Sort My List Review

When ordering unsorted data to make the further analysis more efficient, you need to use special arranging software. The complicated word processor may require special skills, installation, hardware, and tuning. Sort My List web tool has all properties that make it possible to avoid the mentioned steps and proceed directly to the information analysis.

Rich sorting capabilities and customization functionality allow you to get the result adjusted for the exact project. The application has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. There are no excess elements on the website.

You will quickly figure out how to make the best outcome without a tutorial. The list sorter combines both a feature-rich design and a free distribution model. It is well-optimized for laptops, smartphones, and other portable devices with small diagonal screens.

Convert the time-consuming data sorting task into a quick and convenient process with this flexible web tool!

❤️ What We Like About Sort My List

The StudyLlama team formed the following list of features for your convenience. Scan through the reviewed software essentials, combine them with extra tips from the article below, and significantly enhance productivity.


There are plenty of functions one will find helpful when working with large information packs. Text data formatting, sorting, styling, and some “quality of life” improvements are at your service from the beginning. The online software has a similar design to other stationary applications, so you will not notice inconvenience.


Consider using the sorting tool as a powerful app for daily analytical tasks. It is free.


Do not worry about the safety of the current status. The application keeps the state of the process until you clean the browsing history.

Easy to use

Hover the mouse above the active element, and the system will give you a tip about its work mechanism. However, you will quickly master the list sorter without guidance. An Undo/redo option opens up the vast sphere of experimenting.

📑 Sort My List Details

Designers of the online sorting tool made the input area the largest object of the whole interface. The feature significantly enhances the app’s convenience when arranging extensive data collections. Check out the following image.

It represents the service’s base status.

Sort My List input form

As the reader may notice, the online tool provides some instructions for the first steps. These tips are not mandatory for the tool’s ordering mechanics understanding. The web tool is intuitive enough without a tutorial.

Using this online app, you get access to the feature-rich list arrangement service. You may import a document or paste the data directly into the input field. Select the sorting mode, customize the initial items, adjust separators, and get the result in real-time.

An undo/redo function is always ready to help the user make a step back or forward. The system allows one to print the outcome or copy it to the external document. Do not hesitate to work with this comprehensive software daily and free of charge.

🆚 Sort My List vs. Other Similar Tools

With this table, you may perform your comparison of the top five online sorters. For convenience, the StudyLlama experts gathered significant advantages and drawbacks into this brief chart.

ToolAdsSorting optionsImport/ExportExtra featuresUser-friendly
File import/export
Copy to clipboard
Rich conversion capabilitiesMobile-friendly
Modern design
Good usability
AlphabetizerAverageFeature-richSave to URL
Copy to clipboard
File export
Font size selection
Good usability
Slightly outdated design
Sorting algorithm
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability
Sort My ListAverageFeature-richPrint
File import
Global Text Replace
Change Case
Cleans Input
Not mobile-friendly
Slightly outdated design
Average usability
Case sensitivity
Copy to clipboardNoMobile-friendly
Modern design
Average usability

Sort My List holds the fourth place of our rating. A slightly outdated design and lack of importing/exporting functions reduce its user-friendliness a little. On the contrary, OnlineNumberTools, and Alphabetizer, for example, offer a modern interface and plenty of import/export options, respectively.

The reviewed app does not resize its elements for smartphones and tablets. Other tools from the top provide a mobile-friendly page behavior. However, the currently analyzed online list sorter supports the global text replacement, previous actions canceling, and convenient button-based interface.

It saves each step in the browsing history without the need for registration. Feel free to close the tab with this tool and open it later at the same state. You may use the app’s entire feature set for free.

☑️ How We Test

The following image represents one of the randomly selected outcomes. The StudyLlama editors performed a series of tests and generated numerous results. We took all the input materials from the “Excel Sample Data” public website.

Sort My List output form

Here you may see the software convenience. An expansive main window for import data allows users to analyze initial information without much scrolling. All active elements have a PC-like design, so one does not need to learn a new interface.

📊 The Bottom Line

Sort My List is the fourth valuable participant of our Top 10 Free Online List Sorters. Our team combined all information gathered during the tool’s evaluations into the following feature set.

Check it out.

  • The web app is free of charge.
  • A user-friendly design forms a convenient and smooth medium.
  • Rich ordering options improve arrangement capabilities.
  • One may always undo or redo changes.

The reviewed random list sorter makes it possible to boost user’s productivity and data analysis efficiency. Share the review with friends and let us know about your choice in the comment section.