Top 10 Free Online Topic Generators

The topic is the first thing writers deal with when creating a blog article, an essay, a research paper, a debate outline, or a speech summary. It should grab your audience’s attention even if you think that only your professor will read your essay. That’s why you should make it catchy. 

A theme creation process seems to be tricky. You analyze numerous sources and put together the new information to bring something unique and creative into this world. The process is significantly time- and nerves-consuming in most scenarios.

Here the topic idea generators are ready to help. These web tools do the job instantly, and you may proceed to an actual paper writing.

Topic generators have been made to optimize the subject producing process. Their possible expected functions could be these.

  • They could put together the keywords associated with your topic and generate the subject.
  • They could add extra words and prepositions to the input text to assemble the new topic.
  • They could generate a random theme without any input information.
  • They could search real topics through the database with or without your keywords.

As you can see, there are plenty of key features the online topic generators might have. Furthermore, each of them has a unique set of features.

To help you find the best web tool for you, we prepared this rating of 10 free online topic generators.

Let’s dive right in.

🏅 Top 10 Topic Generators

We tested ALL the tools we could find with similar functionality and selected the top 10 free online topic idea generators. This article is a result of 11 hours of research we performed to save your time.

Choose the best topic idea generator for you.

ToolResults numberAds & pop-upsSimplicityOwn text input optionOverall Rank
IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator> 10,000No ads
No pop-ups
User-friendlyYes5 out of 5
Questia Topic Finder> 100No ads
No pop-ups
AverageYes4 out of 5
Portent Idea Generator1No ads
No pop-ups
User-friendlyYes4 out of 5
TallMania Research Project Topic Idea Generator>1000No ads
No pop-ups
AverageNo3 out of 5
SEOPressor Blog Topic Generator> 1000One pop-upTediousYes3 out of 5
Essay Topics Generator>10One ad AverageYes3 out of 5
Random Academic Essay Title Generator1No ads
No pop-ups
AverageYes3 out of 5
Blog Ideas Generator5 (could be extended to 250)No ads
No pop-ups
AverageYes3 out of 5
Topic Generator App1No ads
No pop-ups
User-friendlyNo3 out of 5
10ideas Brainstorming Random Topic Generator1No ads
No pop-ups
User-friendlyNo2 out of 5

IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator

IvyPanda Ultimate Topic Generator

The IvyPanda web tool will create a well-structured list of topics based on the initial keywords you type in the search field. The system provides tens of thousands of the results and packs them into small groups for convenient use. The overall productivity and the user-friendly design of the IvyPanda will not let you be stuck with your topic writing task. The flexible search allows you to type in a sentence or a single word for the best results. The IvyPanda ultimate topic generator does not have ads or pop-ups, and it is free.

Questia Topic Finder

Questia Topic Finder

This is the second-best online tool in our rating. You do not have to pay for the use of this idea generator. You get the full functionality of this online tool without any commercial disturbance. The Questia generator divides the potential topics into five groups. You can also tune each list with an easy to use, and customizable search menu after the instant generation process is finished. With an easy-to-use design, you will not feel any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

Portent Idea Generator

Portent Idea Generator

The Portent web app will help you with topics for the essays, blog posts, and speech outlines. You could consider this web tool as the brainstorm helper, too. With one click, the Portent idea generator combines your keywords with some other random vocabulary. Generate and re-generate new topic ideas with a well-organized interface. You can save liked topics to the list for further analysis. The Portent idea generator is free, and there are no ads or pop-ups.

TallMania Topic Idea Generator

TallMania Topic Idea Generator Pros and Cons

Unlike the topic generators mentioned before, the TallMania is more of an idea generator. This online tool does not produce an actual topic. It helps to focus on finding the key idea of your future topic. The system has a labyrinth-like structure. It is a “maze” filled with a wide variety of different themes, and its primary goal is to awaken and motivate your topic writing creativity.

Just push the “Start generating ideas!” button, then push the button again for the general topic, then for more details, and so-on until you get your idea.

The TallMania project authors recommend preparing a piece of paper and a writing tool.

Due to the traits of this online idea generator, the text input feature is not provided. The website looks slightly “old-school,” but you quickly understand how to work with this web tool. Plus, this topic idea generator is free. There are no ads or pop-ups.

SEOPressor Blog Topic Generator

SEOPressor Blog Topic Generator Pros and Cons

With this highly specialized online app, you can generate thousands of topics for blog posts. Type in a sentence or the keywords, choose the theme from the drop-down menu, and push the “Generate titles” button. The SEOPressor forms a list with thousands of topics, divided into small groups, and based on the initial keywords you have provided. Feel free to generate a new pack of themes, if you have not found the best one for your project, by pressing the appropriate button.

The website has just one pop-up ad, and you can extend the number of daily attempts from five to infinite by providing an email for human verification purposes. But, user-friendly design, the flexibility of the search tool, and the number of the topics you get from the tool make it attractive for blog topic generation. Last but not least, it is free.

Essay Topics Generator

Essay Topics Generator

Do not let a slightly outdated design of this web tool confuse you. The Essay topics generator uses a powerful search that works flexibly with the keywords you type in. For more detailed results, choose an area of the subject and a type of the topic, then push the “Generate” button.

There is just one ad on the main page, the web tool generates about twenty-five results at a time, and the software is narrowly but deeply specialized in essays. However, the quality of the generated topics and easy-to-use design make the Essay topic generator a handy web app for practically any essay project.

Random Academic Essay Title Generator

Random Academic Essay Title Generator

This Random Academic topic generator uses several algorithms for the essay topic construction. Type in the essay subject, choose the formula and submit the information. The system takes the submitted topic and attaches several random words from the academic database to it. Here is when an actual topic generation process starts.

Now, just tick the checkbox under the words you like and push the “Show me perfection!” button. The generator will replace unchecked words and leave others.

The appearance of the title generation tool is slightly outdated, and you get only one result at a time.

Yet, there are no ads, it is free, and the search allows you to control the academic essay subject generation process.

Blog Ideas Generator

Blog Ideas Generator

Thу HubSpot’s blog idea generator has a minimalistic, modern, and user-friendly design. The blog generator asks you to submit from one to five nouns associated with the topic, one by one. The system generates a tiny list with the nouns above the search field. During the submission process, you may remove the unfit nouns from the list. When the list is completed, push the “Give me blog ideas” button.

The online tool will generate five blog ideas that you can swipe through. The Blog ideas generator is ads-free, and you do not need to pay for it. In case you need more than five results at a time, the page with the results has a special form. After filling in and submitting the information, you will be redirected to the page with two hundred and fifty generated topics. There will also be extra tips about SEO and blog writing strategies. Here you may download all generated topics as a spreadsheet for detailed analysis.

You do not have to submit a new form more than once. The system remembers the browser you use until the cleaning of the browsing history or cache.

Topic Generator App

Topic Generator App

If you consider using a mobile app for your projects, try the Topic generator app. This application is available for a MacBook, an iPhone, or an iPad. It is free. You get full access to the app functions without ads.

The app has a user-friendly design. You will quickly clarify how to generate, to save, or to share the new topics. With this tool, you may create topics for videos, essays, and podcasts.

It generates topics based on the inner dictionary. The default list of words this app has is for comedic use only, but you can edit this list for your exact needs.

It is worth noticing that the Topic generator app works offline, too.

10ideas Brainstorming Random Topic Generator

10ideas Brainstorming Random Topic Generator

The 10ideas is a web brainstorming tool. It can help you need ideas for the topics with numbers at the beginning of the topic. The tool generates theme ideas with number ten. There is no possibility to affect the generation process. The simple and clear design does its job well. Push the “Refresh” button and get the topic, or refresh the search field again for a new result.

It is free as well, and there are no ads.

🏆 Topic Generator: Editor’s Choice

We selected three best online tools to use for various purposes. Check our nominations below:

The Best for Academic Purpose

The IvyPanda ultimate topic generator hit first place in our topic generators rating.

The productivity of this web app leaves competitors’ tools far behind. It generates tens of thousands of topics, but you will not be confused by all of them at once. The system shows fifty results in a compact form, and you can see the next pack of subjects after pushing the “View more” button.

The generated topics cover numerous possible areas. You will likely find many ideas for the writing project you develop.

The clean and user-friendly design helps to understand how to use the web tool quickly. There are no annoying ads or excess elements on the web page, and it works fast. It also runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, you can type in a sentence, one or more keywords, or a phrase to perform a search. The IvyPanda tool brings flexibility to the topic searching process. Having these features, you can tune the list with generated themes. Feel free to experiment with it.

And finally, the IvyPanda ultimate topic generator does its job for free. There are no functions you have to pay for. You get full access to the web tool without limitations.

The Best for Bloggers

If you are looking for a web tool for the blog posts topic ideas, try SEOPressor. This online blog topic generator creates thousands of themes based on the keywords associated with your topic. The SEOPressor generates a well-structured list of subjects packed in small groups for convenient use.

After a quick and simple verification, you take away the daily limit of five attempts and make the access unlimited.

You will find this free web tool helpful for blog projects.

The Best Mobile Topic Generator

For the smartphone users, we recommend the Topic generator app.

This light tool takes up less than 1 megabyte on your smartphone. With a user-friendly design, you will quickly get plenty of topic ideas even on the go.

This topic generation app also works offline. Add your keywords to the app’s dictionary, and you will get the results based on the new words set.

Feel free to install the Topic Generator app even for future use, because it is free and takes little space, it works offline, and you can customize the idea generation for your needs.

🔍 Things to Consider When Choosing the Topic Generator

To choose the best topic generator, you have to decide which features are essential for your current project. You may take into account the following parameters.

  • Do the generators have ads or pop-ups, or you will get access to the full functionality without annoying commercials?
  • Do you need to pay for the web tool?
  • How many topics one or the other topic idea generator produces? Are they well-structured, or the page will be overwhelmed with the generated topics?
  • What about the design of the web tool? Is it user-friendly? Is it optimized for mobile devices?
  • Can you choose anything before or during the generation process to control the result? Is it possible to type in your keywords or sentences?

This simple analysis can save you time, money, and nerves, especially if your project deadline is close.

The proper choice of the online topic generator can even replace a whole brainstorming group for you.

⚖️ How We Test

We chose the rather general topic for the topic generators evaluation purposes: “Should Odysseus Be Named a Hero.” We used the whole sentence, one random word from it, and several words.

The test started with assessing the flexibility of the search.

  • Do you need to perform extra manipulations with the input information, or can you just type it in and submit?
  • Is the resulting form user-friendly enough?
  • Is there a possibility of further search customization?
  • How many topics do you get after the generation process is finished?

The second step checked for the presence and the number of commercials on the page. After that, we analyzed the distribution model of each topic generator. Next came the necessity of taking extra steps to get the result. And finally, we considered the option of using your keywords.

Now you can see the “kitchen” behind our top 10 free online topic generators. Choose the best topic idea generator for your writing project. To improve and optimize other aspects of your paper, check the essay writing tools section.