Portent Idea Generator Review

The theme is the essential part of a blog post, an essay, a research article, or a speech. To make the topic catchy, you would have to spend a lot of time without helping tools. The Portent Idea Generator can do this instead of you. With this online topic idea generation tool, you will quickly roll out possible ideas for your project’s future topic. The system allows you to generate the subjects based on the keywords you type in the special input field with just one button. The online topic generator is ads-free; you get full access to its functionality without any commercial disturbance. Get numerous topic ideas with the Portent idea generator for free.

❤️ What We Like about Portent Idea Generator


With the Portent idea generator, you will quickly produce a new topic based on the general words associated with your project. It also helps to check the flexibility of the theme and to  find new ideas for further topic improvement.

Make corrections of the input text at any moment for the best result.


It is free. The Portent online tool does not have any access restrictions to its online ideas generation functionality.


The Portent idea generator does not have annoying ads and pop-ups. Your topic research will not be interrupted by an unexpected commercial banner.

Easy to use

The design of the Portent web tool is user-friendly. You can instantly generate the ideas for your project without any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

🏷️Portent Idea Generator Details

The main page of the Portent online topic generator does not have excess elements. From the beginning, you will simply understand how to use this instrument without the instructions.

Here is the main page of the web instrument.

Portent Idea Generator Screenshot

Type the keywords related to the main idea of your research paper or the blog post. Push the “Generate idea” button and get your new topic.

The page with the generated topic has the following functions.

  • You can put together another theme.
  • The web app allows you to save the newly generated topic.
  • Tweeting it is also a possibility.
  • You can change the initial input information as well.

After saving the topic, the Portent web app creates a well-organized list on a separate page with liked ideas. There you can delete or share saved topics. To continue the ideas generation process, choose the “New idea” menu item.

After each save, the website redirects you to the page with saved topics automatically. You do not need to register or to perform any extra actions. The website creates this page for the current browser. Given that you have not cleared your browsing history and cache, it will still be there when you come back to this page later.

Portent Idea Generator Screenshot

As you can see, the system is flexible and you can make the corrections or save the preferred topic any moment without extra steps.

📚 Portent Idea Generator vs. Other Topic Generation Tools

You can easily compare the pros and cons of the top 5 online topic generation tools with the table we have prepared.

ToolResults numberFree/paidAds & pop-upsSimplicityOwn text input option
IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator> 10,000FreeNo adsNo pop-upsUser-friendlyYes
Questia Topic Finder> 100FreeNo adsNo pop-upsAverageYes
Portent Idea Generator1FreeNo adsNo pop-upsUser-friendlyYes
TallMania Topic Idea Generator> 1000FreeNo adsNo pop-upsAverageNo
SEOPressor Blog Topic Generator> 1000FreeNo adsOne pop-upTediousYes

According to the rating, the Portent idea generator is the third best out of the five. The significant difference between the Portent generator and the instruments from higher positions is in the number of the results. For example, the IvyPanda ultimate topic idea generator, at the top of our ranking, produces tens of thousands of the results. The Questia topic finder, the runner-up, generates more than a hundred topics at a time. The Portent tool produces only one result, which pushes it down to the third position.

Do not underestimate the sharing function. Social networks could be great helpers in terms of the collective response to your post. Share new topics with your Tweeter followers and analyze their feedback. You can change your theme creation strategy based on the best ideas you get from your followers.

In addition, the Portent idea generator is well-optimized for the smartphones and tablets. Most of the time, all main elements are on the screen without a need to scroll. This feature can be useful for the people who are on the go.

📃 How We Test

For the test purposes, we chose this versatile topic: “Should Odysseus Be Named a Hero.”

It is the same topic we used with other topic generation tools. We typed in the complete theme, single words from it, and the word combinations.

We performed this operation to clarify the weak and the strong points of each web tool from the list.

Portent Idea Generator Screenshot

Although the Portent online tool generates only one topic at a time, the overall process is so simple that it can be easily repeated as many times as needed. This topic idea generator is a useful brainstorming tool. Just press the “See another title” button. As always, keep in mind that it is just a generator. Make sure you check the grammar and the logic of the result.

🗝️ The Bottom Line

The Portent idea generator took the third place of our Top 10 Free Online Topic Generators.

The key features of the tested online tool are the following.

  • The Portent generator is ads-free.
  • You do not need to pay for the use of the web tool.
  • The design of the online tool is user-friendly.
  • The topic creation process management will be fast and convenient.

It could also be used as the online essay idea generator or the outline title generation tool.

The performance and the functionality of the Portent idea generator will optimize the process of making your topic unique and bright.

The Portent idea generator made it to the top three. It is a solid instrument that does its job well. Try this fast and “social” web tool and don’t forget to check our other writing tools reviews!