Copywritely Online Words to Minutes Calculator Review

Are you sick and tired of starting a stopwatch to see how much time your presentation takes? If yes, you definitely need a words-to-minutes calculator. Many public speakers, actors, and voice-over artists are using these platforms to ease their daily routine. We analyzed over twenty free online converters to select the best of them. After a thorough investigation, we chose ten top-rated websites.

According to our assessment, Copywritely is one of the best words to minutes calculators on the Internet. This web app has a smart interface, few yet efficient functions, and works with different languages. Today, we will show why this platform deserves your attention!

❤️ What We Like about Copywritely

We highly appreciate tools that have both an attractive website and high productivity. We can state that Copywritely, undisputedly, is one of them. This is a multipurpose platform that professionals and average users can use for enhancing their texts. The words-to-minutes converter is just one of the tools you can find here. Now, let’s see what primary advantages it has.


A great plus of this platform is that it contains zero ads so that nothing will disturb you. We all know how annoying the ads can be.

Works with 7 languages

Copywritely is a multilingual platform. It supports seven languages: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Detailed instructions

The words-to-minutes calculator contains short guides that will help you understand the process and make the most of it. The tips have visualizations, so they’re easier to comprehend.

User-friendly interface

Copywritely has an outstandingly clear and modern interface. It’s user-oriented and has a strong visual hierarchy.


The Copywritely website contains a bunch of handy text tools. The words to minutes converter also includes many options. For instance, you can paste your text in the box, check its speech time, and analyze grammar and plagiarism in it then.

📑 Copywritely Details

Copywritely is a multipurpose web resource for everyone who wants to improve their textual content. Here, you can find many highly efficient tools: a duplicate content checker, grammar and plagiarism checkers, an article rewriter, a word counter, and much more. What’s more, most of their services are free! Also, you can purchase its SEO content software for personal or corporate use.  

The words to minutes calculator is one of the Copywritely’s tools you definitely have to try. It has a simple workflow that includes two steps. First, adjust your speaking speed. The tool’s speech rate ranges from 100 to 200 words per minute (wpm). The people’s average speed is around 110-130 wpm. If you aren’t sure about yours, check it with a stopwatch in advance. Mind that your reading and speech rate may differ. It’s crucial to indicate the speech rate correctly because it influences the result. Second, paste your text in the box below. There is no character limitation, so you can paste even a 5000-word script. The tool automatically shows you the estimated speaking time. You can see it in the box under the input text. 

We already mentioned that one of the distinctive features of this web app is that it’s multilingual. There are no other words to minutes calculators on our top-ten list that support different languages than English. Copywritely can process texts in English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

When preparing for your presentation, it can be beneficial to check grammar in your script too. Copywritely can help you again, in this case. You can analyze it right after converting words to minutes. The platform will examine the text in the box and show your grammar mistakes.

🆚 Copywritely vs. Other Words to Minutes Calculators

At this moment, you may already not doubt that Copywritely is an excellent words to minutes calculator. However, other tools can be useful, depending on your goals and needs. 

Check the table below to compare Copywritely with other top-ranking platforms. Choose the tool that perfectly suits your needs!

Tool nameWords per minuteAdsWorks with different languagesTips, hints, guidesExtra features, optionsUser-
Total score
Copywritely100-200 wpmnyyyy5
Educat Tools100-600 wpmnnyyy4.5
How to Write100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5
Edubirdie100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5
Essay on Time100-200 wpmnnyyy4.5

☑️ How We Test

We like to analyze the tools from tip to toe. This allows us to make a fair assessment and choose the worthy instruments for you. Our evaluation includes two steps. First, we apply specific criteria to select ten top platforms. For the words to minutes calculators, they are:

  • Speech rate range (words per minutes)
  • Ads
  • Multilingual support
  • Tips, hints, guides
  • Extra features, options
  • Interface

We rated 20+ converters using these criteria and found ten that gained the highest scores. Copywritely is the only 5-point tool on our list. The second step is to test each appand see how it deals with real tasks. Now, let’s see how we tried out Copywritely.

We used the article ‘ADHD 101: A Definitive Guide for Students  by IvyPanda to see if the tool can process the whole article.

Copywritely words to minutes calculator screenshot results convert words to minutes speaking time

It managed to analyze the entire piece, and we got to know that the speech can take over 33 minutes at an average speaking speed. Also, the tool showed us the total number of words in the text.

📊 The Bottom Line

Copywritely is a multipurpose platform providing a bunch of outstanding tools, and the words to minutes calculator is just one of them. The website has a modern, easy-to-use interface and supports seven languages. This online calculator has a simple workflow that consists of two steps. Choose your speech rate and paste the script text in the box. As simple as it is!

We are sure that you will enjoy working with Copywritely, but you can always compare it with the other tools in our article ‘Overview of 10 Best Online Words to Minutes Calculators’ to see which option perfectly suits your needs!