Rakko Review

Manual data arranging or using large office platforms may consume plenty of time and effort. Do you want to speed up the process and avoid research, installation, and tuning steps? A list sorter makes it possible to overcome all mentioned tasks.

Rakko offers a mobile-friendly and modern design for efficient and quick ordering. The web tool does not need to be tuned for proper operating. It is ready to work and free of charge from the start.

With various presented functions, one may adjust the input for the best results. In cooperation with this online sorting tool, the overall arranging workflow will be convenient and straightforward. There are no unnecessary elements and steps.

Implement this comprehensive web app into your data analysis routine and significantly boost productivity and output quality!

❤️ What We Like About Rakko

The following feature set helps with a brief understanding of the online list sorter’s strongest sides. Read the article afterward for a complete tool mastering.


The software does not overload the user with functions and excess visual elements. Its minimalistic and modern design helps with a concentration on the task. You will not notice inconvenience and find all necessary options without constant scrolling.


An entire pack of the list sorter’s functions is at your service from the beginning and free of charge.


One will quickly notice that the reviewed software developers efficiently populated all available space with features. The web app fits well on smartphone and tablet screens. You can work with this flexible tool from almost any place.

Easy to use

A precise and well-organized interface does not produce excess actions for the user. You will figure out how to operate this application without a tutorial. Also, there are still some tips below the software for further clarifications.

📑 Rakko Details

The online sorter offers a compact and efficient elements layout. All buttons have comprehensive icons with available text descriptions on hovering. With this intuitive design, you may start and finish the ordering process avoiding any obstacles.

Here is what you will see when opening the web tool’s page for the first time.

Rakko input form

As illustrated, the web software has a minimalistic and clever design. The service’s page has mostly a monochromic color palette. You will recognize the interface elements on the devices with a turned-on dark theme.

Enter the unordered information, push/tap the arranging mode, work with separators, and press the “Copy” button to move the outcome into an external document. The sorting tool allows users to order data alphabetically, by items’ length, reversibly, or randomly. Combine it with the possibility to add a custom separator and get flexible software for daily work.

One may find handy the tool’s mobile-friendliness. It is well-adjusted for small screen diagonals. Having this functionality, you can order the information on the go and free of charge.

🆚 Rakko vs. Other Similar Tools

Check out this compact table and figure out the most valuable advantages of the chosen tool. For your convenience, the StudyLlama team filled the following chart with the benefits and drawbacks of the top four list sorters compared to the reviewed one.

ToolAdsSorting optionsImport/ExportExtra featuresUser-friendly
File import/export
Copy to clipboard
Rich conversion capabilitiesMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability
AlphabetizerAverageFeature-richSave to URL
Copy to clipboard
File export
Font size selection
Good usability
Slightly outdated design
Sorting algorithm
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability
Sort My ListAverageFeature-richPrint
File import
Global Text Replace
Change Case
Cleans Input
Not mobile-friendly
Slightly outdated design
Average usability
RakkoAverageOrderCopy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability

The sixth position of our rating is on the Rakko app. The web tool offers only a basic feature set one may expect from the software with similar functionality. Sort My List and OnlineNumberTools provides users with plenty of options for a detailed result’s adjustment.

Besides, the reviewed service has some ads on the web page. PineTools, for example, offers an ad-free interface. In rare cases, commercial elements might decrease the app’s usability. However, the application from sixth place formes conditions for a smooth and convenient work process.

A minimalistic and modern interface makes it possible to speed up the sorting significantly. You will quickly get the best result without tips. Besides, the service grants full access to its features for free.

☑️ How We Test

Feel free to use data files for testing purposes from the “Excel Sample Data” public website. The StudyLlama specialists randomly picked on the numerous outcomes.

Check it out.

Rakko output form

As you can see, the software does not overwhelm you with text and colors. It provides the user with readable and clear buttons. A light-weighted interface fits well on mobile devices with small screen diagonals.

📊 The Bottom Line

We placed Rakko in the sixth position of our Top 10 Free Online List Sorters. Here are the most vital features that describe the application the most.

  • The service offers its functions free of charge.
  • A minimalistic and modern design does not slow you down during the process.
  • It is well-adjusted for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other tools with various screen resolutions.
  • The ordering tool is user-friendly and intuitive.

You will quickly optimize the data sorting process using this flexible software. Provide us with your opinion about the reviewed app and share the article with friends/colleagues.