Graph Inequality Online Ratio Simplifier Review

We deal with ratio simplifying in many life spheres. While studying at school, we deal with simple and complex proportions. As we grow older, we come across ratios when buying a TV, doing a house makeover, and so on. Sometimes, it can be easy, but calculating expressions with mixed numbers or decimals requires extra effort. In such cases, use online ratio simplifiers.

Graph Inequality is one of the top-ranking proportion calculators. It’s a free platform that allows you to solve various equations, including ratios. It deals with three types of numerals: whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. The website is also ads-free and, what’s more, it provides step-by-step explanations for each expression you solve.

❤️ What We Like about Graph Inequality

The Graph Inequality ratio simplifier is a simple yet effective web app that copes with proportions rapidly. It has a list of advantages that make it one of the best tools on the web. Let’s see what they are.


Graph Inequality is an all-free website. Regardless of the services you use, you don’t need to pay anything.

No ads

The platform contains zero ads, so nothing will distract you from the calculating process.

Tips and instructions

Graph Inequality suggests short guides that help you enter the data correctly and understand the calculating process.


You can use this ratio simplifier both on your laptop and smartphone. What’s more, the website promotes an excellent mobile app — Algebrator.

📑 Graph Inequality Details

The Graph Inequality ratio simplifier is an easy-to-use calculating platform with numerous advantages. Although at first, its interface may look outdated, it has essential features for proportion simplifying. One of them is the ability to work with whole numbers as well as decimals and fractions. Only three of the ten tools we checked can do this. The others calculate only positive integers. All the services on the Graph Inequality platform are free. Also, the website contains no annoying ads. 

Let’s see what the simplifying process looks like. It’s very easy, still, you have to consider a few moments. Start by entering the data you have in the task into the box on the tool’s web page. Then, check the box below. It shows what your proportion looks like in real life. This will help you avoid mistakes and make the most of this process. The tool turns the proportion you entered into a fraction first and simplifies then. If your ratio consists of two fractions, enter them like this: (6/7) : (8/7), so that the tool can calculate this proportion correctly. Press ‘Simplify’ and let the platform do its part. The results appear a moment later. Also, you can find GCF with the help of this Graph Inequality. Switch to ‘GCF’ in the toolbar and enter the given data. Check out the steps of calculation to understand this issue better.

If you want to get a permanent maths assistant, try out the app suggested by Graph Inequality — Algebrator. This mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play Market. Many of its options are free too. This smart tool can deal with various mathematical tasks: integers and decimal numbers, fractions, roots, powers, and exponents. Also, it performs common operations on matrices and calculates determinants. You can use this application for graphing assignments as well. It’s a versatile maths assistant that can substitute tutors and costly calculating platforms. The best part about it is that it shows step-by-step solutions, so you can learn how to solve certain maths problems. The app has a straightforward minimalistic interface. It’s easy-to-use both for children and grown-ups.

Speaking of the other advantages of using Graph Inequality, we have to mention that it deals with tasks of various difficulty levels. It can calculate even very complicated expressions. For instance, it can find the greatest common factor (GCF) and simplify the following one: 3*x*z^9*n^5,4*x^6*z*n^8. This makes the platform handy for a wide range of users.

🆚 Graph Inequality vs. Other Ratio Simplifiers

There are plenty of ratio calculators on the web. Although most of them are free, not all of them can work with decimal numerals and fractions. However, Graph Inequality can cope with it. It has a list of excellent features that make it better than the other top-ranking web apps. 

Check out the table below to compare the Graph Inequality proportion simplifier with the other platforms from our top-10 list! Decide which one is the best for you regarding your aims and tasks.

ToolAdsInstructions/Guides/ExplanationInterfaceExtensions/AppsExportTotal Score
Calculator SoupModerateDetailed explanationEasy-to-use, mobile-friendlyWidget for website, web page, or blogNone5
MathsaiNoneDetailed explanationEasy-to-use, mobile-friendlyNoneNone5
Simplify RatioFewExamples, tipsEasy-to-use, modern design, mobile-friendlyNoneNone4
Ratio CalculatorToo manyDetailed explanationMobile-friendly, easy-to-useNoneNone4
Graph InequalityNoneTips & instructionsMobile-friendly, simpleAppNone4

☑️ How We Test

Before choosing the winners, we conduct thorough research. It consists of two key stages. During the first stage, we analyzed 20+ ratio simplifiers. We applied specific criteria to assess these tools and select the best of them. These criteria are:

  • The amount of ads (few, moderate, too many)
  • Instructions or explanations
  • Interface
  • Extensions or apps
  • Export option

After doing that, we defined the list of ten apps that scored the highest marks and tested each of them. Today, we will show you how we evaluated the Graph Inequality web platform. 

We entered a simple proportion to see how the tool will present its solution.

Graph Inequality online ratio simplifier screenshot solution whole numbers

The answer came up instantly, just as we expected:

Graph Inequality online ratio simplifier screenshot whole numbers result

Now, let’s see how this simplifier deals with fractions. We entered the expression (12/6) : (24/6). The calculator turned it into 1/2.

Graph Inequality online ratio simplifier screenshot solution fractions
Graph Inequality online ratio simplifier screenshot solution fractions

📊 The Bottom Line

Summing up, the Graph Inequality ratio simplifier is an excellent way to spend less time and effort on doing maths assignments. This versatile web platform provides free services covering dozens of algebraic formulas and rules. It also helps you comprehend different mathematical issues better by giving tips and step-by-step explanations of the calculating process. This online tool is convenient both for young and adult users, as long as it deals with simple and complex expressions.

If you aren’t sure enough whether Graph Inequality is the rightest choice for you, read more about other ratio simplifiers in our article 10 Best Online Ratio Simplifiers’!