Top 10 Free Online List Sorters

Unsorted text or numeric data can get complicated for analysis when increasing in size. You may use the “big” word processors to structure the information. However, these tools also offer numerous excessive features, bulky interface, the need for installation, and other technical obstacles.

List sorters are designed to simplify the information organization. These online applications work right from their websites without additional actions from the user. You may use the web tools on almost all devices, from smartphones to widescreen PC’s.

StudyLlama team created the Top 10 Free Online List Sorters ranking containing the text ordering software’s test results. We hope the following short rating will help you save plenty of time and significantly improve the analytical efficiency.

Take a closer look.

🏆 Top 10 List Sorters

We designed the following table to structure the gathered data in a convenient and precise form. After 14+ hours of evaluations, data collection, and analysis, our editors selected the tested software’s essential advantages and drawbacks. Perform your investigation and pick the best solution for the exact project.

ToolAdsSorting optionsImport/ExportExtra featuresUser-friendly
File import/export
Copy to clipboard
Rich conversion capabilitiesMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability
AlphabetizerAverageFeature-richSave to URL
Copy to clipboard
File export
Font size selection
Good usability
Slightly outdated design
Sorting algorithm
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability
Sort My ListAverageFeature-richPrint
File import
Global Text Replace
Change Case
Cleans Input
Not mobile-friendly
Slightly outdated design
Average usability
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability
RakkoAverageOrderCopy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability
BiassorterAd-freeManual rankingCopy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability
Copy to clipboard
Slightly outdated design
Average usability
ToolPageAd-freeAlphabetical order onlyCopy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Slightly outdated design
Average usability


OnlineNumberTools Rank

OnlineNumberTools is a powerful sorting software for those who need to organize and convert a number collection. The application can arrange the numeric data in ascending or descending order. Check the “Skip Duplicate Numbers” box to remove copies, define the input/output separators, and grab the result.

A user-friendly interface has two separate fields for the imported information and the outcome. The web app also can convert the gathered digits list into other value types. The system performs all calculations in real-time.

Using this software, you get full access to a vast number sorting application for free. There are no annoying ads or pop-ups. You may save the outcome as a text-file to your PC or smartphone.


Alphabetizer Rank

With this online software, you may perform plenty of the result adjustments. Alphabetizer is a feature-rich text and numbers sorting service. It is well-optimized for devices with small screens, for example, smartphones and tablets. The ordering tool also allows you to export output data in a convenient form.

System supports the “Save to URL,” “Print,” “Copy to clipboard,” and “Download” exporting functions. Type or paste the information that needs to be sorted, customize it, adjust the result, and press the “Alphabetize” button. You will find the ordered items in the same window.

The service works with English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, and Romanian languages. Feel free to paste unformatted and mixed tabular data; the software will likely convert and adequately sort the provided information. You do not need to pay for this alphabetizer.


PineTools Rank

Here is another online sorter that is ready to arrange your data for further convenient analysis. PineTools uses the “Natural” and “Machine” ordering algorithms. You may also turn on/off the case sensitivity and select between descending and ascending order. 

After giving the “Sort!” command, the system generates the result on the same page in a separate field. Here you may clear and select all the output data by pressing the active elements of the same name. An intuitive and clean interface makes it possible to operate the web tool without a tutorial.

The online sorting tool is free from disturbing ads. You will not notice any inconvenience. Do not hesitate to automate the sorting process of almost all data types daily.

There are no blocked or hidden features; all software functions are at your service from the beginning and free of charge.

Sort My List

Sort My List Rank

Current web software offers rich ordering options. The system can sort the text, numeric, time, and several other kinds of data. Sort My List service supports the case, separator, and label adjustments.

Moreover, you may perform a global text replacement in a few quick steps. Feel free to print the results or copy them to the external document for detailed analysis. An undo/redo option adds more control to the whole process.

Do not worry about the unsaved data if you occasionally close the web app’s tab. The system keeps the information in the browsing history. Just re-open the page and continue sorting lists online.

It is useful to note the software is free.


GillmeisterSoftware Rank

GillmeisterSoftware has a user- and mobile-friendly interface. Its compact design allows you to arrange the information almost everywhere. Mentioned features form a smooth and efficient workflow.

The web app can perform ascending/descending sorting operations. You may also run the alphabetical and natural data ordering or randomize the input information if needed. Having this portable flexibility makes it possible to avoid unnecessary steps and save a significant amount of time.

The online tool generates the output in a separate area immediately after the customization menu. Press the “Copy to clipboard” button and save the result to your favorite text editor. The application grants full access to its functions for free.


Rakko List Sorter Review

If you need to manage the data sorting mostly on mobile devices, the Rakko tool has everything to complete this task. Web software is well-optimized for tablets and smartphones. There are no excess active elements.

Its developers hid almost all functions under the buttons. You will quickly understand how to sort a list without guidance. The arranging system can reverse the information, arrange it by length, alphabet, or randomly.

Add the custom word separators if you would like to make the target list more unique or readable. You do not need to pay for this flexible tool. Its modern design and minimalism lower the entry threshold for busy people.


Biassorter Rank

Biassorter is a convenient ranking tool for meetings and brainstorming sessions. Just enter fresh ideas from colleagues/friends into the input field and assign a numeric rating to each item by voting. The system supports consecutive data input.

Type/paste a word, press the “Add” button and repeat the process. Press the “Start” option when you are ready to proceed to the next step. Generator performs the ranking process on a separate page.

The sorting tool arranges data based on straightforward rules. Tap/click on the best ideas, vote for both, or select the “no opinion” option, and this is it. You will see the chart with sorted items.

There are no ads or paid features.


AppZaza List Sorter Review

AppZaza offers a broad set of customization functions for the information that needs to be sorted for in-depth analysis. Web tool divided all settings into four groups, and conveniently for the user, allocated them with other interface elements. There is an additional section with tips and clarifying information.

However, you will quickly master its rich sorting options without a tutorial. The software is well-adjusted for mobile devices. A swift and clean interface makes it possible to perform efficient data evaluation and rearranging almost everywhere.

Paste/type the initial information, define the sorting criteria, provide/select the item separators, and push the “Sort List” button. A new section with the outcome will appear below the tool’s main interface. The application offers its functionality free of charge.


ToolPage List Sorter Rank

You may consider ToolPage software a reliable substitution of the manual data rearrangement in a lack of time. The web app supports only an ascending alphabet ordering. In combination with a mobile-friendly design, you receive access to a quick and portable tool.

Feel free to perform required information evaluation and reordering on the stationary computer, laptop, or smartphone. The alphabetical online sorter can strip the unnecessary whitespaces from the entered data and add the separation lines to additional readability outcomes. There are no excess elements on the tool’s website.

An absence of ads significantly improves the app’s usability. You will not find any trial or blocked options. The web application sorts data alphabetically for free from the start.


Online-Utility Rank

Do not hesitate to implement the Online-Utility web tool into your daily data analysis. It fits nicely on smartphones and other similar compact devices. The online software supports the inverted/alphabetical sorting, case insensitivity, and duplicates removal.

Let the application know about the separators in the initial data set, select the target signs, and select other previously mentioned options. Press the “Process text” button, and the system will form a well-sorted list based on the original settings. These adjustments and intuitive interface allow you to get the best result without guidance and unnecessary actions.

You may work with the web tool without limitations and for free. A user-friendly and light-weighted interface creates a convenient and smooth user experience. The online app will be a handy portable sorting companion.

List Sorter: Editor’s Choice

Let’s take a closer look at the selection of the best tools suitable for specific intellectual tasks. Do you want to find a powerful app for the exact situation?

Dive in.

The Best for Developers

A reliable and quick numeric information converter becomes necessary when you, as a developer, move from tutorial problems to real projects. One needs to transform digital data from decimal to, let’s say, binary, octal, or hexadecimal number systems. Conversion applications that work online may cover these needs.

OnlineNumberTools does not require installation and particular computer specifications. You get full access to this working from the beginning, avoiding all unnecessary preparatory steps. The web app can also sort the input data for more convenient analysis.

Import a large scale numeric file, select arranging parameters, and check the result in the separate field. The number ordering tool forms the output in real-time. Here you may press the “Chain with…” button and select the target number system.

A transformed and structured outcome goes to the third compact field on the same page. The web software is well-adjusted for mobile devices. You may conveniently work with the application from almost any place.

An easy-to-use and precise design creates a smooth and productive working process. There are several areas with instructions, but the online number sorter is intuitive enough without them. Feel free to play around with its functions, and you will quickly master this efficient app.

Do not worry about limitations or trial functionality. The sorting solution offers its features for free and without annoying ads. It is worth noting that this comprehensive service has a modern and user-friendly design.

The Best for Researchers

A table with cells occupied by the research information is a popular way to store scientific data. The data sorting for further use can be a time- and money-consuming problem. You need to pick, buy, and tune the installable software from industry-leading companies.

Using Alphabetizer helps one organize the data sorting process efficiently and without excess steps. Paste the information from the text file or table, customize the outcome, and export the result. The web solution offers plenty of adjustments to select from.

A feature-rich and flexible system stays intuitive at the same time. You may reverse, capitalize, or sort lists randomly. There are several functions for clearing the initial/target information from unnecessary elements or adding separators/signs to the items.

The web app allows you to save the output to a URL, file, clipboard, or send the outcome to the printer. In addition to the mentioned features, the software supports several languages. It is possible to operate the data in Romanian, German, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and English languages.

Do not hesitate to use this application on the smartphone or tablet. A mobile-friendly and swift design makes it possible to perform sorting on the go. The online service offers a fully functional list ordering solution for free.

The Best for Brainstorming

Biassorter is a handy app for those who need to optimize the ideas ranking in a game-like form. When brainstorming with friends or colleagues, this software makes it possible to keep and arrange the incoming information. At the first stage, the system receives the data that needs to be sorted.

There is an input field where you may type/paste the items one-by-one. Press the “Start” button and vote for the best participants by clicking/tapping them. It is also possible to select the “I like both” or “no opinion” variants.

In the end, the web tool generates a table with the well-sorted data based on the previous choices. Here you could copy the result to an external document or push the “Reset” option to return the application to its original state. A minimalistic and clean design makes this tool suitable for quick and occasional brainstorming sessions.

You do not need to pay for this ad-free ranking portable companion.

💭 Things to Consider When Choosing the List Sorter

The analysis of unsorted data is a challenging task. There are plenty of complex and robust applications that could help you with the information arrangement. However, it is not always possible to be near the computer with installed ranking software, and one still should tune it for the exact problem.

List sorters steer clear of the installation and setting-up steps. These online tools are ready to sort the input data out of the box. They have already picked only the necessary functions for the needed process.

After numerous evaluations, we formed the following list of features you may expect from tools with similar functionality.

  • Portability is an essential option for this kind of tool. A mobile-friendly design makes it possible to use the list organizer even on the go.
  • Multilingual software extends its usability.
  • Tutorial text can help the user to understand the “kitchen” behind the work of sorting algorithms. Excessive information on the web page may also lose its helping capability.
  • An interface should be intuitive enough without tips.
  • Ad-free web apps speed up arranging by removing excess actions.

The StudyLlama team created this shortlist for your convenience. Pick crucial expected features for the exact project and select a balanced application from the rating covering most of them.

✔️ How We Test

Our experts tested all accessible online applications that have been designed to sort the input data. We used sample files or their parts different kinds of unsorted/sorted information from the “Excel Sample Data” resource. Feel free to use it for your assessments.

The evaluation process included the following aspects:

  • We entered different data types to check the app’s flexibility.
  • Depending on the number of available customization options, some feature-rich web tools got additional tests.
  • Some web apps cannot handle large data sets. We performed stress-tests for all of the participants.
  • If the online software supports several languages, our editors estimated this functionality too.
  • The StudyLlama experts evaluated its sorting quality and mobile-friendliness.

As you may notice, we analyzed gathered tools from different perspectives and formed this article to save your time. Thank you for reading this article. Let us and the StudyLlama project guests know about the crucial features for you in the comment section and check out other helpful materials on our website.