How-to-Write Online Words to Minutes Calculator Review

How-to-Write Online Words to Minutes Calculator Review

Today, we are discussing one of the top-rated words to minutes calculators on the web — the ‘How to Write’ online tool. This type of application helps users prepare for presentations or voice-over sessions. It’s a common difficulty to befriend the time you have for the speech and the number of words in it. In this case, you may need a platform like How to Write.

This tool calculates how many minutes your speech lasts and, also, makes a reverse conversion, so you can see how many words there should be in your script. This platform is free and has no character limitations. Additionally, you can play the text and hear if there are any issues you haven’t noticed yet.

❤️ What We Like about the ‘How to Write’ Tool

The How to Write words to minutes converter is an excellent choice for everyone preparing for their presentation. This platform has numerous advantages, which we described below.


The web page is clear of any ad banners and pop-ups. That makes the tool pleasant to work with. Nothing will sidetrack you!

Detailed instructions

‘How to Write’ provides thorough explanations on the conversion process. You can easily find out how the platform works.

User-friendly interface

The website itself is well-organized and has a modern, simple design. It looks clean and user-oriented.


This words-to-minutes calculator is one of six costless tools you can find on the How to Write web page.

Diverse options

The calculator suggests various services. Apart from a classic conversion, you can make a reverse calculation to work out how many words you need for a presentation of a certain duration. Also, you can play the text to hear how it sounds from the outside.

📑 The ‘How to Write’ app Details

The ‘How to Write’ platform is a multipurpose web source for students and professionals. Here, you can find handy free tools for daily study assistance. There are six web apps: a plagiarism checker, bibliography generator, college GPA calculator, words to pages converter, thesis statement generator, and a words to minutes converter. Each tool includes comprehensive guides and examples. They are easy to use and provide most of the services for free. 

The words-to-minutes calculator has an undemanding workflow. You should take just a few steps to get the result. Let’s see what they are!

The first case explains how to find out the duration of your presentation:

  1. Enter the number of words in your script.  
  2. Adjust your speech rate. If you don’t know how many words per minute you can speak out, set a timer to one minute, and read a piece of any text. Then, count the number of words you’ve read.
  3. (Optional) If you don’t know the number of words in your text, copy it and paste it into the box on the web page. The platform will automatically count the words and speaking time.

In the second case, let’s see how to get to know the word count needed for a presentation of a certain duration.

  1. Type in how many minutes your presentation should last.
  2. Choose your speech rate. The tool will automatically make a calculation.

The process is as simple as it seems!

Another service that can also benefit your preparation process is the play text option. You can use it for various purposes. Basically, it is suitable for defining your speaking speed. Listen to the passage at different speeds and detect which one is the closest to yours. Also, you can play the script to spot confusing moments or passages that lack consistency. It’s an excellent way to improve your presentation! Your perception is more sensitive to any inconveniences when you hear a speech delivered by someone else. It’s more effective than rereading it aloud, hearing only your own voice.

🆚 ‘How to Write’ vs. Other Words-to-Minutes Calculators

You already know how the ‘How to Write’ platform works, so now it’s time to see what other words to minutes calculators have in store. In the table below, we described the basic features of five top-rated tools, so you can compare and choose the one that solves your task best.  

Pay attention to your primary goal and speaking speed when choosing the app. First, filter the platforms which support your speech rate, and, then, consider your task. If you need to know the word count of your script, select the apps with the reverse conversion.

Tool nameWords per minuteAdsWorks with different languagesTips, hints, guidesExtra features, optionsUser-
Total score
Copywritely100-200 wpmnyyyy5
Educat Tools100-600 wpmnnyyy4.5
How to Write100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5
Edubirdie100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5
Essay on Time100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5

☑️ How We Test

We analyzed and tested over twenty popular words-to-minutes converters on the Internet to work out which of them work best. First, we sorted out the top-ten list applying the following criteria:

  • Speech rate range (words per minutes)
  • Ads
  • Multilingual support
  • Tips, hints, guides
  • Extra features, options
  • Interface

Then, we tried out each app that scored the highest marks. 

Let’s see how it was with the ‘How to Write’ converter!

We started by entering the number of words in the box. The next step was to adjust the speech rate. We set it to 130 words per minute (wpm).

How to Write online words to minutes calculator screenshot word to minutes conversion results

The result appeared instantly. After that, we decided to calculate how long it takes to read an entire article. We chose the piece by IvyPanda‘How to Prevent Unintentional Plagiarism (And What Happens If You Don’t).’

How to Write online words to minutes calculator screenshot pasted text results

The platform counted the words in the article and converted their number into speaking time right after we pasted the text in.

📊 The Bottom Line

The ‘How to Write’ words to minutes converter is a highly beneficial choice for everyone struggling with presentations. This web tool will save your time, as long as you don’t need to set a stopwatch and read your script aloud anymore. Now, you can focus on the content and let the automated algorithm make this calculation instead.

We compared How to Write and nine other tools in the article Overview of 10 Best Online Words to Minutes Calculators.’ Check it out!