Overview of 10 Top-rated Geometric Calculators

Have you ever struggled to remember geometrical formulas? In primary school, they’re rather easy to learn, but high school geometry becomes a real pain in the neck for many. You can deal with it by attending extra math classes, spending more time studying geometry, or hiring a tutor. 

This process can be less complicated if you use online geometric calculators. These platforms not only provide solutions instantly but also help to enhance mathematical skills. You can use geometry calculators for various purposes: plane geometry calculations, solid geometry calculations, or trigonometry calculations. In this article, we introduce ten top-ranking tools that will make math easier and more enjoyable to learn!

🏆 10 Best Geometric Calculators Reviewed

We thoroughly analyzed a wide range of geometric calculators available on the market. Most of them were free for personal use. That’s obviously great news! Check out the table below to get to know the best platforms we chose for you.

Tool nameMultilingual support (number)Share/Download optionsUser-friendly interfaceInstructions, tips, guidanceAdsTotal Score
Geogebra34Share & downloadUser-friendly (easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, modern design)Tips, guidanceNo5
Planet Calc6Share & downloadModern design, simpleGuidance, instructionsFew5
Symbolab6Share & downloadEasy-to-useExamplesToo many4
Calculator SoupNoneNoneSimpleGuidance, instructionsModerate4
Studio Code Geometric CalculatorNoneNoneSimple designNoneNo4
KeisanNoneNoneSimpleGuidance, instructionsNo4
OmniNoneNoneModern design, simpleGuidance, instructionsToo many4
Calculator.netNoneNoneSimpleGuidance, instructionsFew4
Miniwebtool9Share & downloadModern design, simpleGuidance, instructionsToo many4
Math WarehouseNoneNoneSimple designTipsModerate3

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of them!


GeoGebra Geometric Calculator Review

Geogebra is a multilingual platform for enhancing mathematical skills. It focuses on geometry and algebra — the two core math disciplines. Its interface is similar to some other calculators but is more simplified and well-constructed. You can instantly find the formula or feature that you need. This platform supports image import, and you can also work with text. It’s convenient for creating geometric schemes displaying certain math problems. The website contains separate tools for working solid shapes, plane shapes, and graphs. The wide variety of features and additional services makes this geometric calculator handy for a wide range of users.    

Geometry becomes much more comfortable to comprehend with this website. Although it doesn’t contain detailed instructions, it suggests useful tips when you’re working with it. Also, it highlights mistakes in the input data if there are any. This smart and straightforward tool is totally free and contains no ads that can distract you from calculating. We recommend this tool for everyone who wants to find quick solutions for geometric problems applying zero effort.

Planet Calc

PlanetCalc Geometric Calculator Review
PlanetCalc Geometric Calculator Review

Planet Calc is a multipurpose platform where you can solve mathematical, engineering, statistical, and many other tasks. It has over twenty categories of calculators. The tool’s interface is smart, straightforward, and user-friendly. It’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for using its intuitive navigation. There are more than 80 geometric calculators on this platform. The list includes plane geometry calculators, which you can use to find the area or perimeter of squares, circles, triangles, or rectangles. Also, you can solve solid geometry tasks. For instance, define ellipsoid and spheroid volume and surface area. If you’re stuck with trigonometry tasks, Planet Calc is here to help you. It can construct sine waves using the input data and do further calculations.

What’s more, this tool is available in six languages: English, German, French, Russian, and Spanish. 

Planet Calc is one of the best geometric calculators on the Internet because of its easy-to-use design, high efficiency and accuracy of calculations, and accessibility for multilingual users. Also, the platform suggests extensive guidance and instructions that will help you better understand certain mathematical issues.


Symbolab Geometric Calculator Review

Symbolab is another handy tool for solving various mathematical tasks. It supports six languages:  Its interface allows you to find what you need instantly. This platform works with segments and points, triangles, quadrilateral, and parallels. Also, you can find a separate graphing tool on Symbolab’s website that solves trigonometric problems. Both tools have spreadsheets where you can construct your graphs, shapes, or lines. 

For each problem, Symbolab suggests examples that you can learn from. What’s more, the platform gives visual representations and proves the solutions with explained formulas. You can go through each step of the process once it finishes calculating. This is handy if you want to understand specific issues more deeply. 

We recommend this tool for students as long as it can solve only intermediate-level tasks and has inbuilt spreadsheets that show different cases visually. After you get the final results, you can share or download them in one of the available formats.

Calculator Soup

CalculatorSoup Geometric Calculator Review

Calculator Soup is a website where you can find tools for various purposes. The geometry section covers formulas for the standard 2D plane and 3D solid shapes and trigonometric functions. It has mini-tools for a variety of shapes and calculating formulas. You can solve the same problem by applying different mathematical methods. The Calculator Soup geometric tool can solve both elementary and advanced tasks with high accuracy. More than that, this platform gives detailed instructions and explanations regarding each formula. You can learn a lot of useful information on this website. 

After you finish calculating, you can share your results on social media. Also, you can download a free desktop widget by Calculator Soup. This option is highly convenient for daily use!     

Calculator Soup fulfills various purposes so that it can be useful for many. The platform offers high-quality services for different types of users, including students, adults, and young pupils.

Studio Code Geometric Calculator

StudioCode Geometric Calculator Review

Another user-friendly web application is Studio Code Geometric Calculator. Studio Code is a platform where developers can build their apps, and Geometric Calculator is one of them. This tool is free and contains no ads. Its straightforward interface allows users to find the needed features fast. The application works only with plane shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, parallelograms, and rhombus.   

This geometric calculator supports only the English language. Its list of functions includes area, perimeter, sides, radius, diameter, diagonal, and angle calculations. 

To get the results, you should type in two of three or two of four numbers. However, it’s enough to enter only the length of one side to calculate the area of a square. For the other plane shapes, type in at least two parameters. Then, the app calculates the results by applying specific formulas. A moment later, you receive an accurate answer to your task.


Keisan Geometric Calculator Review

Keisan is a multipurpose online platform that contains dozens of handy mini tools for various kinds of calculations. The website presents various sections covering daily life, education, professional, and other spheres. Originally, the platform is in Japanese but is also available in English. The list of geometric tools includes plane and solid shape calculations and a wide variety of trigonometry functions. You can work with triangles, find areas of different figures, surface area, and volume of solid shapes, solve linear and space geometry equations, and much more. What’s more, you can even calculate the google maps area of a selected region. 

Keisan is a complex and easy-to-use tool. It contains detailed descriptions of the calculating process, including formulas and their explanations. You can learn a lot from this platform. It’s designed conveniently for pupils, students, and professionals to make fast and accurate calculations.


Omni Geometric Calculator Review

Omni is a platform with 1000+ calculators tailored to solve an extensive list of daily tasks. It covers chemistry, construction, ecology, everyday life, finance, food, math, physics, sports, and statistics sections. The math section includes various algebra and geometry calculators. You can count percentages, average, mean, or prime number, solve linear equations, find the area, perimeter, central angle, volume, and much more. Each mini tool is supported by a detailed process description to get an accurate answer and learn more about specific formulas or theorems. 

Take the following steps to get the solution. First, choose the tool according to your goal. For instance, you have to find a surface area of a cube. Second, type in the input data and choose the correct units. The answer will appear in the tab below instantly. On the right side of the page, you can read how to calculate the surface area of different solid shapes.


Calculator.Net Geometric Calculator Review

Calculator.net is another multipurpose website that contains a wide variety of financial, health, math, and other calculators. The list of math calculators includes algebra, geometry, and statistics tools. The geometry section covers plane geometry and some solid geometry formulas. You can count the area and perimeter of a triangle or circle, find the volume or surface area of solid shapes, etc.  

Each mini-tool comes with a visual scheme and a thorough explanation of specific formulas or theorems. Therefore, the Calculator.net platform is an excellent free source for improving your mathematical skills. The platform suggests various math problems, their explanations, and calculations to make geometry more practical. For instance, you can learn about the area through stories about a farmer, his daughter, and their land. 

Using Calculator.net will benefit you regardless of your occupation. If geometry isn’t your strong point and you want to change that, try out this free platform!


Miniwebtool Geometric Calculator Review

Miniwebtool is a multipurpose online calculating platform. It has dozens of free tools as well as the access to Premium version that includes ad-free rapid browsing, quick management of favorite tools, and other special features. Except for math calculators, the platform contains a bunch of other categories including finances, health, randomness, sports, text and webmaster tools, and others. The website is available in nine languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese (traditional & simplified), and Japanese. Miniwebtool has a straightforward user-friendly interface that allows users to find the mini-calculator they need easily. 

Miniwebtool provides calculators for solid and plane shapes. You can calculate the area and perimeter of basic 2D shapes, surface area, and volume of 3D shapes.

To solve a math problem, start by choosing an appropriate calculator. Then, put in the given data. Lastly, press “Calculate” and get the results. In the tab below the calculator, you can read about a particular equation or theorem.

Math Warehouse

Math Warehouse Geometric Calculator Review

Math Warehouse presents a simple yet accurate geometry calculator. You can solve various maths problems covering plane geometry. The Math Warehouse website suggests other handy math tools and a bunch of useful articles for self-studying too. You can increase your knowledge of geometry, as well as in algebra and trigonometry.  

Choose one of the calculators on the Math Warehouse platform and put in the data you have in a particular math problem. Set the level of accuracy you need and check the result that instantly appears on the screen. 

Math Warehouse is a free platform for pupils, students, and other people who need to get a fast and accurate calculation for a given math problem. It’s also an excellent source of useful materials regarding various mathematical issues. If you want to improve your calculation skills, learn new formulas, or develop mathematical thinking, try out this platform.

🥇 Geometric calculator: Editor’s choice

At this point, you already got to know the ten best geometric calculators on the Internet and you may be wondering which one of them is the best. Well, it’s not that easy to answer this question because all of them deserve attention. However, if you ask, which one is the most versatile and has the vastest variety of features, our answer will be Geogebra. This tool is our editor’s choice due to its well-constructed user-friendly interface, easy workflow, variety of options, and available languages. Its pros make it the most appealing for different users. Let’s see what they are.

Firstly, this web application is free and contains no ads. This is a great plus considering the other tools on the market. Usually, they have at least moderate ads that still sidetrack you in the process of solving particular math problems. 

Secondly, Geogebra is a multifunction platform for solving algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric issues. The website has a separate 2D plane geometry calculator and a 3D solid geometry calculator

Thirdly, Geogebra is a cross-platform app, which means it’s available for download both on PC and smartphone. 

What’s more, you can create a profile and start learning math with Geogebra. It contains hundreds of useful lessons and practices for daily self-education. For instance, you can choose to study how to scale drawing and maps in one of the lessons by Geogebra contributors. The session contains illustrations that demonstrate specific data and problems. Then, the author explains how they solve the issue. In the end, you have a short practice to consolidate what you’ve learned. 

We highly recommend you check out Geogebra in case you need to get a quick calculation and improve your mathematical skills. You can learn a particular topic you need or explore and study what catches your eye.

🆓 Geometric calculator: Best free app

By now, you already know that most geometric calculators are free. The tool we will talk about in this block is the best of them for a number of reasons. It’s a multilingual platform that contains calculators for a vast variety of situations. It has accurate geometric calculations and thorough guidance and explanations of particular mathematical issues. If you’re an attentive reader, you may already know what tool it is. It’s Planet Calc

We already mentioned the key pros of this platform, so let’s briefly remind them. 

Firstly, Planet Calc contains almost no ads, so nothing will sidetrack you in the process. Secondly, this web app supports six languages: English, German, French, Russian, and Spanish. That’s why the number of its users is much more significant compared to the other geometric calculators. Thirdly, Planet Calc presents visualizations as well as detailed descriptions of specific formulas and theorems. If you want to learn more about the calculation you are making, you can read an illustrated article about it. 

Planet Calc has almost one hundred mini geometric calculators covering 2D solid geometry and 3D solid geometry. You can work with shapes, lines, and points in space. Calculate the area, perimeter, side length, surface area, volume, collinearity, altitude, and other shapes’ parameters. To solve a given mathematical problem, find a calculator you need, type in the required data, and get the results. That’s it! The calculator does its work instantly and with perfect accuracy. You can save the results or share them. Also, you can download a calculator’s widget for PC.

Alongside, Planet Calc has a lot of other handy calculators covering daily life, health, statistics, chemistry, finances, and other spheres. Regardless of your occupation, calculations can be a part of your daily routine. We deal with them in many fields. That’s why we recommend you to take note of Planet Calc!

💰 Geometric calculator: Best paid app

Although most of the geometric calculators are free, many of them contain too many distracting ads. One of the platforms proposed a great solution for those who are fed up with this issue and want to enjoy a clean and smart interface. This platform is Miniwebtool. It has dozens of free mini calculators to solve various types of issues. However, its website also contains pretty many ads that surely annoy many users. Its creators decided to resolve this problem by implementing a Premium version.

The Miniwebtool Premium version includes a list of beneficial features for advanced usage of the platform. The price of the package is $2.49 per month if you pay for the whole year at once ($29.88 per year) or $3.49 if you pay per month. Here is what you get additionally to the list of standard free features:

  • zero ads across all platforms;
  • high-speed browsing;
  • clean well-structured layout;
  • instant results;
  • a full pack of features for ‘My Toolbox.’

Miniwebtool is an excellent cross-platform application with 100+ of handy mini tools and calculators. The geometric ones cover formulas and theorems for 2D and 3D geometry. You can calculate standard features like perimeter, area, surface area, volume, and side length of the shapes, and specific features like ellipse circumference.

This app can help you get quick calculations and develop mathematical skills. It will get you through comprehensive illustrations and explanations of valuable insights in the mathematical field. The descriptions are written straightforwardly, so you don’t need to read a lot of words to get to the point. Without any doubt, we recommend you to try the Miniwebtool Premium version if you want to have a bunch of practical tools in your pocket. This application is convenient for pupils, students, and other individuals who deal with calculations regularly.

📝 Things to consider

When you’re studying geometry, it seems quite easy at first, but this subject is not only about calculating the area and perimeter of plane shapes. It gets harder and harder with years, and at some point, you start losing your interest in it. Or maybe you hated geometry, and now you only need it from time to time. Your prior knowledge of it and needs can be different; that’s why you need to study these issues before choosing a geometric calculator to solve a particular problem. 

While pupils and students need to do geometry calculations for somewhat imaginary problems, adults usually deal with practical issues. Still, in both cases, an essential feature for any online calculator remains the same. It is visualization. Geometry is a subject directly connected with visualized objects, that’s why regardless of the problem you’re solving, you need an illustration of it. Our first recommendation to consider when choosing a geometric calculator is to pay attention to the quality and clarity of the visualization. 

The second thing to take notice of is the explanation of a formula or theorem. You may think that you don’t need it at first because you only came in for a quick answer, but usually, it’s useful to read a short comprehensive explanation first and then consolidate your knowledge in practice. 

Thirdly, pay attention to the usability of the interface and the amount of ads. If the interface contains an overwhelming number of banner ads, it becomes harder to navigate through the website and get things done. On the contrary, a clean and well-constructed platform is much easier and more pleasant to work with. The process of calculating becomes smoother and faster.

Lastly, look for a tool that has a vast variety of calculating tools, including different fields like health, finances, statistics, etc. Once you find the one that fits your needs, you can use it for various purposes at any time.

🗸 How We Test

The quality of tools’ evaluation is our top priority, that’s why we thoroughly analyze and test each tool before putting it on the top-10 list. We start by putting up a list of all popular online tools of a certain field and rate them considering their core features. For the geometric calculators, we selected the following criteria:

  • supported languages
  • save / download option
  • user-friendly interface
  • quantity of ads
  • instructions, tips, guidance

Then, we chose the tools that scored the highest marks and made up a list of the ten best geometric calculators. We tested each of ten tools to find out how their key and additional features work in real life. Let’s see how we tested one of the best tools on our list — Calculator Soup.

Its interface is smart and straightforward, so we quickly understood how to use it. We typed in the given data and asked the app to find the area and side length of the triangle.

Calculator Soup calculation screen input given data

The results appeared at a glance, and we got a short explanation of the calculation steps.

Calculator Soup calculation screen output data data results explanation

This application proved to give out accurate results instantly and perfectly visualize them. 

We tested the other nine tools in the same way and made up a list of the best geometric calculators on the Internet for you to fulfill your tasks correctly and on time. Thanks for joining us in this overview, we hope that it will save you a lot of time and make your experience of using geometric calculators more enjoyable. 

See you in the next article. Stay tuned!