraphrasing Tools

You’re already familiar with the advantages of using Paraphrase Generator. However, there are so many similar platforms. So, when should you choose this one? 

The answer is in the table below:

Tool nameFree/
AdsCharacters limitsCaptcha/ registrationExtensionsImport/
Paraphrase GeneratorFreeNo2,000CaptchaNoNo
PrepostSeo Paraphrasing ToolFreeModerateNo  NoNoImport
QuillBotFree & Paid plansNoFree – 400,
Paid – 10,000
Optional registrationMS Word, Google Chrome, Google DocsNo
MyAssignmentHelp Paraphrasing ToolFreeNoNoNoNoImport
Easy Writing NZ Paraphrasing ToolFreeNo10,000NoNoNo

As you can see, some of the top-rated platforms have strict character limitations, so processing large text blocks with them will take more time than with Paraphrase Generator. Also, it has no ads, so the website works rapidly, and nothing distracts you at the same time.    

We prepared a list of cases when Paraphrase Generator will be the best option for you.


  • If your text is 2000 characters or less;
  • If you want to rewrite several articles or papers quickly;
  • If you want to find unusual synonyms for certain words or phrases;

Use the Paraphrase Generator online tool!

✔️ How We Test

We gave this paraphrasing machine a tryout to demonstrate how it works. 

Firstly, we chose a piece of text that we want to process. It is an article by IvyPanda Economics Essay Topics: 147 Practical Ideas & Useful Tips. We copied a few paragraphs and pasted them in the box on Paraphrase Generator’s website. 

Paraphrase Generator Input Form

After that, we noticed that the Grammarly checker found a mistake in the text.

Paraphrase Generator Grammar Check

The word ‘Economics’ is underlined with red because it lacks spacing before it. We added it and entered the answer to the captcha. This captcha is quite useful because practicing even simple math daily guarantees the brain’s efficiency in old age. 

Then, we pressed ‘Paraphrase.’ 

Paraphrase Generator: Results

Here is an output text we received after the machine rewritten it. As we can see, it changed the text from the lexical and grammatical points, replacing some structures with the other. However, some sentences should be still manipulated manually. Even smart neural networks can fail to paraphrase. Anyway, this tool is great in suggesting unusual synonyms to the key words and phrases in your text.

📜 The Bottom Line

Paraphrase Generator’s job is straightforward—it rewrites the piece of text you selected to reduce the percentage of plagiarism in it. To process the text, copy it from the website or document, paste in the box, answer the captcha, and hit the ‘Paraphrase’ button. You will receive a reworded passage a few moments later. If you’re okay with the results, copy the output text and paste it in your document. 

Let’s sum up the points we like about this platform:

  • Free

Unlike many other platforms, it won’t charge anything for its services.

  • No ads

This is not a premium option. You can use the platform without any distractions anytime. 

  • Uncommon synonyms

This platform suggests unusual synonyms to enrich the vocabulary of your text.

  • High-speed processing

The machine rewrites the text of up to 2000 characters in a few seconds.

If all of the above satisfies your concerns about rewriting content, Paraphrase Generator is the right tool for you!

Whether you are a student or freelancer looking to create unique content, this tool will definitely help you. Today, the issue of copyrights and plagiarism are widely discussed because it’s getting harder and harder to come up with something exceptional. However, tools like Paraphrase Generator are tailored to achieve this aim. 
We hope that this review was useful to you. Don’t miss our overview of 10 Best Paraphrasing Online Tools! 😉