Questia Topic Finder Review

Creating the theme of a speech, an essay, or a debate outline can be challenging and time-consuming. The subject you just came up with may seem good, but not quite satisfying. Like you are missing something. And now you have to start the topic creation process from the beginning. This is the situation in which online topic generators, like Questia, can save the day. You will easily find plenty of ideas for your project in the Questia online topic finder database. The database has a large number of academic and periodical sources. The Questia ideas finder will do its job for you without ads and free of charge. Type in at least one word associated with your topic, and the Questia will generate a diverse list of themes for you to be inspired by.

👍 What We Like about Questia Topic Finder


The Questia ideas finder will generate a well-structured list of topics from newspapers, magazines, books, academic journals, and Encyclopedias.

You can use the Questia ideas finder as

  • the essay idea generator
  • the blog title generator
  • the topic enhancer
  • the debate essay topic finder.

The search will be performed quickly.


The Questia topic ideas generator is free. There are no limitations to the usage of its topic ideas search functions.


There are no ads. You will find plenty of topics with Questia topic finder efficiently and without any commercial disturbance.

Easy to use

The Questia online tool has a simple and understandable design. In a few steps, you will get a large number of topics from the chosen field.

✔️ Questia Topic Finder Details

When you see the web page with the Questia online ideas finder, you instantly understand how to use this tool. The design of the main page of this tool is not overwhelmed with excess elements.

Questia Topic Finder input form

There are the search field, the search button, and the tips.

The results of the search will be stored in a well-sorted list. The system sometimes generates hundreds of topics with articles, and you can tune the list of topics further. The page with results has additional fields that you can use for a more flexible search.

Questia Topic Finder search results

As you can see, there are plenty of fields for further search customization. Moreover, four fields have an additional drop-down menu with four parameters.

  • You can use every keyword typed in the search field before.
  • Or just let the tool choose any of the words provided.
  • The system performs the search based on the exact phrase.
  • The Questia can also avoid the chosen keywords.

You can improve the search results after the generation process is finished.

Just for your information, although the Questia tool is free, some of the full articles from the search results require a payment. But, keep in mind, you can always check the “Free publications only” checkbox, and all paid articles will be hidden. Also, even paid articles to allow you to read their previews.

The search tool provides the real articles. The text of articles can help you with a better understanding of the logic behind the article theme creating. You can perform an additional search through the database by choosing

  • contributors
  • publisher
  • subject
  • publication source

In case you are interested in a more general idea, there is a checkbox available to combine periodical articles into one tab.

⚖️ Questia Topic Finder vs. Other Topic Generation Tools

We prepared the table to compare the key features of the top 5 online topic generation tools.

ToolResults numberFree/paidAds & pop-upsSimplicityOwn text input option
IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator> 10,000FreeNo adsNo pop-upsUser-friendlyYes
Questia Topic Finder> 100FreeNo adsNo pop-upsAverageYes
Portent Idea Generator1FreeNo adsNo pop-upsUser-friendlyYes
TallMania Topic Idea Generator> 1000FreeNo adsNo pop-upsAverageNo
SEOPressor Blog Topic Generator> 1000FreeNo adsOne pop-upTediousYes

As the rating shows, the overall combination of features brings the Questia topic finder to our top’s second place. For example, this online tool is easy-to-use, but you still need to perform three or, sometimes, more steps to get the result. While the IvyPanda ultimate topic generator, our first choice, does the same in one step.

As you can see, the Questia has a strong academic focus. The real articles help you to see the actual use of the chosen keywords. It is also helpful to have a reading function of the preview or the full text of an article.

You can narrow the search results down by choosing the exact article’s parameter, such as its subject or publication source. This opportunity can be helpful when you need to come up with the synonyms or the ideas based on the chosen search parameter.

You have plenty of options for the optimization and improvement of the search results.

🦉 How We Test

For our tests, we stopped our choice on the universal topic: “Should Odysseus Be Named a Hero.” We did the same procedure with other topic idea generators.

  • We typed in the full subject.
  • We submitted single words.
  • We used the word combinations.

This procedure showed where one topic generator overcomes the others.

Questia topic finder search results

The Questia generated 181 themes with links to articles. The results were divided into five groups. As you can see, the number and the diversity of the found topics are broad enough even with the empty “Encyclopedia” tab. Feel free to correct the words you use for the ideas search to improve the final list of topics.

💬 The Bottom Line

The Questia topic finder took second place in our Top 10 Free Online Topic Generators Rank. Despite this position, it is still an excellent online tool for the topic idea generation purposes. Questia is an excellent choice to optimize the research process because of the following features.

  • It is free.
  • The web tool works fast.
  • It will pull together plenty of topics from a wide range of sources.
  • The search tool has a user-friendly design.
  • The website does not have any ads.
  • The flexible search allows you to tune your initial request for further improvements in the final list of topics.

The Questia topic ideas generator does its job well. You will likely be satisfied with its performance. However, keep in mind that the product choice is always yours to make, and don’t forget to check our Top 10 Topic Generators Review.