10 Best Online Ratio Simplifiers

Let’s face the truth that not everybody is gifted at math. For some students, mathematics remains a pain in the neck even as they grow up. Regardless of how many hours they spend practicing algebra or geometry, these subjects may still be ungettable for them. If this is your case, you got to the right page!

Today, we will discuss the tools that can help you deal with ratio calculations. These tools are ratio simplifiers. We analyzed over twenty popular platforms on the Internet to select the top ten. Then, we tested each simplifier to find out which one performs the best.

🏆 10 Best Ratio Simplifiers Reviewed

Ratio calculators are tools that help you simplify proportions of different forms. Ratios can be A : B, A : B : C, etc. A, B, or C, which are ‘ratio values,’ can be whole numbers, decimal numbers, integers, fractions, or mixed numbers. Also, the ratio values can be positive or negative.

Ratio simplifiers work similarly, but they are not the same. Check the table below to compare the core features of ten top-ranking tools.

ToolAdsInstructions/Guides/ExplanationInterfaceExtensions/AppsTotal Score
Calculator SoupModerateDetailed explanationMobile-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendlyWidget for website, web page or blog4.5
MathsaiNoneDetailed explanationMobile-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendlyNone4.5
Simplify RatioFewExamples, tipsMobile-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendlyNone4
Ratio CalculatorToo manyDetailed explanationMobile-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendlyNone3.5
RapidTablesFewInstructionsMobile-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendlyNone3
ByjusFewDetailed explanationMobile-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendlyNone3
Easy Unit ConverterFewNoneMobile-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendlyNone2.5
Calculators LiveModerateExamplesMobile-friendly, simpleNone2.5
Graph InequalityNoneTips & instructionsMobile-friendly, simpleApp2.5
Polymath LoveNoneTips & instructionsMobile-friendly, simpleApp2.5

Calculator Soup

Calculator Soup Review.

If you’re looking for a detailed theory explanation, Calculator Soup is exactly what you need. This platform is an excellent source for improving your mathematical skills. Apart from making instant calculations, Calculator Soup suggests comprehensive articles on specific topics. They cover mathematical, financial, and other calculations. Calculator Soup Ratio Simplifier works with A: B proportions, and there is a separate Ratio Calculator for solving multiple number ratios.  

Calculator Soup is a free web application. Also, you can get its costless widget for your website. The website contains moderate ads, but they are not too distracting. The interface is easy to navigate, and the platform is mobile-friendly.

How does this platform work? All you have to do is enter the input data in the boxes and press ‘Calculate.’ The results instantly come up. The tool gives out the answer and an explained solution. Read it to understand better how to simplify ratios.


Matsai Ratio Simplifier Review

Primarily, Mathsai is a web platform for students, so it contains many useful instructions and detailed explanations. The calculator adjusts according to the student’s grade and the theory they’re learning. For children, you can choose a class they are studying at, and the platform will suggest the actions you can perform with numbers and the difficulty level. Ratio simplifying is available at the 6th grade. 

Once you input the data and click on the ‘Calculate’ button, the results appear in the box below. If you scroll down the page, you can find a step-by-step explanation of the solution. And if you go even further, you can find more examples and read a brief article about calculating ratios. 

Mathsai has a user-friendly modern interface that looks great both on your PC and smartphone. It is a superb free web app to save your time and get accurate proportion calculations. What’s more, the Mathsai platform contains zero ads, so you can enjoy working and learning with this tool.

Simplify Ratio

Simplify Ratio Tool Review.

Simplify Ratio is a mini-tool by The Percentage Calculator — a multipurpose online calculating platform. This ratio simplifier is comfortable to use due to its user-friendly interface and simple design. Although the website doesn’t offer any apps or extensions, you can use its mobile-friendly version on your smartphone when you need to do a quick calculation. It’s super easy to use and contains zero ads, so nothing will take away your attention.
All you have to do is enter the data you have into the boxes and press ‘Simplify Ratio.’ The tool provides the results alongside a thorough clarification of the calculating process. This will help you learn how to simplify ratios on your own. The proportions with whole numbers are usually easy to calculate, but for decimal or mixed numbers, this task is not as simple as it seems. That’s why it’s better to rely on verified tools like Simplify Ratio in this case.

Ratio Calculator

Ratio Calculator Tool Review

Ratio Calculator is a versatile platform for students, financialists, and other individuals who need to make in-depth calculations. At first sight, the website contains an overwhelming amount of ads so that you may quit it in a moment. But wait, it has a wide variety of features that will impress you. The major advantage of this web application is that it offers a bunch of specific calculators: overtime, net paycheck, hourly to salary, percent off, mortgage recast, sales tax calculators, and many more. All of them are easy-to-use and include detailed instructions. Also, each mini-tool has an adjustable smartphone version.

Ratio Calculator is not an exception. This free web application helps solve three kinds of ratio equations. It can simplify an A : B ratio, check for equality in an A : B = C : D ratio, or find a missing value in an A : B = C : D ratio. Alongside, the tool will explain the calculating process step by step.


RapidTables Rario Simplifieк Кумшуц

If a quick calculation with no explanations or extra information is all you need, try RapidTables. The website contains a few ads and is free for daily usage. This platform has a clean, straightforward interface that includes only what you came for. Once you enter the numbers into the boxes and press ‘Calculate,’ the tool instantly gives you the answer. No need to spend time on additional instructions or descriptions. Get the results and move to the next task.

The RapidTables ratio simplifier works accurately with all kinds of numeral values. It simplifies the input numbers so that the bigger one is equal to 1. The formula of calculation is A : B = 1 : (B/A) or A : B = (A/B) : 1.

RapidTables is a universal platform that offers calculation, conversion, web design, text, ecology, PDF, and many other tools. Although there’s no application for your devices, the web platform works flawlessly on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


Byju's Ratio Simplifier Review.

If you want to broaden your knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, or finances, Byjus is an excellent place for reaching this goal. It’s a versatile learning website where you can make simple calculations and improve your skills in various science fields. Byjus offers classes with verified tutors and a bunch of free tools, articles, and tutorials.   

The platform contains few ads and has a modern, user-oriented interface. It works seamlessly across the devices.

Primarily, Byjus is an educational platform, but you can also take advantage of its mini-tools and other free services. Ratio Calculator is just one of 50+ basic math calculators that you can find on the Byjus website. It contains a thorough explanation of the calculating process and the ratio simplifier itself. Type the input numbers into the boxes, press ‘Solve,’ and get the result. The tool divides each of the numerals by their greatest common factor (GCF).

Easy Unit Converter

Easy Unit Converter Ratio Simplifier Review.

Visit Easy Unit Converter to check out another easy-to-use ratio calculator. This mini-tool simplifies ratios instantly, and all you have to do is enter two numbers that you have in your task. The Easy Unit Converter works similarly to the Rapidtables ratio calculator. It simplifies the ratio by dividing each numeral by GCF. Then, it divides the smaller number by the bigger one, so that the bigger value equals 1, while the other turns to a decimal number that’s less than 1. This platform has a user-friendly interface that looks superb on PC, tablets, and smartphones. 

Easy Unit Converter offers a straightforward workflow with no unnecessary information. Here, you will find only the features that you need. This website suggests 100+ calculators and converters covering various fields. They include the date, lifestyle, financial, and general maths calculators. Also, you can try industrial, physics, and common engineering converters. All of these mini web apps provide instant and accurate results with minimal assistance.

Calculators Live

Calculators.Live Ratio Simplifier Review

Calculators Live is a web platform that can help you solve ratio equations. It works with one to six ratios at a time. You can add, subtract, multiply, or divide the input proportions. How does it work? First, enter the ‘Number of Input’, which is the number of ratios you have in the task. Then, type the values you have into the boxes below and get the result instantly. It appears in the box on the right and contains an output ratio and a decimal or whole number.

The Calculators Live ratio simplifier doesn’t have a detailed explanation of the topic, but it suggests a brief definition of proportions and easy-to-comprehend examples. Its interface is simple and user-oriented. Also, this web app is mobile-friendly. And you don’t need to pay to use it to the fullest! 

What’s more, Calculators Live offers aeronautics, analytical, budget, chemistry, civil, physics, and dozens of other calculators for daily needs.

Graph Inequality

Graph Inequality Ratio Simplifier Review.

On the Graph Inequality web page, you can solve mathematical expressions, equations, find factors or GCFs, and make other calculations. This platform is free and contains no ads, so nothing will sidetrack you during the calculating process. The interface is simple yet outdated, but the website still works well on the smartphone. 

This platform requires minimal effort to make quick calculations. All you have to do is enter the proportion values that you have and click ‘Simplify,’ the tool will do the rest. The results appear instantly, you receive a detailed ratio with GCF and a simplified proportion.   

Graph Inequality also suggests handy tutorials on various algebraic topics. Scroll down the page to find them and learn something new. These brief lessons contain definitions, examples, and tasks for self-practice.  

The Graph Inequality platform promotes a free smartphone app ‘Algebrator.’ It’s available for download on Google Play and App Store. This smart utensil is perfect for solving math problems and graphing equations, and much more.

Polymath Love

Polymath Love Ratio Simplifier Review

Polymath Love is another web platform that will help you simplify ratios. As a student or a grown-up, you can use this tool to save some time and make more accurate calculations. Polymath Love has a simple interface, and although the design is outdated, the website is still easy to navigate. The platform is also mobile-friendly, so you can calculate ratios directly on your smartphone. 

Polymath Love is a free web tool, and its website contains no ads. Also, there is an app available on the App Store and Google Play. You can find a link to it on the Polymath Love website or type ‘Algebrator’ in the App Store or Google Play search bar. This app makes a vast variety of algebraic calculations and gives a step-by-step explanation of the solution. 

If you’re looking for a simple and fast way to simplify the ratio, Polymath Love is a platform that excellently performs this action. 

✨ Ratio Simplifier: Editor’s choice

Each of the tools we discussed in the previous section deserves your attention. Some platforms have more functions and some have fewer ads. Still, you may be wondering, which one is the best of them? We tested these ten ratio simplifiers and selected the one that we can recommend to you with no hesitation. Our editor’s choice is Calculator Soup!

Why is this tool special? Let’s list its primary advantages first:

  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Detailed & clear explanations
  • A widget for websites

Surely, some other web applications we listed have similar features, but this doesn’t define them as the best ratio calculators. Why? The reason is that not every web platform with a great interface or in-depth explanations works perfectly. We chose Calculator Soup for its additional outstanding characteristics and high-efficiency performance. 

Unlike the other tools, Calculator Soup gives you only what you need. A single tab contains a calculator and a step-by-step description of the calculating process. If you want to learn more about proportions, and their simplification, you can find additional information below this tab. 

Let’s see how this calculator simplifies ratios in more detail. You can enter four types of numerals: whole numbers, decimals, fractions, or mixed numbers. The answer appears instantly as you click the ‘Calculate’ button. If you enter a mixed number, the tool will convert it to a fraction first and simplify the ratio then. The platform gives not only raw numbers but also a comprehensive clarification of the solution. Calculator Soup defines GCF for each ratio and explains why it equals 1 in certain cases. This is super handy if you want to learn how to simplify proportions on your own.

Finally, Calculator Soup is a multipurpose website, so you can explore it and find other amazing mini-tools that will save your time, money, and efforts!

🆓 Ratio Simplifier: Best free app

Our rank mainly consists of costless web applications. Some of them offer ad-free mode as a premium feature that you can purchase, but most of these ratio simplifiers are free. After testing each of them, we defined the best platform that accommodates all outstanding characteristics and has no hidden payments. Meet the best free ratio calculator — Graph Inequality!  

We’ve already mentioned that this platform is super easy to navigate and contains no annoying ads. Although its design is outdated, it’s still comfortable to use. Also, it offers other handy mini tools for various calculations. But what makes this tool better than the others? It’s all about how it works and not about a vibrant modern interface or something else.  

First and foremost, this web app works with three types of numerals: whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. Only three of the ten platforms we tested have this feature. The Graph Inequality proportion calculator can simplify and solve ratios. For instance, if the proportion you enter is 35 : 40, the tool will turn it into a fraction first, and simplify to 7 : 8 then. If your ratio consists of two fractions, enter them like this: (5/7) : (5/6). Then, the tool will calculate this proportion correctly. The input ratio can also include a fraction or decimal and a whole number. The simplifier will turn it into a fraction and give you the result. The platform shows a step-by-step process of calculation, so you can learn how to simplify proportions. 

The Graph Inequality platform promotes a handy app — Algebrator. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play. It’s available both for smartphones and tablets. The tool has a smart and straightforward interface and will help you solve a vast variety of algebraic issues. Same as Graph Inequality, it provides a detailed process description. Also, you can graph any equations and functions. 

💰 Ratio Simplifier: Best paid app

There’s no doubt that you can satisfy your needs by choosing one of the free ratio simplifiers we described above. Still, if you need a more advanced tool, let us introduce you to Ratio Calculator again. This web app is free for daily use, but you can upgrade it to a zero ad version. This option costs $6.97 (Basic) or $12.97 (Cloud) for an entire year! 

What are the benefits of the Ad-free pricing plan?

  • All available calculators load much faster.
  • The platform secures your privacy.
  • No ads mean no distractions.
  • You receive priority customer support.

Ratio Calculator is just one of 250+ mini-tools available on the Free Online Calculator Use platform. With the paid ad-free version, you can try all these excellent web apps and choose the favorite ones. There’re financial, date & time, conversion, math, sports, and weight loss calculators. The platform specializes mainly in the first category. Here, you can try tools for calculating net profit, overtime payment, pay raise, and much more. Each mini-application includes a description, answers to FAQ, a calculator itself, and useful tips.

Ratio Calculator looks similar to the other mini-tools on this website. It can process whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numerals. Click on the ‘+ Ratio A : B’ or  ‘+ Ratio C : D’ button to enter a ratio with fractions or mixed numbers. This tool allows you to solve three types of tasks: simplify a ratio, check for equality, and calculate the missing value. The solution turns up instantly as you hit the ‘Simplify ratio’ button. The answer tab shows a missing value,  reduced proportion, and a simplified ratio when A or B equals 1. Below, you can read about the calculation steps and even see a pie chart representing the final reduced ratio. Also, there is a table of 100 other proportions that equals yours. 

If you’re a student or calculating is a part of your daily work routine, this platform will save you much time and money. That’s why it’s worth its price!

💭 Things to Consider

When you’re choosing a ratio simplifier, it’s important to take notice of how the tool solves the tasks. A platform with a modern user-friendly interface doesn’t always simplify the ratios you need, and an outdated design doesn’t mean that the tool works poorly. If you check the tools on our top-ten list, you may notice that most apps don’t have superb website visuals. However, they have one significant thing in common — all of them are mobile-friendly. Today, we solve most of the issues within our smartphones, so the ability to function flawlessly across the devices is defining.  

Another feature that makes a ratio simplifier worth your attention is the ability to process different numerals: whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers. Your tasks can vary, so you need a universal tool to deal with all of them.  

Sometimes, all you need is an answer, but in some cases, you also need an explanation of the calculating process. Most of the tools on our list provide you with a step-by-step overview, so you can track the changes and learn how to simplify ratios. 

The composition of information is also an important issue. The best example of a well-organized tool is Ratio Calculator. This web platform presents a short definition of the basic terms first. Then, it gives links to FAQs, and a calculator itself. This scheme works perfectly for each web app that you can find on this website.

Last, pay attention to how the simplifier displays the calculation results. Some tools show only decimals, but it’s more convenient when the simplifier reduces the proportion to whole numbers.

✔️ How We Test

We want you to be sure that our evaluation is reliable, so before putting any tools on the list, we test each of them. In this section, you will see how we do that and what we pay attention to.

Let us take you on a guided tour across our testing process. Today, we will test Calculator Soup. We prepared three ratios that we want to simplify:

  • 45 : 55
  • 5/6  : 12/6
  • 0,253 : 0,484

Here’s how it simplified the first one:

Calculator Soup ratio simplifier calculation results screenshot whole numbers

The platform defined the GCF and divided each value by it. It did the same thing for the second proportion, but first, it converted the numerals into whole numbers by eliminating the denominators.

Calculator Soup ratio simplifier calculation results screenshot fractions

Finally, it dealt with the decimals too:

Calculator Soup ratio simplifier calculation results screenshot decimal numbers

As you see, the platform provides an excellent clarification of the calculation stages, so you can easily understand how to simplify ratios. The results turn up as whole numbers that are also convenient for further application.

We hope our articles save your time and effort. If you want to learn about the other amazing tools that make your work or education easier, keep up with our updates!