Calculator Soup Online Ratio Simplifier

Ratio simplifying seems to be a simple task when you have whole numbers. However, when you have to calculate a proportion with decimals, fractions, or mixed numbers, it can take a lot of time and be more challenging. Fortunately, online tools can help you deal with it. You can both get fast solutions and improve your mathematical skills. 

Calculator Soup is one of the top-rated platforms that present various mathematical web apps. It’s a free website with a straightforward interface and excellent explanations of the topics. 

Ratio Simplifier is one of the mini tools that can simplify A : B proportions. A and B can be whole numbers, fractions, integers, decimals, or mixed numbers. The app gives instant results and a step-by-step explanation of the calculating process.

❤️ What We Like about Calculator Soup

Calculator Soup is a top-ranking ratio simplifying platform due to our recent research. It combines core features that bring this process to a whole new level. The website’s high efficiency is undeniable, although at first, it seems to be outdated.


One of the primary advantages of this platform is that its services are free. You don’t need to pay anything regardless of the mini tools you use.

Many options

Apart from the ratio simplifying app, the website has 300+ handy calculators, covering mathematics, finances, physics, chemistry, health, and other fields.

Detailed explanation

Each calculator has a similar structure. They include a tool itself, a step-by-step clarification of the process, an in-depth topic description. Thus, you can learn more about a certain calculating method, theorem, or maths rule.

User-friendly interface

We like products that are not only error-free but also well-designed. When you visit the Calculator Soup website first, you may think that its interface is old-fashioned. Still, it has a strong visual hierarchy so that the users won’t get lost or confused while looking for the option they need.

📑 Calculator Soup Details

Making rapid calculations is not enough to be an excellent proportion simplifier. A top-rated tool must have something more to impress the users and be handier for them. So, you may be wondering what makes the Calculator Soup ratio simplifier one of the best platforms of its kind on the Internet?

The first reason to use this tool is that it’s free. Unlike many other websites that have hidden payments, the Calculator Soup web resource contains only costless services. Secondly, the platform is easy-to-navigate; all its features are within a few clicks. The website has a clear structure and over 300 mini tools in three vast categories. The Ratio Simplifier is in the Math section, Fractions subsection.

How does this web app work? The process demands minimal effort. All you have to do is type in the data you have in your assignment. Then, press ‘Calculate’ and get the result instantly. If you want to make another calculation, click ‘Clear.’ That’s it! Super easy, yet effective.

To bring this process to the next level, use the app to improve your maths skills. If you pay attention to the explanations, you can learn how to simplify proportions and much more. It may be trouble-free to simplify ratios with whole numbers, but working with decimals or fractions can confuse you. In this case, you definitely need to use the web app by Calculator Soup and check out the step-by-step solution. You will see how to define the greatest common factor (GCF) and much more. You can read a short yet detailed article on this topic directly on the Ratio Simplifier page. It includes instructions on simplifying proportions when A and B are whole numbers or not and provides examples. 

Calculator Soup allows users to share their solutions via social media or email. Also, they can add website’s tools as widgets to their websites. What’s more, you can find a link to the related calculators at the end of the page. They are Ratio Calculator and the Simplifying Fractions Calculator. Use the first one to compare multiple proportions. The second one is convenient for simplifying fractions into a reduced fraction or mixed number.

The Calculator Soup Ratio Simplifier is an excellent substitution for spending time and effort on proportion solving. Save your energy for something more! You can also use this platform to develop mathematical thinking.

🆚 Calculator Soup vs. Other Ratio Simplifiers

There is plenty of proportion calculating platforms on the web. Still, it’s complicated to find the tool that has all the features you need and works smoothly. We analyzed the twenty most used online calculators and defined the ten best tools. You can learn more about their core features in the table below. 

Calculator Soup is on the top of this list, majorly because it has everything the users need. There are no unnecessary functions or tabs that can distract you.

ToolAdsInstructions/Guides/ExplanationInterfaceExtensions/AppsExportTotal Score
Calculator SoupModerateDetailed explanationEasy-to-use, mobile-friendlyWidget for website, web page, or blogNone5
MathsaiNoneDetailed explanationEasy-to-use, mobile-friendlyNoneNone5
Simplify RatioFewExamples, tipsEasy-to-use, modern design, mobile-friendlyNoneNone4
Ratio CalculatorToo manyDetailed explanationMobile-friendly, easy-to-useNoneNone4
RapidTablesFewInstructionsMobile-friendly, easy-to-useNoneNone4

☑️ How We Test

We already mentioned that to define ten top ratio simplifiers, we tried out twenty different platforms. During this process, we applied certain criteria that helped us choose the best tools. They are:

  • The amount of ads (few, moderate, too many)
  • Instructions or explanations
  • Interface
  • Extensions or apps
  • Export option

After evaluating the platforms, we selected a list of ten web apps that deserve your attention. Then, we tested each of them to see if they are convenient to work with. Let’s see how we examined Calculator Soup. We prepared two ratios to simplify:

  • 55 : 65
  • 7/6  : 21/6
Calculator Soup Ratio Simplifier Online tool screenshot calculation step-by-step whole numbers

The first proportion is easy because it consists of whole numbers. The platform explains how its algorithm detected the greatest common factor.

Calculator Soup Ratio Simplifier Online tool screenshot calculation step-by-step decimal numbers

In this case, the platform describes how it converts fractions to integers to make the calculation easier.

📊 The Bottom Line

We analyzed Calculator Soup from tip to tail and found out what incredible features it has. It’s an excellent platform for making rapid calculations and improving your knowledge. It’s a multipurpose website; it provides mini tools covering mathematical, financial, and other topics. The Ratio Simplifier’s workflow is effortless. Type the given data into the boxes, press the button, and get the results instantly.  Last but not least, all the services are free.

If you still aren’t sure about the Calculator Soup Ratio Simplifier, check out our article 10 Best Online Ratio Simplifiers’ to compare it with the other tools!