IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator Review

The topic is one of the essential parts of an essay, a blog article, a research paper, or a speech. Creating a unique, descriptive, and plagiarism-free topic can be tough and time-consuming. This is when topic idea generators, like IvyPanda, come into the picture. With this web tool, you will generate tens of thousands of well-structured ideas for virtually any purpose. There are no ads and no limits for use. It is free. All that is required of you is to type in one or more keywords related to your topic, and the IvyPanda topic generator will give you back a large number of ideas. 

👍 What We Like about IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator


The IvyPanda topic generator produces tens of thousands of ideas for submitting even a single word. It could also be used as an essay idea generator. You will see well-structured results in a moment. The system conveniently groups the topics into small packs to avoid the overwhelming amount of information on the screen. Other topic idea generators do not perform even close to this productivity. 


Yes, the usage of the IvyPanda ultimate topic generator is free of charge. 


You get access to the full functional idea generator without any ads. This improves the speed of the website’s work. 


The interface and the overall design of this online tool will not cause any misunderstandings. You will quickly find out how to use this instrument right away. 

⌛ IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator Details

The web tool by IvyPanda generates a large number of topics. Blog authors, researchers and students, copywriters, public speakers, and even artists will easily find an idea for almost any field of knowledge. A user-friendly interface also helps. 

You will see the form with the input field for one or several keywords and the big “Generate ideas” button.  

IvyPanda Topic Generator Input Form

The size of the generator’s database allows typing even a set of random words. You will likely find the needed topic for any project. 

On the other hand, the IvyPanda topic generator will not “dump” all tens of thousands of answers onto you at once. The system will show about 50 results with the option to generate a new pack of topics. Besides, the generator organizes each group of topics in a compact way. Like this: 

IvyPanda Topic Generator Results Screenshot

⚖️ IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator vs. Other Topic Generation Tools 

We created the comparison table for you to clarify the key differences between the top 5 online topic generation tools. 

ToolResults numberFree/paidAds & pop-upsSimplicityOwn text input option 
IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator > 10,000 Free No User-friendly Yes 
Questia Topic Finder > 100 Free No Average Yes 
Portent Idea Generator Free No User-friendly Yes 
TallMania Research Project Topic Idea Generator > 1000 Free No Average No 
SEOPressor Blog Topic Generator > 1000 Free  1 Tedious Yes 

As you can see, some features of the other web tools are the same as IvyPanda’s, but the total combination of them brings the IvyPanda generator to the top. 

🧪 How We Test

For testing purposes, we chose the following topic: “Should Odysseus Be Named a Hero.” It is rather versatile. We typed in the full sentence, single words, or their combinations to check the strongest and the weakest sides of each online topic generator. 

We pasted our chosen sentence about Odysseus and got the following result. 

IvyPanda Topic Generator Results

The system generated 32,035 results for us. They cover more than enough fields in which you may need to use these ideas. Generated topics are well structured, and you may generate a new pack of ideas by scrolling down and pushing the mentioned before “View more” button. 

🥇 The Bottom Line

IvyPanda ultimate topic generator got to the leading position of our Top 10 Free Online Topic Generators. This instrument surpasses its competitors because of the following: 

  • It provides a large number of results for nearly all possible purposes. 
  • The website has a clean and user-friendly design. 
  • There are no ads. 
  • The website works fast. 
  • The searching process is flexible. You may type in a single word, a phrase, or a sentence. 
  • It is free. 

And finally, you will not notice any inconvenience during your work with this tool on smartphones and tablets. 

Definitely consider the IvyPanda ultimate topic generator if you need an efficient online tool to start your writing project or speech.