Educat Tools Online Words to Minutes Calculator Review

Preparing for the presentation may be tough for a couple of reasons. One of the issues is that you may be unsure that your script has enough words. You have to start a stopwatch and read the text aloud to understand that. However, this isn’t the most efficient way. It’s much better to rely on online words to minutes converters. These are tools that calculate how long it will take to speak out your presentation script.

The Educat Tools words to minutes converter is one of the top-rated platforms that will help you do that. It’s an outstanding instrument that can work in both directions. Also, it can play your text, so you can hear and analyze the content. It will definitely make your preparation process more productive.

❤️ What We Like about Educat Tools

The Educat Tools platform isn’t only the words to minutes calculator. It’s a website with a collection of handy web apps. There’re a lot of things we like about it, so let’s see what core features Educat Tools have.


At the moment, the website is just starting out, so it contains zero ads. We hope that it won’t abandon this strategy.


The platform is also totally free. Any of its tools cost nothing to use.

Detailed instructions

The words-to-minutes calculator, same as the other tools, includes brief guides on how to use it.

User-friendly interface

The Educat Tools website has a strong visual hierarchy, impressive structure, and a cute cat mascot that follows you from page to page. Just as cats usually do! It brings some positive vibes to the routine work.


You can use the Educat Tools words-to-minutes converter in many ways. It has two specific features that are available only on a few websites. You can play the input text and make a reverse conversion from minutes to words.

📑 Educat Tools Details

Educat Tools is a multipurpose web resource, which you can use for various study or work tasks. It provides a collection of text tools, and their list keeps growing. For now, there are five of them: a citation generator, plagiarism checker, words to minutes converter, GPA calculator, and a word counter. All these instruments are super easy to use and contain comprehensive explanations. They can make your daily routine less stressful and more fruitful at the same time.

The Educat Tools words-to-minutes calculator has a straightforward workflow. You have to take only a few steps to get the answer. Start by choosing the mode: reading or speaking. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your reading or speaking speed.
    Speech rate depends on the kind of activity you’re performing. If you’re reading, your speed can be higher. But when you’re speaking, it will be slower because this activity also requires active thinking. That’s why the platform splits reading and speaking and sets different speech rate ranges. For reading, it’s from 100 to 600 words per minute (wpm); for speaking, it’s 100 to 200 wpm. If you don’t know your speech rate, set a stopwatch, and check how many words you can read in one minute.
  2. Enter time or the number of words.
    The tool works in two directions. You can calculate how many minutes your speech will last or how many words you need for a speech of a specific duration. This can be useful when you have a limitation of, for instance, ten minutes, and you have to find out how many words your speech should contain. According to the tool, it will be 1300 words if your average speech rate is 130 wpm.

There is also an optional third step:

  1. Paste your text in the box.
    If you don’t know how many words there are in your speech, simply paste its script into the box. The platform will count the words in it and find out how long your presentation will take. Also, you can press the ‘Play text’ button to hear your text read aloud. This can help to notice mistakes and confusing sentences.

🆚 Educat Tools vs. Other Words to Minutes Calculators

There are dozens of words to minutes calculators on the web. How not to get lost among them? We evaluated over twenty tools and selected ten best of them. Educat Tools is the second top-ranking platform because it has outstanding core features and performs excellently. 

You may also like other tools, so feel free to check out the table below and compare the five best words to minutes calculators!

Tool nameWords per minuteAdsWorks with different languagesTips, hints, guidesExtra features, optionsUser-
Total score
Copywritely100-200 wpmnyyyy5
Educat Tools100-600 wpmnnyyy4.5
How to Write100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5
Edubirdie100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5
Essay on Time100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5

☑️ How We Test

The evaluation fairness is our top priority, so the assessment includes two stages. At the first stage, we analyze all popular tools on the Internet, applying the following criteria:

  • Speech rate range (words per minutes)
  • Ads
  • Multilingual support
  • Tips, hints, guides
  • Extra features, options
  • Interface

Then, we choose the platforms that scored the highest marks and made a top-ten list. At the second stage, we test each web app and examine its real-time performance. 

Let’s see how we tested the Educat Tools words to minutes converter!

This time, we chose the article ‘How to Improve Memory: Follow Simple Nutrition Tips!’ by IvyPanda. We selected the entire text to see if the tool can cope with it.

Educat Tools online words to minutes calculator screenshot results convert words to minutes show time

As you can see, the platform automatically calculated the number of words and speech time. One small annoying detail is that you don’t have a navigation bar in the text box, so it’s not convenient to scroll.

📊 The Bottom Line

The Educat Tools words to minutes calculator is an outstanding web app that deals with text to time conversion instantly and for free. It makes calculations in two modes: reading and speaking. You can also do a reverse conversion and get to know how many words there should be in your presentation script. What’s more, you can play your text and hear any sentences you can improve.

If you are still not 100% sure about Educat Tools, check out our article ‘Overview of 10 Best Online Words to Minutes Calculators’ to see which tool perfectly suits your needs!