Symbolab Online Geometric Calculator Review

Do you want to deal with geometry tasks in seconds? No need to remember all those complex formulas and calculate mixed numbers. Use online geometry tools! These platforms will save you time and effort; they will even help you understand this subject better. How? There’re plenty of handy geometric calculators on the Internet which have instructions and in-depth explanations of specific issues. Also, they include visualizations that make these tutorials more practical.

Symbolab is a multilingual platform that combines high accuracy, a user-oriented interface, and outstanding visualization. It helps solve geometry, algebra, and graphing problems for free. Also, you can work in teams to improve your mathematical skills. This tool is excellent both for doing instant calculations and studying maths!

❤️ What We Like about Symbolab

Symbolab is a multipurpose calculating platform — you can work with algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric formulas. Its algorithms are similar to other web apps. However, the combination and performance of its core features make this tool a top-ranking online calculator. What are the platform’s essentials?

Multilingual support

This platform is available in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Arab, and Hebrew. This selection is diverse and covers popular languages so that the platform is convenient for users from all over the world.


While you’re solving particular tasks, the tool suggests handy tips that help you add valid data and make the most of this calculation.

Free services

Most of the platform’s options are free. You can use the calculator, virtual notebook, create study groups, and more, paying nothing.

User-friendly interface

Symbolab’s interface is user-oriented and straightforward. You can find what you need easily and do calculations in seconds. The website contains friendly characters who guide you through it. 

📑 Symbolab Details

Symbolab is a platform that combines outstanding performance, usability, and options for self-education. You can study various mathematical disciplines with easy tutorials, work in teams, or make instant calculations. The website has seven sections: Solutions, Graphing, Practice, Geometry, Notebook, Groups, and Cheat Sheets. If you need to find any formulas, open the Cheat Sheets section. This page covers algebra, trigonometry, limits, derivatives, and integrals formulas.

The Geometry section consists of a tab with different options and a space for constructing plane shapes. At the moment, this is a beta version of a geometric tool, so it doesn’t have solid shapes and circles. Still, you can work with triangles, points, segments, squares, rectangles, trapezoids, etc. Check the Examples first to see how the tool works and what tasks it can solve. This block includes various sample solutions: triangle perimeter and medians, parallel lines, angles, isosceles triangle, Pythagorean theorem, etc.

You can choose the options that you need by tapping on the buttons in the tab on the left. Instead of typing the names of sides or angles manually, click on the proper buttons from the menu below and choose the parameter that you need. These options make the calculating process even faster.

Symbolab online geometric calculator menu tab functions

Let’s go through the process of working with Symbolab:

  1. Start by drawing a diagram (a triangle, segment, point, or a rectangle);
  2. Then, type in the given data. For instance, you have a triangle with sides AB=5, BC=7, AC is unknown. The angle ABC=90.
  3. Switch the ‘Find’ button and type in the side you want to find.
  4. All information appears on the diagram on the right.
  5. Click ‘Go’ and check the results.

As you get the answer, analyze the steps of calculations. There can be two or more steps. This will help you understand how certain formulas work. 

Symbolab is an excellent space for teamwork. You can organize groups and work with your friends, classmates, or colleagues. Create an online classroom to practice math and help each other. You can share your experience in solving particular problems and get immediate feedback regarding your solution. Practice your skills and get support from your teammates to improve your maths expertise.

Symbolab is a perfectly suitable study assistant for students. Combining an easy-to-use workspace and highly efficient performance makes this tool one of the best calculating platforms on the Internet. Another incredible advantage of it is multilingual support.

🆚 Symbolab vs. Other Geometric Calculators

The variety of geometric calculators on the web is confusing. It’s hard to find what you need quickly. We made a table that shows the core difference between the top-ranking websites. Check it out and analyze which web app is a perfect match for you!

Tool nameMultilingual support (number)Share/
Download options
User-friendly interfaceInstructions, tips, guidanceAdsTotal Score
Geogebra34Share & downloadUser-friendly (easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, modern design)Tips, guidanceNo5
Planet Calc6Share & downloadModern design, simpleGuidance, instructionsFew5
Symbolab6Share & downloadEasy-to-useExamplesToo many4
Calculator SoupNoneNoneSimpleGuidance, instructionsModerate4
Studio Code Geometric CalculatorNoneNoneSimple designNoneNo4

Pay attention to the kind of task you have when choosing a calculating platform. Also, consider your needs and preferences. If you get sidetracked easily, don’t use a web app with too many ads. If you want to understand specific formulas better, select the tool with in-depth explanations.

☑️ How We Test

Before choosing the best apps in a particular field, we go through the research and testing steps. In the beginning, we select websites and analyze their core features. After the assessment, we define the ten best tools and test them. At this stage, we examine thoroughly how the platforms deal with particular issues. Let’s take a closer look at this process.

During the research and evaluation, we apply criteria that help us define the apps with the best performance. They are:

  • Supported languages
  • Download / share options
  • Platform’s interface
  • Explanations / tips / guidelines
  • Ads (no / moderate / too many)

If the tool scores 4 or 5 points, we put it on the top-rated list. The next step is testing. Below, you can see how we assessed Symbolab.

Symbolab online geometric calculator screenshot given data diagram triangle

We started by choosing a 30-60-90 triangle and then typed in the given data. We have the length of one side, and our task is to find the other two sides.

Symbolab online geometric calculator screenshot find data diagram triangle

We pressed ‘Go’ and got the results instantly. Also, we got a step-by-step explanation of the calculating process.

Symbolab online geometric calculator screenshot solution results
Symbolab online geometric calculator screenshot solution steps explanation

The platform presents the solution clearly and straightforwardly.

📊 The Bottom Line

Symbolab is an outstanding resource for improving math skills. It applies high-efficiency algorithms to do rapid calculations. Also, it has enough tools to create a comfortable space for self-education and working in teams. You can visualize the tasks that you’re solving and analyze the process step by step. This web application is easy-to-navigate, and you can share your experience. 

What’s more, it supports six languages. The platform allows users to create virtual classrooms to study in groups and get feedback. Symbolab is a multipurpose website, you can also try its free algebra and graphing tools. 

Still not 100% sure about Symbolab? Check out our article Overview of 10 Top-rated Geometric Calculators! Compare the best geometric calculators and choose the tool that solves your particular issue.