GillmeisterSoftware Review

Sometimes you need to arrange the unordered information before its analysis. Why don’t you simplify the process and try an online app? The GillmeisterSoftware would help you solve the mentioned problem.

You do not need to install this ordering tool and perform any other preparations. The system is ready to work from the beginning without excess actions from the user. A modern and easy-to-use interface creates an efficient medium.

There are plenty of functions that one may toggle to customize the result for the exact project. Online sorter does not produce unnecessary barriers/limitations. It is free from the start.

Maximize your productivity and order data almost everywhere with this mobile-friendly software!

❀️ What We Like About GillmeisterSoftware

Feel free to scan through the following chart containing the tool’s essentials. The StudyLlama collected them in one place for convenience. Combine this information with other facts from the entire article and begin using the application to the full power.


Modern design solutions formed a clean and straightforward work area. Input and output fields will newer change their sizes. Having this functionality, you can control and predict the app’s behavior.


The online sorting tool grants full access to its options set without payment.


Previously discussed system consistency affects well to the mobile-friendliness. Service is well-adjusted for smartphones and other similar portable devices. Do not hesitate to use the application on the go.

Easy to use

An average data sorting workflow includes two or three steps. The web tool offers an intuitive interface. You will quickly figure out how to generate the best outcome without tips.

πŸ“‘ GillmeisterSoftware Details

There are just three sections that need your attention when analyzing the information. The software does not have other unnecessary elements. With this minimalism, one may concentrate on the task and avoid disturbing factors.

The following image represents the system’s base state.

GillmeisterSoftware input form

Here one may notice great attention to detail. Only the most essential elements are color-coded. The majority of these items are aligned to the left side of the app’s interface.

Paste/type initial information to the input field, select required outcome adjustments, press the “Sort list” button, and copy the result to your favorite text editor. One may turn on or ignore the case and choose the ascending or descending order of the information. It is also possible to arrange everything alphabetically, naturally, or randomly.

The online software is well-optimized for devices with small diagonal screens. Feel free to use the sorting tool on-demand without any limitations. You get a fully functional data ordering application for free.

πŸ†š GillmeisterSoftware vs. Other Similar Tools

Here one may compare the major web app’s pros and cons with other top tools with similar functionality. We created this table to save your time and clarify the details.

ToolAdsSorting optionsImport/ExportExtra featuresUser-friendly
File import/export
Copy to clipboard
Rich conversion capabilitiesMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability
AlphabetizerAverageFeature-richSave to URL
Copy to clipboard
File export
Font size selection
Good usability
Slightly outdated design
Sorting algorithm
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability
Sort My ListAverageFeature-richPrint
File import
Global Text Replace
Change Case
Cleans Input
Not mobile-friendly
Slightly outdated design
Average usability
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability

GillmeisterSoftware landed in the fifth position of the top five sorting tools. The factor that caused it is the average amount of ads on the website. OnlineNumberTools and PineTools, for instance, offer interfaces clean from any kinds of commercial materials.

The reviewed application does not provide extra importing and exporting functions, while Alphabetizer allows users to save the output data as URL, file, or even print it. The Sort My List platform can work with the information imported directly from the document. These features make it possible to improve the tool’s flexibility significantly.

Despite the indicated drawbacks, the current tool offers a modern and user-friendly design. Its swift and mobile-friendly interface allows you to save plenty of time avoiding unnecessary actions. The web app doe not have paid, hidden, or trial options.

β˜‘οΈ How We Test

The StudyLlama experts performed numerous tests and randomly selected the following software representation. Do not hesitate to evaluate this one and other similar apps yourself with the β€œExcel Sample Data” public website. It is our source of input data for assessments.

GillmeisterSoftware output form

As illustrated, the online service handles well the large files with unsorted information. You may customize the outcome using needed sorting mechanisms. Besides, the separate button for the “copy to clipboard” option improves usability for mobile users.

πŸ“Š The Bottom Line

You will find GillmeisterSoftware in fifth place of our Top 10 Free Online List Sorters. The following features represent this powerful tool the most.

  • A modern and easy-to-use interface forms a convenient and efficient work medium.
  • The online list sorting tool provides a free experience for the user.
  • With a mobile-friendly design, the data ordering process becomes productive even on the go.
  • One gets full control over the application because of its size consistency. All necessary elements preserve their dimensions at every step.

Using this efficient web app, you will quickly sort the unordered information for further analysis. Tell other users about your thoughts in the comment section and share the article with friends.