Planet Calc Online Geometric Calculator Review

You may be skillful at geometry or not, but what if you could solve even complex tasks in just a few seconds? This would be great in both cases. Still, it sounds impossible. Great news! Today you can do that with the help of online geometric calculators.

Geometric calculators are tools that help to visualize and solve various math problems. You can calculate area, perimeter, angles, lengths, and other parameters of plane and solid shapes. These platforms allow you to get rapid results and develop your mathematical skills. Planet Calc is one of the top-rated geometry calculators that help thousands of users daily. It’s a free and effortless way to resolve geometry tasks.

❤️ What We Like about Planet Calc

There’re plenty of geometric calculators on the Internet, but not all of them perform as excellently as Planet Calc. What makes this tool special? It has several core features that make it highly efficient and accurate.

Multilingual support

The Planet Calc platform has around 800 calculators by 100+ authors, who translated the tools into six foreign languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

User-oriented interface

Planet Calc has a great intuitive interface. You can rapidly find what you need, and the website presents the information in a strict hierarchy. This helps to comprehend the instructions and explanations easily. 

Tips & guidance

Each mini-tool on this platform includes a short theory explanation and instructions on how to use it. They present only the needed information with no additional unnecessary data.

Few ads

The website contains few ads that don’t distract you while you’re working with the tools. Their location on the web page makes them almost unnoticeable.

📑 Planet Calc Details

After learning about the primary benefits of using Planet Calc, let’s see how it works and what extra features it has. First of all, this platform is not only about geometric calculators. It contains hundreds of other useful tools covering various fields: daily life, IT, engineering, finance, navigation, statistics, telecommunications, chemistry, math, and physics. The website encourages users to become contributors and create their own calculators. You don’t need to be a programming guru to do that. Also, you can leave a request for a new mini-tool and someone will design it for you. At the moment, Planet Calc has 150+ contributors, and the number keeps growing. 

The Math section includes 235+ high-accuracy mini-tools, 80 of which are geometric calculators. With these web apps, you can figure out lengths, angles, altitude, area, volume, intersection, and much more. Each tool consists of a short theory explanation and a tool itself. You can find a calculator you need by typing its name in the search bar on the web page. Start by reading about the formula and then solve your task. Type the numbers in the text fields and press ‘Calculate’ to get the answer. After getting the results, you can share them via the link or save them to your personal user space. Also, Planet Calc offers a widget download for websites. 

Planet Calc has no hidden payments; all the services are free. You can register to enjoy more benefits from using Planet Calc. You can login with your email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. With a personal account, you can save your calculations for further usage. The app also allows you to manage earlier records. You can edit, delete, or add a widget to your website.

Community is an essential part of the Planet Calc platform. We already mentioned that this website has dozens of contributors who create handy calculators. What’s more, Planet Calc encourages its users to comment on the calculator’s performance and give useful tips to the others. Each calculator contains a discussion, and you can check it out to learn something new. You may find fresh ways to deal with the issue you’re struggling with.

If you want to develop a new calculator, article, or handbook, visit the Developer Section. It has a detailed guide on how to create content for the Planet Calc website. You can find out what the major steps are, how to make the calculator translatable to foreign languages, how to reuse existing calculators, and much more.

🆚 Planet Calc vs. Other Geometric Calculators

There’re plenty of geometric calculators on the Internet, and it can be complicated to choose the one that fits your needs best. We decided to make this process easier for you. In this section, we will compare the core features of the top-rated calculating platforms. Check out the table below to choose the most worthy web app for yourself!

Tool nameMultilingual support (number)Share/
Download options
User-friendly interfaceInstructions, tips, guidanceAdsTotal Score
Geogebra34Share & downloadUser-friendly (easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, modern design)Tips, guidanceNo5
Planet Calc6Share & downloadModern design, simpleGuidance, instructionsFew5
Symbolab6Share & downloadEasy-to-useExamplesToo many4
Calculator SoupNoneNoneSimpleGuidance, instructionsModerate4
Studio Code Geometric CalculatorNoneNoneSimple designNoneNo4

Mind your aim and assignment when selecting the tool. Although Planet Calc is a rather versatile application, other calculators may have some additional features that you need too.

☑️ How We Test

We pay much attention to the accuracy of our research and testing because we want to provide you with impartial and just ranking. We base the evaluation of geometric calculators on specific criteria. They are:

  • Supported languages
  • Download / share options
  • Platform’s interface
  • Explanations / tips / guidelines
  • Ads (no / moderate / too many)

Once we finish the assessment, we select ten tools with the highest grades and test each of them. We try out various functions to find out how they perform and deal with real tasks. Here is how we tested Planet Calc.

Planet Calc online geometric calculator screenshot select section geometry

We clicked on the ‘Section’ bar and chose ‘Geometry’ to find the tool that we need. Then, we scrolled down and selected ‘Cube.’ The screenshot below shows the tab you see when you open this calculator.

Planet Calc online geometric calculator screenshot cube calculator

It’s enough to type in the length of the cube’s one side to get its surface area, volume, circumscribed sphere radius, inscribed sphere radius, and the radius of the sphere tangent to edges. The next mini-tool we tested was ‘Median of a triangle’.

Planet Calc online geometric calculator screenshot median of the triangle

In this case, you also should enter the lengths of the triangle’s three sides. The last mini-app we tested was ‘Pythagorean theorem calculator’. Here, you have to type in the measures of two sides which are two legs or a leg and hypotenuse.

Planetcalc online geometric calculator screenshot Pythagorean theorem calculator

The Planet Calc platform provides rapid and accurate results. Also, you can calculate several parameters at once.

📊 The Bottom Line

Planet Calc is a super easy-to-use platform. Its interface is straightforward and user-oriented. The platform has several highly efficient core features that include multilingual support, personal user space, share & save options, tips, and guidance. Also, you can place a Planet Calc widget on your website. This website encourages the users’ community to develop their own web calculators and discuss the existing tools. You can find many handy instructions in the ‘All discussions’ section. What’s more, if you need a calculator that doesn’t currently exist, you can leave a request, and somebody will design it to fit your preferences.

Still not sure about Planet Calc? Check out our article Overview of 10 Top-rated Geometric Calculators, if you want to learn more about the other tools from our rank!