Mathsai Online Ratio Simplifier Review

If you want to learn how to simplify ratios, Mathsai is a great website that can assist you. Most of its services are free, and it’s perfectly suitable for daily self-learning. It has an easy to navigate interface and many handy features.

A ratio is a proportion between two amounts that show the number of times one value contains the other. The numerals in ratios can be positive or negative. Also, they can be whole, decimal, or mixed numbers. At school, children usually first meet proportions when they start learning division. With Mathsai, students can learn various mathematical rules and formulas. Today, we will see how this online tool calculates ratios.

❤️ What We Like about Mathsai

Mathsai is an AI-powered educational website that aims at improving users’ mathematical skills. Parents can use it as an additional practice opportunity for their kids. Also, it has numerous mini tools that can help solve everyday issues. Mathsai is one of the top-ranking ratio simplifiers. Here is why:

Detailed explanations

Each mini tool on this web page consists of a calculator and a topic summary. Additionally, you receive a step-by-step description alongside the solutions. This will help you understand the mathematical issues better.

No ads

The website contains zero ads so that nothing will disturb you or your child while solving tasks.


The platform has a mobile version, which is super convenient to use while studying. You can take it with you anywhere or make calculations on the go.

Free version

As we already mentioned, many of Mathsai’s services are free. For instance, you can use costless mini calculators. However, if you want to create custom learning curriculums, this platform has a paid solution for you.

📑 Mathsai Details

Mathsai is more popular as a personalized maths teaching space. Still, you can use its costless calculating tools. A ratio simplifier is one of the numerous handy  apps that you can find on this website. The platform’s target audience is students, so there’re many explanations and examples for each rule or formula. There’re also worksheets that you can use in daily practiсe. 

If you need to find a particular calculator, open the ‘Tools’ page and select the one that you need. They’re divided between six grades regarding the general school curriculum. The ratio simplifier is in the ‘6th Grade’ section. There are also similar tools like ‘Equivalent Ratio’ and ‘Check Ratio & Proportion.’ 

This ratio calculator deals with proportions that consist of two or more values. The amounts can be only whole numbers. Type the data from your task into the boxes and press ‘Calculate.’ The answer comes up instantly. You can find the explanation below the result. The platform generates the question and provides a solution. It starts with defining the greatest common factor (GCF). Then, it divides each value in the proportion by this number, and shows the final simplified ratio. If you scroll down, you can find details about calculating ratios, finding greatest common factor for three-number proportions, converting two numbers into a ratio, and more. 

Have you ever wondered why there are two types of display size? For example, 1920 : 1080 and 16 : 9. These numbers actually mean the same, because the last proportion is a simplified version of the first one. How knowing this can help you in real life? When buying a TV, you can come across various display sizes. You can simplify most of them to 16 : 9, 5 : 4, 4 : 3, or 16 : 10. 

Mathsai can be convenient for making rapid calculations, but it’s more importantly useful for self-learning. Students can use this platform to enhance their mathematical skills and practice them solving different maths problems. The website’s interface is simple, and the information is well-organized, so that young users won’t get lost or distracted. Summing up, Mathsai is a multipurpose online source that can help you or your child understand maths better, train oneself, or quickly get answers to the tasks. If you are a parent, you can make the most of it by using Mathsai customized curriculums. This option is paid, however, it can substitute hiring a tutor. This will definitely save your time and money.

🆚 Mathsai vs. Other Ratio Simplifiers

Mathsai comes second on our list of the best ratio calculators. This versatile platform has many advantages regarding its core and additional features. For instance, this website contains no ads and has in-depth explanations of the calculating process. However, it works only with whole numbers. To learn more about this and other ratio simplifiers, check the table below. Consider your task details to choose the most advantages tool for you.

ToolAdsInstructions/Guides/ExplanationInterfaceExtensions/AppsExportTotal Score
Calculator SoupModerateDetailed explanationEasy-to-use, mobile-friendlyWidget for website, web page, or blogNone5
MathsaiNoneDetailed explanationEasy-to-use, mobile-friendlyNoneNone5
Simplify RatioFewExamples, tipsEasy-to-use, modern design, mobile-friendlyNoneNone4
Ratio CalculatorToo manyDetailed explanationMobile-friendly, easy-to-useNoneNone4
RapidTablesFewInstructionsMobile-friendly, easy-to-useNoneNone4

☑️ How We Test

We analyzed over 20 ratio simplifiers on the web and defined their strong and weak points. To evaluate them, we applied the following criteria:

  • The amount of ads (few, moderate, too many)
  • Instructions or explanations
  • Interface
  • Extensions or apps
  • Export option

After the assessment, we defined ten top platforms that scored the highest results. Then, we tested each of them to see how they deal with real tasks. Let’s see how it was with the Mathsai ratio calculator.

Mathsai online ratio simplifier screenshot results

We entered the ratio 12 : 36, pressed ‘Calculate,’ and got the answer in a moment. After that, we scrolled down to check the explanation.

Mathsai online ratio simplifier screenshot explanation

The website provides a clear description of calculation steps. First, it shows how to define the greatest common factor. You can see all the actions you have to do to get the answer.

📊 The Bottom Line

After analyzing the Mathsai ratio simplifier, we can state that this is an excellent tool, especially for students. Still, if you need to make a simple calculation, you can also give it a try. The platform makes problem solving easier and faster. All you have to do is type in the numbers you have in the task. What’s more, many of the Mathsai’s services are free and the website contains no ads.
If you want to compare this ratio calculator with the others from our list, read the article 10 Best Online Ratio Simplifiers’ that we prepared for you! It discusses what things you should consider when choosing online calculators.