10 Best Paraphrasing Online Tools

It’s quite challenging to create unique content today. If you’re studying at the university or already working, writing may be one of your daily routines. The variety of texts now is overwhelming, so it’s highly possible that somebody has already written an essay or article on your topic. Still, you can’t simply copy somebody’s ideas.

If you choose to manually rewrite their writing piece, imagine how much time you will spend on it! But if you are on a short deadline, how can you manage this? You can rely on automated paraphrasing tools! In this article, you will find the best rephrasing services and websites.

🏆 10 Best Paraphrasing Tools Reviewed

We have reviewed 20+ paraphrasing tools and selected the most efficient ones that can help you reach specific goals. In this overview, you will learn why and how to use rewriting platforms, and compare the pros and cons of 10 top-rated paraphrasing tools. Let’s go!

Tool nameFree/
Characters limitsAdsCaptcha/ registrationExtensionsImport/
QuillBotFree & Paid plans400 words in free versionNoOptional registrationMS Word, Google Chrome, Google DocsNo
PrepostSeo Paraphrasing ToolFreeNo limitsModerateNoNoImport
Chimp RewriterPaidNoNoNoYesImport/ Export
MyAssignmentHelp Paraphrasing ToolFreeNo limitsNoNoNoImport
Paraphrase GeneratorFree2,000 wordsNoCaptchaNoNo
Paraphrasing ToolFreeNo limitsModerateNoNoNo
Code Beautify Paraphrasing ToolFreeModerateNoNoNoImport
SeoMagnifier Paraphrasing ToolFreeToo manyNoNoNoExport
The Rewriter Tools ParaphraserFreeToo manyNoNoNoExport
Clever SpinnerPaidNoNoRegistrationNoNo

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Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

The QuillBot rewriter allows you to efficiently reword the content. The process is also as easy as it is: copy the text from the source, paste in the box, and press ‘Quill it’. Although it has some disadvantages, it’s one of the best paraphrasing tools. You may be wondering why?


First of all, it is powered by advanced neural networks that process the input text, find key phrases, and replace them with synonymical ones. Afterward, you can edit the paraphrased text choosing the synonyms suggested by the tool. For each word in the sentence, QuillBot offers 10-20 words or collocations with the meaning similar to the original, so you have a vast choice.

Secondly, you can rewrite the writing piece sentence by sentence. So, if you like how one of three sentences was automatically rewritten, lock it and press ‘ReQuill’ to paraphrase the others.  

Thirdly, QuillBot pays attention to the grammar, so the output text is always error-free. The forms of the words suggested by the tool always consider the grammatical context of the writing piece. 

Finally, QuillBot has extensions for MS Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs. You can download it and use it as an in-built tool to generate unique content. 

The tool works in five modes: Standard, Fluency, Creative, Suggestive, and Concision. Each of them serves different purposes. The Standard and Fluency modes are accessible in the free version. The Word Flipper lengthens or shortens your sentences. If set to the minimum, the paraphraser will use fewer words to rewrite the content.  

This tool has many specific features that the other paraphrasers don’t have, so we highly recommend you to give it a try!

PrepostSeo Paraphrasing Tool

PrepostSeo Paraphrasing Tool Pros and Cons

When you want to process big text blocks, PrepostSeo is the right option for you. This tool rewrites essays, articles, blog posts, or academic papers totally for free. Mind that it has no character limitations so that you can process writing pieces of different lengths. Take a few steps to paraphrase the text:

  1. Paste the text in the box or upload a file in one of 3 formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf).
  2. Choose the mode – Standard or Advanced. 
  3. Press ‘Paraphrase’.
  4. Edit the text, if you’ve chosen the Advanced mode.
  5. Click ‘Next’ and download the finished text as .doc or .txt, or copy it to the clipboard. 

What beneficial features does this tool have? 
The PrepostSeo paraphraser pays attention to the grammar in your text, so the output text will never look messy and confusing. Secondly, when you are editing the output passage, the paraphraser suggests 1-3 synonyms with the most accurate meaning, or, if you don’t like any of them, you can enter your own. Thirdly, PrepostSeo supports 7 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Turkish. No matter, which of them you will choose, you will receive high-quality rewording.

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter Pros and Cons

Chimp Rewriter is a multilingual paraphrasing application for your PC. By downloading it, you receive access to a huge database of synonyms in 12 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, and Swedish. 

This tool is a professional way to deal with plagiarism and create exclusive content. It’s especially beloved by copywriters and creative writers because it can generate dozens of copies at the same time! Its workflow is complex and efficient, you can watch this promo video to understand its process better: 

One thing is undeniable when it comes to rewriting, this tool is off the charts. However, it’s not free, so if you’re a student who doesn’t need this application daily, it’s better to choose something else. Still, if you’re a professional writer looking for a magic wand to generate lots of unique content, then it’s a great option for you. 
So, how much does it cost? It will be $ 15/month or $ 99/year.

MyAssignmentHelp Paraphrasing Tool

My Assignment Help Paraphraser Pros and Cons

The MyAssignmentHelp paraphraser offers free service to help you generate plagiarism-free texts. Similar to the other rewriting platforms, it uses neural networks to find and replace crucial words in the input content. It suggests synonymical expressions that help preserve the original meaning of the sentences. 

Start by pasting the writing piece or uploading a document you want to reword. MyAssignmentHelp supports 6 types of documents: .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx. Even if you want to paraphrase a presentation, this tool can manage it. 

Then, press ‘Paraphrase Article’ and wait till the rewriter finishes its work. Done! Now you have a piece of unique content that you can copy and use for your written task. 

What else?

This tool processes texts regarding grammar, so it replaces words as well as grammatical structures. It can change the tense of the main verb or the type of question. Also, it can rearrange the introductory words.

Paraphrase Generator

Paraphrasу Generator Pros and Cons

The Paraphrase Generator online tool is handy when you have to rewrite a short passage. It has a character limit, but it’s still enough to fulfill various tasks. You can paraphrase an introduction to your essay or the conclusion, or a blog post, or a caption, the list goes on. Its main advantage is the speed of its work. You can paraphrase a text up to 2,000 characters in less than a minute!

While most of the tools we reviewed contain annoying advertisements, Paraphrase Generator is totally ads-free. No pop-ups, no irrelevant information that will distract you. It’s not a premium option! Some of the tools may offer you to buy Premium to get rid of the ads, but not Paraphrase Generator. Its service is free to use at any time.  

Take these four steps to rewrite the text:

  1. Copy the content from the source page or document.
  2. Paste it in the box and answer the captcha.
  3. Hit the  ‘Paraphrase’ button.
  4. Copy the results.

Simple? Yes. Fast? Yes!

This paraphraser suggests synonyms to the main words in each sentence. Not to mention, it comes up with unusual words that will definitely enrich the vocabulary of your writing piece.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool Pros and Cons

The Paraphrasing Tool works similarly to the others of its kind. You have to put a sentence, passage, or an article in the box on the left and press ‘Rewrite article’. The text will be processed by the neural network and shown in the box on the right. The words that were changed by the paraphraser will be written in different colors representing the parts of speech. You can click on these words to revise them. The tool gives its own suggestions, but you can also enter your variant. Click ‘Next’ when satisfied with the result and copy the output text. 

You want to rewrite a big article? No problem, this tool has no character limitations, so you can copy & paste a few sentences or a huge paper. The last one will take a few minutes to be processed, but it’s worth it! 

Not content with the result? Okay, press ‘Rewrite again’ or choose the highlighted words you want to change. Click the word and select a more convenient one. Also, you can write down your own alternative.

Code Beautify Paraphrasing Tool

Code Beautify Paraphraser Pros and Cons

Initially, Code Beautify is used to rewrite programming codes, still, it’s a handy paraphraser for average texts too. We’ve chosen it as one of the best tools because it has a number of undeniable advantages. 

Process content of variable length totally for free. Code Beautify has no character limitations, so it can deal with anything you need. Need to paraphrase a few sentences? Ok. Or a bunch of articles? Also ok! It will do it in a few minutes. Just imagine how much time it will save you!

The input text can be uploaded as a .txt document or pasted in the box. Tap the ‘Rewrite’ button and let it do the machine work. When Code Beautify finishes processing, you can adjust the output text to your needs. You can rearrange the writing piece after it is processed. Replace the words with the more appropriate ones or revise the whole sentence, so the content becomes more specific.

SeoMagnifier Paraphrasing Tool

SeoMagnifier Paraphrasing Tool Pros and Cons

SeoMagnifier Paraphrasing Tool is tailored to paraphrase any kind of written content. It will help you with rewriting an article, essay, research paper, or website content. This utensil processes text with an unlimited number of characters within minutes and provides high-quality error-free texts, and it’s totally free. It takes only a few steps to generate paraphrasing:

  1. Copy the writing piece from the source and paste it in the box.
  2. Choose the language and press ‘Paraphrase it’.
  3. Check the output text and edit it by clicking on the selected words (optional). 
  4. Press ‘Finish’ and copy the results or download as .txt or HTML.

One of the crucial benefits of this tool is the option to choose between 7 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Turkish. You can choose any of them, and, still, your paper will be excellently paraphrased. 

Also, you can edit most words of the sentence after it is processed by the machine. The words you can change will be highlighted with different colors regarding the parts of speech they belong to. Click on one of these words and check out the suggested synonyms, then, select one of them or enter your alternative. Although the overwhelming amount of ads may sidetrack you, this tool is still worth using. 

Rewriter Tools Paraphraser

Rewriter Tools Paraphraser Review

The Rewriter Tools Paraphraser is a simple and straightforward rewriting utensil. It rearranges the content by replacing words with similar ones to preserve the main idea of the text. You should compromise on the quality or uniqueness of your writing piece. A plagiarism-free text becomes achievable with this platform. 

This tool works same as many other: 

  1. Copy & paste the text.
  2. Press ‘Start Paraphrasing’.
  3. Edit the output text.
  4. Press ‘Next’ and copy the processed content or download it as .docx.

The number of characters is unlimited, so you can paraphrase any kind of text – from a short passage to a research paper that consists of 20+ pages. Also, the tool is always free, and accessible anywhere at any time. However, when it’s processing large text, be ready to wait. It needs up to 10 minutes to process a 2000 word paper. Also, the ads can be disturbing, but they’re not overwhelming. 


CleverSpinner Tool Pros and Cons

The CleverSpinner is a paid paraphrasing online tool. It costs $ 9.90/month, and you can get a 3-day trial version. It’s applying highly efficient AI technologies to generate unique content. At the same time, it has a clear interface and is easy to use. It will help you to rephrase texts of variable length in a few seconds. By now, the tool supports only one language – English. 

Start by copying the text, then paste it in the box and adjust the Spin Quality. You can set the different rate of the Spin Quality, from 1 to 5. Also, you can enable or disable sentence spin, and set ‘Force CS’ OR ‘Don’t Force CS’. CleverSpinner will guide you through the process, so you can adapt the settings to your needs. 

After the text is processed, the tool offers to edit the output content. Finally, you can copy the results and paste them into your document or website. 

✨ Paraphrasing Tool: Editor’s Choice

We’ve analyzed the abovementioned 10 top-rated paraphrasing tools and selected the most efficient one. We answered these questions to find it out:

  • Does it work with grammar as well as vocabulary?
  • Does it have an editing option? If yes, how many synonyms does it suggest to choose from?
  • Does the website contain ads?
  • Is it free?
  • Does it have any additional features?

And we have a winner here!

It’s QuillBot 😃

Okay, now, let’s reply to those questions and see why we chose it.

QuillBot processes texts with the help of state-of-an-art AI technologies. The neural networks search for the changeable words and grammatical structures in the text and replace them with the alternatives of similar meaning. This tool is great for paraphrasing texts of different length. Although the number of characters is limited, the quality of rewritten material is outstanding. You can edit the paraphrased material sentence by sentence. Click on the underlined word or phrase and choose the alternate one from the list:

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool Screenshot

The QuillBot paraphraser suggests up to 30 synonymical collocations and offers to add filler words to your sentence. It is an excellent tool to compile an article, essay, or an academic paper. QuillBot’s website is definitely a nice place to visit. The interface is neat, ads-free, and straightforward. It has many additional features, such as 5 working modes and the Word Flipper. The modes are designed to rewrite texts applying various techniques. For instance, the Creative mode makes the output text less similar to the original, and the Concision mode rewrites the input text shortening it. This sentence rewriter has extensions for PC, so you can use it to directly edit your documents.

Sum up all these advantages:

  • Ads-free
  • Free and paid version
  • 5 modes
  • Advanced editing
  • Extensions for MS Word, Google Docs, and Google Chrome

By now, we are pretty sure, you already like the QuillBot paraphrasing tool, try it out!

🆓 Paraphrasing Tool: Best Free App

Some professionals may require advanced and complex rewriting tools to create unique content daily. Still, for students who just need to rewrite a few papers once or twice a semester, smart and, most importantly, free platforms are the best option. We evaluated the costless utensils from our top-10 list and detected the best free rewriting app. 

It’s the PrepostSeo paraphraser!

As simple as it is, this text rephrasing tool delivers high-quality rewriting for free. It applies progressive neural networks to replace the keywords in each sentence with the words of the closest meaning. It pays attention to the grammatical form of the words and their role, thus the result is always error and plagiarism free. 

This tool has the number of advantages we want you to consider:

  • Free

PrepostSeo doesn’t charge anything for using its services. No matter how many times you hit the ‘Paraphrase’ button, no matter how long your text is, no matter which mode or language you choose.  

  • No character limitations

Upload a seven-page article, three sentences, or a huge research paper – the PrepostSeo content rewriter will cope with them all. 

  • File import and export

Not all the paraphrasing tools have this essential feature, but PrepostSeo does! Import and export files in .doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf. 

  • Available in 7 languages

If your paper is not in English, most of the tools are irrelevant for you. However, PrepostSeo rewrites texts in 7 languages: Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Turkish. 

  • 2 modes

PrepostSeo offers processing texts in two modes – Standard and Advanced. The Standard mode simply rewrites the writing piece, and you can copy the results, while the Advanced mode has the editing option, so you can edit the separate words in the text and finish it then. 

  • Editing option

The editing option is available in the Advanced mode and allows you to rewrite the text manually after it is processed. Click on the highlighted words in the output writing piece and choose one of the synonyms suggested by the PrepostSeo or enter your alternative.

It’s a great choice if you don’t want to receive prime services without paying anything!

💰 Paraphrasing Tool: Best Paid App

Although being pricey, professional rewriting applications are beyond comparison regarding their advanced features and complex approach to paraphrasing. Usually, paid tools possess extensive databases of synonymical words and expressions. Also, working with them may be more complicated, than with regular free online paraphrasing tools. Still, as an experienced copywriter, creative writer, or blogger, you may struggle creating specific content from scratch daily. If yes, we have a suggestion for you! 😱

Meet Chimp Rewriter!

This PC application is an expert solution for content generators. Let’s overview its advantages:

  • Advanced editing

Text processing with this tool is quite complicated and may be even confusing, but with the guide that you receive after downloading the app, you will also receive a key to unlimited variations of your input texts, complex editing in-app tools, and state-of-the-art processing schemes.

  • Available in 12 languages

This paraphraser also has the biggest number of supported languages. They include Italian, French, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, and Swedish. 

  • No character limitations

Chimp Rewriter is tailored to deal with various papers, from short essays to 20+ page documents. This tool can deal with them all at once. 

  • Ads-free

Of course, you paid for that. 😉

  • Export option

After the text is processed, you can copy it or download as .txt or .doc. Not the main feature, but still useful.

  • Fast rewriting

Paraphrase at high speed with the Chimp Rewriter app. The advanced neural networks will rewrite the input texts in seconds and generate dozens of unique articles in minutes.

You may also doubt whether to choose a low-cost writer to help you out or to pay for this nimble app, here is a killer argument: The computer based tool applies programming metrics and huge databases, so it is more likely to create something unique, uncommon and error-free. 


Because the PC application won’t get tired or distracted, it has no passive memory and no limitations. Also, it is always learning from the papers you give it for paraphrasing. It’s learning from your choices to provide better and more customized results next time.

Sounds convincing? No, this sounds advantageous and effective!

💭 Things to Consider

Before choosing a paraphrasing tool, you should consider a few things. This will help you to generate a more appealing error and plagiarism free text. What are these things? 


  1. Define the purpose of paraphrasing. 

The purpose will depend on the format of your text. Answering these questions will help you: 

  • Do I want to compile a few articles to generate a unique one?
    If yes, the paraphraser shouldn’t have character limitations.
  • Do I want to fit a summary of a research paper or article etc on my essay?
    If yes, choose a paraphrasing tool that can shorten the text.
  • Do I want to paraphrase somebody’s wise thought, so it doesn’t sound too similar?  
    If yes, you need a rewriter with advanced editing options or specific modes to creatively reword sentences.
  • Do you have a document that you want to process or it’s an online source?

If you want to process a document, look for the paraphraser with the export option.
If you can copy the text from an online source, your choice is not limited.

  1. Find out useful extra features.

For instance, after receiving the processed text, you see that the first sentence is paraphrased well, but the others not. If only you could lock that one sentence and rewrite the others again! You actually can if you choose a paraphraser with this additional feature. Or you want to manually edit the text afterward. Then, choose the tool that allows editing. 

  1. Check out supported languages.

Obviously, not all the texts are written in English, but you should consider that there are more English-only tools than multilingual ones. We already mentioned a few that have 7-12 supported languages in our top-10 list. Let’s call them up: PrepostSeo Paraphrasing Tool, Chimp Rewriter, and SeoMagnifier Paraphrasing Tool. 

  1. Monitor supported services.

As a writer, you may have a bunch of useful tools for various purposes. For example, you have an inbuilt Grammarly extension for the web. If you want to use it in combination with the paraphraser, look for the platform that supports this sentence checker.  

Considering all these points will save you a lot of time, and using the paraphrasing tool that fits your needs will be much more effective. Now, how to make the most of using online paraphrasers? Here are our pro tips:

  • Accurate document reading 

If your text is in .pdf, you can use tools that support this format, but it would be better to scan it with pdf-readers like iLovePDF and convert it to the more easy-to-read format or copy to the clipboard.

  • Error-free input text

If the input text is error-free, it’s more likely that the output text will also be like that. Check the original text with Grammarly to omit the mistakes.

  • Finishing touch

After you finish processing and editing the text, we recommend you to change the sentence order in the paragraphs. Then, use grammar and plagiarism checkers. Some platforms offer them alongside the paraphrasing tool, for instance, the PrepostSeo rewriting tool.

You nailed it!

✔️ How We Test

By now, you may be wondering why you should trust our rating. Look: it’s always up to you, but we want to show you how we tested all the platforms on the top-10 list. 

Firstly, we collected the names and links of 30+ paraphrasing tools. Then we made a rating table and analyzed their key features. We applied certain criteria to compare the tools. They included:

  • supported languages, 
  • import/export options, 
  • quantity of ads, 
  • character limits, 
  • captcha or registration requirement, 
  • usability of the interface, 
  • additional features. 

We evaluated the output info and chose 4- and 5- star tools. Secondly, we tested them by paraphrasing different articles from the IvyPanda blog

Let’s see how it was.

We tried out the QuillBot paraphraser first, and it was great right from the beginning. Its straightforward ads-free interface seeemed already familiar. We applied the Standard mode and set the Word Flipper to minimum, so it doesn’t add filler words to the original content.  

QuillBot Paraphrasing Results Screenshot

We were surprised by the speed of this rewriting machine, it actually processed the text in a few seconds. Also, the advanced editing option was satisfactory.

Same as this one, we checked the other tools, analyzing their pros and cons. We suggested different situations when users may need paraphrasers, thus defining the purposes that the users may have. Some of you, the potential users, are students, some are bloggers or copywriters, some are creative writers or even researchers. We believe that there ARE paraphrasing machines designed specifically for your needs! And our research & analysis proved that.