ToolPage Review

A typical word processor requires some special skills and actions, even for a simple sorting task. Why not proceed directly to the problem solution and avoid excess steps with a reliable online sorter?

With the ToolPage app, you get unlimited access to a free alphabetizer. If you are a flexible person, e.g., freelancer, the web tool’s mobile-friendly design makes it possible to arrange lists even on the go. A minimalistic and modern design extends this convenience even further.

Combined with an ad absence, all mentioned features form a smooth data ordering process accessible from any location. Want more details?

Dive in 👇

❤️ What We Like About ToolPage

Let’s quick-start this topic and consider the following tool’s highlights. These features will help you use the app conveniently. With the information from the rest of the article, you will master this swift list sorter.


A modern interface saves your eye-sight and time. The reviewed software provides the user with big-enough page elements and their good positioning. Besides, the essential tips are implemented into the interface.


Forget about trial periods, subscriptions, or checkouts. The ordering tool is free from paid functionality.


Mobile-friendliness is at the service’s core. With its portability, the software is always ready to sort the information on the go.

Easy to use

The functionality you take under control is intuitive from the beginning. There is no necessity for a tutorial. Feel free to experiment with the web tool’s capabilities.

📑 ToolPage Details

With the detailed information from this section, you will be close to master the current software. The StudyLlama experts took the following image and put it here to display the initial system’s state.

ToolPage input form

The fundamental feature here is the precise layout with reasonable tips. An experienced user will automatically perform all necessary actions and not even notice any inconvenience. While the beginner will get delicate guidance if needed.

Now let’s proceed to the available options. The random list sorter can strip whitespaces and place each item to a new line. Paste/type your unordered information, check needed boxes, and press the “Sort list alphabetically” button.

You will instantly find the outcome next to the input field. Copy the result to the document and repeat the cycle as many times as necessary. The web app is free of charge.

But what if you want to see other options to choose from?

🆚 ToolPage vs. Other Similar Tools

The following table is at your service. Here one may compare the reviewed application with other top four list sorters.

Let’s jump right in.

ToolAdsSorting optionsImport/ExportExtra featuresUser-friendly
File import/export
Copy to clipboard
Rich conversion capabilitiesMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability
AlphabetizerAverageFeature-richSave to URL
Copy to clipboard
File export
Font size selection
Good usability
Slightly outdated design
Sorting algorithm
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability
Sort My ListAverageFeature-richPrint
File import
Global Text Replace
Change Case
Cleans Input
Not mobile-friendly
Slightly outdated design
Average usability
ToolPageAd-freeAlphabetical order onlyCopy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability

The ToolPage app holds the ninth position in our rating. That happened because the software does not provide import and export options. The OnlineNumberTools have both of these functions.

One may notice that the ninth participant supports only alphabetical sorting. The Alphabetizer, for instance, offers an ultimate pack of ordering settings.

The reviewed software is ready to arrange the information on the tablet, smartphone, laptop, and PC. It is free and does not have annoying ads. And one may be curious about the StudyLlama team testing methodology.

Check it out.

☑️ How We Test

Here is the data source for our evaluations: the “Excel Sample Data” public website. Do not hesitate to perform your assessments using this service.

The image below represents one of the test results.

ToolPage output form

As illustrated, the website shows the outcome on the same page as a well-sorted list. We used a large data set, and the system handled it instantly and without errors. Now, when you figured out everything about this portable ordering helper, let’s summarize the knowledge.

📊 The Bottom Line

The ToolPage is in ninth place in our Top 10 Free Online List Sorters. The StudyLlama editors hope that this flexible tool could be your daily data arrangement companion.

Here’s why:

  • It is free.
  • The web app has a modern interface adjusted for a convenient workflow.
  • There are no disturbing ads.
  • It is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

You may combine it with other data analysis apps and get a serious increase in efficiency and speed. Share this article with friends and let other users know about your progress in data order with this application.