Scribens Grammar Checker Review

When you work with textual content, grammar and style are two crucial issues you should consider. If your writing contains spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes, readers won’t trust the information you’re presenting to them. More than that, sometimes, these errors can lead to embarrassing misunderstandings. If you mess up style, your content can become less readable and engaging.
How to deal with this? Use proofreading software. It can be an online platform, a desktop app, or an add-on for browsers and other PC applications. Scribens is one of the grammar correctors you should try. It applies advanced technologies to detect grammar and style errors and suggest content improvements.

❤️ What We Like about Scribens

Scribens is an online platform where you can edit and proofread your texts. It also has extensions for web and desktop. This is a versatile tool for enhancing content quality. Here is why.

Free version

The Scribens grammar checker has a free version that includes enough handy features for proofreading. You don’t need to pay to check spelling or minor style issues in your text. Also, Scribens gives free suggestions for omitting redundancy or weak words.

Synonym suggestion

Using the same words in each sentence makes your writing dull and uninspired. The Scribens proofreader can help you. It gives alternative words or phrases to replace the repeating ones.

Style & spelling check

Scribens detects spelling and style mistakes with high accuracy. It pays attention to the context and analyzes whether the words are in their correct forms.

Import option

If your paper is ready for submitting, we recommend checking it with Scribens first. Fortunately, this proofreading platform has an import option, so you don’t spend extra time copying & pasting your writing piece.


If you want the app to check your text while you’re writing, check out Scribens’s extensions. It has add-ons for popular browsers and desktop applications.

📑 Scribens Details

Scribens grammar checker is a vital part of the content, creating a routine for many users across the world. It helps to notice what the human eye can miss. Its key features are style and spelling check, and it also gives handy recommendations for making your writing more appealing to readers. The proofreader analyzes not only separate words but the context in each sentence so that its corrections are trustworthy. Let’s look at how this tool works.

  1. Copy your writing or upload a file with the content.
  2. Hit the red ‘Check’ button.
  3. The words highlighted in red contain spelling mistakes. Tap on them to see how you can correct them.
  4. Then, look at the options in the left tab. You can turn on synonym or style suggestions. If you see ‘Words & Phrases (5),’ there are five expressions in your writing that you can replace with better ones. Switch on this option and tap on the highlighted words in the text. You will see a list of alternatives you can choose from. There are even more useful features such as ‘Redundancies,’ ‘Rephrases,’ ‘Vocabulary Enhancement,’ ‘Language Registers,’ and many more.
  5. When you finish editing the writing piece, copy and paste it into your document or save it in one of the available formats – .doc, .txt, or .odt. Done!

This grammar checker is an excellent option for students and writers who want to deliver superior papers, articles, blog posts, etc. It’s a handy utensil that will make your texts more professional and appealing to readers.

Another significant point about Scribens is that it presents an extensive report regarding your writing. This analysis includes the word, sentence, character count, average words per sentence, syllables per word rate, readability, reading, and speaking time. The tool assesses the text’s legibility by applying two methods. The first one is the Flesch index, and the second one is the Gunning-Fog index. Both of them use similar data to grade the content. It is total words, total sentences, and total syllables numbers. 

The algorithm uses specific formulas to test the writing readability. Regarding the Flesch index, the text should score 60-70 points to be easy enough to read. Yet, this doesn’t mean that it should score 100. Only children’s books can achieve this grade because they are mostly super easy to comprehend. 

The Scribens grammar checker is an excellent utensil for upgrading your textual content. Try it out today for free!

🆚 Scribens vs. Other Grammar Checkers

The variety exceeds your expectations when you scroll the Google page in search of a good proofreading app. The number of ‘the best grammar tools’ can easily confuse an average user. How to deal with this? Let’s start with a simple question:

  • What’s your major struggle when writing a text?

This question will help you define your goal and move on, choosing the tool with the features you need. For example, your key problem is redundancy; then, you need an app like Scribens. It will detect repeating words and suggest how you can omit them.

Now let’s compare some top-rated proofreading platforms’ key features so you can choose the one that fits your needs best!

Tool’s nameFree/ PaidFeaturesAdsImport/ ExportExtensions
ScribensFree–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
YesYesWeb & desktop
ProWritingAidFree & Paid–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
NoExport/ImportWeb & desktop
GrammarlyFree & Paid–          Synonym suggestion
–          Style check
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
NoWeb & desktop
GingerFree–          Synonym suggestion
–          Spelling check
–          Punctuation check
EasybibFree & Paid–          Style check
–          Spelling check

☑️ How We Test

We want to provide you with reliable and useful information. That’s why we carry out thorough research before selecting the best tools. After analyzing over 30 grammar checkers, we chose ten 4- and 5- star tools and tested them by applying certain criteria. They are:

  • Quantity of ads
  • Import/export options
  • Additional features (extensions, supported languages, etc.)
  • Style, spelling, and punctuation check options
  • Synonym suggesting option
  • Free/paid

Then, we tested each of the ten tools to define their strong and weak points. Let’s see how it was with the Scribens proofreading platform.
First, we chose an article to check with Scribens. It was ‘How to Improve Your Speaking Skills in 10 Easy Steps’ by IvyPanda. We copied the content, pasted it in the box, and added some mistakes to see how the tool will cope.

Scribens Input Form Screenshot

As you see, the tool managed to detect these mistakes. Also, it shows additional information in the tab on the left. 

We turned on the option below to see what we can change:

Scribens Options Screenshot

Then we checked highlighted words in the text:

Scribens Corrections Screenshot

We checked the article’s readability score before and after editing. It increased to almost 70 points.

Scribens Results Screenshot

📊 The Bottom Line

The Scribens grammar checker proved to be a trustworthy tool for everyday use. You can try it regardless of your current occupation. Its key features are spelling and style check. Also, it gives recommendations for enhancing writing readability and delivery.

If you aren’t sure about this app, check out our article 10 Top-rated Grammar Checkers’ to compare it with the other grammar checkers and learn more about this kind of language tools!