13 Free Essay Sample Databases to Get Inspired

Sometimes, you may lack inspiration or examples of how to fulfill the task of writing. In this case, you can use free essay sample databases. These platforms give access to thousands of excellent papers that you can learn from. There are numerous essays of different types, covering a wide variety of topics. You will find something related to your assignment!

We reviewed twelve popular essay example databases to find out how they can be helpful for you. Each of them offers an outstanding selection of writing pieces. There are papers discussing medical, political, social, cultural, personal, scientific, and many other issues. Let’s take a tour through the rank of the best platforms!

πŸ₯‡ Top-13 Websites to Get Free College Essay Examples

There are plenty of websites offering access to free paper samples online. However, many of them suggest writing pieces that don’t follow standard rules and contain numerous errors. We selected a list of top-notch university and high school essay sample databases which contain papers reviewed by experts so that you see only ones of excellent quality. Study the examples from the databases below to get inspired or learn new writing tricks. We developed a table that will help you compare all the platforms quickly.

Database NameFieldsDatabase SizeSamples written byAds/pop-ups
NursingBirdHealthcare and Nursing1-10KStudentsAd-free
123HelpMeAll10-100KStudentsFew pop-ups
PapersGeeks All1-10KStudentsAd-free
BartlebyAll10-100KN/aFew pop-ups
StudentShareAll10-100KStudentsAds, few pop-ups
FreeEssayAll100K+StudentsFew pop-ups
KibinAll10-100KN/aFew pop-ups

To evaluate the effectiveness of each service, we analyzed their interface, key features, the number, and the variety of papers. Each of the platforms can be beneficial for you, so read our overview and find what best fits you!


IvyPanda Free Essays Database Review.

If you can’t find the topic you need on the other platforms, try IvyPanda. This essay sample database contains the widest variety of subjects and is probably the most diverse one. You can choose from 26 topics, with each including up to 20 subcategories. There’s a slight chance you won’t find what you are looking for or anything related that can be helpful as well.

You can look for the essays by entering the keywords or searching by topics. Select whichever method is more convenient for you. In any case, the whole process won’t take too long. Some categories also present tips on writing about a particular subject, so don’t miss this.

Be mindful that when searching by keywords, the algorithm analyzes the whole writing piece so that the words you enter may appear not in the title or main topic but play a secondary role.

IvyPanda Essay Sample.

On a typical essay sample preview, you will see the title, subject, word & page count, and the first few sentences. This will give you an idea of what the paper looks like. As you open the essay, you will see its rating, table of contents (if there’s any), and the work itself. You can see the reference list at the bottom of the page, which can also be named “Works Cited.” This point depends on the formatting style to help you detect which one the author used. You can also learn the reading time of the work.

IvyPanda Essay Citation.

If you need to cite a particular essay, click on the “Cite This” button on the top of the page or scroll down to the “Cite This Paper section.”You will have five citation styles in this block: APA-6, MLA-8, Chicago (N-B), Chicago (A-D), and Harvard. Choose the one according to your task.

After each essay sample, the platform suggests related papers that you can study as well. This is particularly handy when you’re researching a specific topic and need to find as many sources as possible. And don’t forget to take a look at the reference list and read through the articles or book summaries mentioned.


Alt Text: StudyCorgi Essay Database Review.

Do you want to find essay examples for free on the topic you need in seconds? Well, that’s possible with the StudyCorgi. This service provides a great user experience, as it is super easy to navigate. You can search essays by topic or by keywords. There are over 3,000 writing compositions on the platforms, so you will definitely find what you need.

Study Corgi offers essays related to an extensive list of subjects and fields of study. Some of the most popular topics include:

  • Art & Design
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Environment
  • History
  • Literature
  • Sociology
  • Law
  • Business & Economics
  • Sciences
StudyCorgi Essay Topics.

There are even interview essay examples for free. All the essays which you can find on this website are written by English-speaking students from all around the world. They have various study backgrounds; however, their works share one thing in common. The expert team highly evaluated the writings that they shared through StudyCorgi.

The StudyCorgi website has a friendly interface, so you will have a great time using it. Each essay is displayed on a separate web page, featuring the essay’s topic, word count, and upload date. There’re two options of what you can do with the essay: print it or cite.

Some writings contain subheadings, so you can easily find the section you want. There are papers of various lengths, starting from around 300 words to 5000 words. You can discover different types of essays on this platform. StudyCorgi provides its readers with cause and effect essay examples, argumentative paper samples, persuasive, descriptive, and many more kinds of writings.

StudyCorgi Essay Sample.

StudyCorgi is a free service, and you get many perks by using it. The platform contains zero ads or annoying pop-ups, so nothing will disturb you in the process of searching for your perfect essay sample. The papers’ quality is beyond any comments, so you can stop doubting whether they are worthy samples or not. What’s more, you won’t get bored of using this platform thanks to its playful interface and an outstanding selection of essay topics. We are sure: many students spend hours exploring its most profound depths.

Business Essay

Business-Essay.com Review.

The Business Essay platform is explicitly designed for students in this field. It contains hundreds of articles on such topics as brand management, business ethics, corporate culture, decision making, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, global scale management, and many more. If you are looking for MBA essay samples, you will find this service helpful as well. It might be the largest essay sample database of essays on business major.

Like the other platforms on our list, Business Essay accepts only high-quality papers that scored excellent marks. Students from all over the world submit their essays, and the website’s team checks them, so there is no chance you will come across a paper with numerous errors and poor content. Each paper is also plagiarism-free, so don’t hesitate to reference the essays you liked.

Business-Essay Paper Topics.

You can find the proper essay sample by entering the keywords or searching by topics. Open the “Essay Subjects” page and find the one your assignment relates to. If you scroll down, there will be the latest essay samples submitted to the platform. When you don’t have a specific topic to write on, this section might be beneficial.

Use the papers as essay outline samples or get inspiration from the content. See how others explore and present the issue under study. It will be beneficial to analyze your colleagues’ writing approaches and techniques in their papers to boost your own skills. You learn faster when you see how things work in practice rather than in theory. That’s why it may be more effective to read through some excellent essay samples than numerous articles on how to write a paper.

Business-Essay Paper Example.

Business is a diverse field of study, and it has dozens of exciting subjects to dwell on. You can write essays of different types, including argumentative, descriptive, cause & effect, compare & contrast, etc. Here are five trending topics to discuss in 2024:

  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Small Businesses
  • Benefits of Working Remotely
  • Is User Review Crucial?
  • How to Succeed in the Volatile Work Environment?
  • New Technologies in Retail Supply Chains
  • Is Ultimate Equity at Work Achievable?


NursingBird Essay Database.

If you’re a medical student, you will benefit from trying the NursingBird service. The spectrum of topics that you can find here ranges from surgery to alternative medicine. You can learn about health IT, epidemiology, geriatrics, rehabilitation, oncology, and many more engaging subjects. This platform is a rare find for medical school students.   

Here, you will come across short essay examples as well as longer ones. The papers vary in their structure, formatting styles, and writing approaches. You can learn new techniques or see how to outline your paper. Experts in the medical field assess and select each of the submitted essays manually. They evaluate the papers that students from different countries submit to the platform and choose the ones with zero errors and excellent content. The essays also contain no plagiarism, so that you can refer to them in your paper with no doubt.

NursingBird Essay Topics.

The easiest way to find an essay sample that you need is to type the keywords in the search bar on the main page. The results will appear in seconds. Another way of finding papers on NursingBird is to search them by topic. Open the page “Essay Subjects” and select the one your assignment relates to. There’s no single right way to do that, but both methods can be effective.

What’s utterly amazing about NursingBird is that this online essay database is free and still contains no ads. You can enjoy this superb platform with nothing disturbing you in the process. The website’s administrators understand your pain of dealing with endless popping up banners when you try to find what you need!


AssignZen Essay Database Review.

AssignZen is a platform where anyone can find an essay sample they need. This website is a quick and effortless way to find inspiration for completing your writing assignment. It has a fresh and user-friendly interface that makes your experience more pleasant. 

Here, you will find writings of any educational level and on a wide variety of topics. AssignZen provides university, college, and high school essays. You can explore the subjects like design, art, tourism, politics, religion, transportation, technology, and others. Each category contains dozens of diverse papers. You may encounter multiple genres, including argumentative, free compare and contrast essay examples, reaction, and other papers. All of them are excellent representatives of their kinds. AssignZen is a great platform to discover essays on daily life issues. Also, it’s one of not so many services where you can find papers on warfare and sports.

AssignZen Essay Subjects.

Each essay uploaded to the AssignZen platform goes through a detailed quality check. A team of academic experts analyzes its grammatical and content aspects. Also, they check if the writing piece is plagiarism-free and meets the formatting style standards. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the essay you find here will be of outstanding quality.

Enter your key subject of the assignment in the search bar on the main page to find the paper you need. Also, you can scroll down to topics to choose from. Use whichever method seems more straightforward and more effective for you. If your assignment is rather general, searching by categories might be more beneficial because you can come across more diverse papers. However, when writing about something specific, it will be more productive to search by keywords.

This platform focuses mainly on humanitarian topics, so you can find many excellent essay samples on philosophy, sociology, social media, history, and law. Still, the papers on technology and other related topics here are also worth your attention. Check them out and get inspiration for your assignment!


123HelpMe Essay Database Review.

If you’re looking for a simple online service to seek inspiration for your next assignment, try 123HelpMe. This platform makes the process of finding the proper essay easy and stress-free. Here, you can find works of any type and level. 123HelpMe is a free essay database college and university papers, descriptive, argumentative, reflective, creative, and other kinds of essays. Anyone can come across what they need.

The interface of the platform is playful and exciting to explore. There are no ads and no annoying pop-ups so that the website looks clean, and you don’t get disrupted when doing your work. Also, the topic navigation menu is highly convenient to use. All subjects are divided into six categories: Essay Type, Science, Business, Social Issues, Humanities, and Literature. Press “+” next to each subject to see some essays on this topic.

123HelpMe Essay Topics.

Another way to find what you need among 123HelpMe essays is to enter the keywords. Detect the words that describe your topic best and type them in the search bar. For instance, to find an essay about the effects of WWII, you can use write: “WWII effects” or “WWII consequences.”Keep in mind that when searching by keywords, the algorithm analyzes the title and the whole text. That’s why sometimes, the essay may not be about precisely what you need because the words you used play a secondary role in its content.


PapersGeeks review.

PapersGeeks is a free online essay database that offers a variety of handful resources to students worldwide. The website’s interface is clear, simple, and easy to navigate, making it easy to find the information you need.

One of the most valuable features of PapersGeeks is its extensive range of topics. The website covers everything from literature and history to medicine, science, and engineering. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific topic or want to browse through some interesting articles, PapersGeeks has you covered.

PapersGeeks essay topics.

Each topic contains plenty of sample essays, which can be incredibly helpful for those struggling to get started with their own writing. All samples are submitted by students and cover a range of different paper types and formats, so there’s something for everyone. You can print any essay you like, or, if you find it useful and want to use some ideas in your paper, just head to the end of essay example, pick up the referencing style and click to copy the citation.

PapersGeeks also offers free online tools to help students improve their writing skills. These include a paraphrasing tool, essay reducer, and research title enhancer. You can use them to rephrase any text, summarize your essay or article, and pick the right title for your future paper. These tools are invaluable for anyone who wants to ensure their work is of the highest quality.

PapersGeeks is suitable for anyone interested in improving their writing skills or learning more about a particular topic. The website is beneficial for students who are looking for guidance and support with their academic work. However, the resources available on PapersGeeks can also come in handy for academics who need to write reports, proposals, or other documents.


Bartleby Essay Database Review.

Another easy-to-use sample resource on our list is the Bartleby essay database. This platform will help you conquer writer’s block and blank paper anxiety. It’s a website with hundreds of excellent papers in free access. The topics here range from anatomy to philosophy, and Bartleby provides a rich collection of literature essays. For instance, you may come across a free will vs determinism essay. You can find outstanding poetry and non-fiction works reviews. And there’s a lot to discover on business too! If you need ultimate inspiration, this is a proper place for getting it.

The interface of the platform is straightforward, and you can explore the database in several ways. Firstly, you can look through the list of popular works. It includes essays of different academic levels relating to various fields of study.

Bartleby Popular Essay Topics.

Secondly, you can go through the most in-demand topics on the website. This list differs from the familiar ones where you have general names of disciplines. It focuses on famous events, people, phenomena, etc., for instance, “1984,” “Abraham Lincoln,” “WWII,” “Hamlet,” “Hipaa,” “Immigration,” and so on.

The last section on the website offers to explore literary analysis. Click on the button under each of the abovementioned blocks to see more essay samples or topics. The lists may not be the most convenient option in this case; however, the variety of subjects and papers will impress anyone.


StudentShare Essay Database Review.

StudentShare is a free online service that you can also use to find excellent college essay samples. Here, your colleagues upload their finest works to help others improve their writings or get inspiration. A professional team assesses each paper before it goes live. Experts check if the essay meets formatting, content, and grammar standards and whether it contains plagiarism. Thus, the works you can see online are all A-grade ones.  

On this website, you can adjust the already familiar search by keywords. Enter the words that best describe your topic and click on one of the options under “Search in.” The algorithm can analyze the title, the document, or both, to find what you need.  

If you’re unsure of what’s the best way to use the platform, watch a short tutorial on it. Also, you can search papers by their type. There are various kinds of essays and other task samples like math problems, thesis proposals, statistics projects, and more. Here’s a list of some genres you may encounter on this database:

  • Reflection essay samples,
  • Comparison and contrast essay samples,
  • Rhetorical analysis essay samples,
  • Descriptive essay samples,
  • Analytical essay samples,
  • Cause and effect essay samples,
  • Argumentative essay examples,
  • Narrative essay examples,
  • Compare and contrast essay examples,
  • Personal essay examples,
  • Persuasive essay examples,
  • Definition essay examples,
  • Expository essay examples,
  • Informative essay examples,
  • Descriptive essay examples.

What’s more, StudentShare provides other free and paid services for students, such as GPA calculation, essay guiding, topic generation, and more. This platform can be the ultimate academic assistant for you.

Although the interface is a bit outdated and sometimes confusing, this database is still convenient for daily use, and you can find a proper paper relatively quickly.


UKEssays Essay Database Review.

UKEssays is a huge database with thousands of papers on topics from chemistry to fashion. Here, you can discover a wide variety of different academic levels, formatting styles, and types. It’s a diverse collection of essays on everyday topics, as well as more professionally specified ones. UKEssays also suggests papers on some unusual subjects, such as beauty therapy, motivation, video games, young people, theology, and more.

On this website, you can try browsing essay samples by the topic they relate to first. This approach can be handy if you want to discover more related papers to the subject you’re writing about. Another method of searching for the proper essay is scrolling down and typing the keywords in the search bar. Try to shorten them to two or three words maximum, so the results will be the most relevant. The website suggests how your inquiry may look like, and it is useful for you to follow it.

UK Essays Subjects.

The results of your search are displayed on a separate web page. You will see a list of essay samples, each tab including a title and a brief piece of introduction, so you can get to know what the text is about. As you click on the paper, you see an entire work, word count, and works cited.

Among the drawbacks of this platform is an overwhelming number of ad banners, making it a bit challenging to concentrate on the essay examples and your research. Also, there are too many buttons all over the page. However, the high quality of papers and the other platform’s features makes it a handy tool to use every time you need a powerful writing sample.


SpeedyPaper Essay Database Review.

Looking for a huge essay sample database? SpeedyPaper has thousands of excellent texts to help you. This platform offers a wide variety of works on popular and less mundane topics. If you’re studying some unusual subjects like ethnography or forensic science, this is the right place to get inspiration!

The platform provides different approaches to exploring the database. First, you can see a search bar where you can enter two types of information regarding your needs:

  • essay sample, approximate word count,
  • topic description or related keywords.

Both options will lead you to relevant results. Keep in mind that you should use to many words to describe the paper you’re looking for. It’s better to make it within ten-fifteen words at the most.

SpeedyPaper Esssay Sample.

Another way to explore the depth of this database is to explore the subjects. There is a list of topics under the search bar, which you can sort by the first letter, select popular ones, or view all. You can see how many essays available on the particular issue next to each category.

The essay samples cost nothing to read, so you can check out as many as you need to discover the proper ones. Analyzing how the paper’s content and structure can be beneficial to get the gist of the excellent outlining and compelling writing techniques. You can come across excellent essay conclusion examples, for instance. That’s why, although the SpeedyPapers website has some pop-ups, and the interface might be a bit outdated, the platform is still worth your time.


FreeEssay.com Review.

FreeEssay.com claims to have around 500,000 essays to offer you for daily inspiration. The platform collects works that students from all around the world share with their colleagues. Here, you can discover new points of view on the subjects you are studying or writing about. 

Let’s see how this service can benefit you.

The website provides quick and convenient ways to find the proper essay sample. You can search essays by keywords, entering the phrases that describe your topic in the shortest form. The second method involves exploring the list of subjects and popular papers. There are works to anyone’s taste and of any type: 5-paragraph essay samples, literary analysis, sociology, business, law, and other compositions.

Free Essay Subjects.

Before uploading to the platform, a team of experienced academic specialists check the works submitted by the students. They choose only the A-grade papers which contain zero errors and are plagiarism-free. The service cares about your source of inspiration being trustworthy and high-quality.

On the FreeEssay database, you can find papers on major literary and cinematography pieces. You can also explore popular scientific or political issues. And the best part about it is that you shouldn’t pay anything. Like a not user-friendly interface, the minor inconveniences don’t really affect this platform is one of the best essay example collections on the web.


Kibin Essay Database Review.

Last but not least, the Kibin essay platform is the twelfth best college essay sample database on our list. It’s a great place to check out if you’re stuck with the writing assignment. Here, you will find inspiration and hundreds of top-notch papers to learn from.

One of the essential features of this platform is easy navigation through the website. You can find what you need within minutes and without being disturbed by popping up ads or anything else. The interface is clean and straightforward.

Kibin Essay Categories.

There are two approaches that you can adopt when looking for a proper essay. The first is to type the keywords for your assignment in the search bar and search among the most relevant results. However, you may also encounter not 100% related to your subject texts. That can happen because the search engine detects the keywords you entered in the whole text, not paying attention to which role they play in the context. So, if you can’t find what you need using this method, you can try the second one.

Another approach to looking for samples on Kibin is to browse the list below the search bar. The papers are organized so that you can find the one you need by its type or category. For instance, you can look through the free argumentative essays examples to understand how to outline them.

πŸ€“ Best Essay Writing Service: Editor’s Choice

In the previous section, we reviewed all twelve platforms’ primary features on our list of costless essay sample databases. Now, it’s time to move further in this adventure and take a closer look at the best of these services. Why do we think they’re the most effective ones? We evaluated their capabilities and user experience and compared them with the other websites. Also, we checked how easy it is to find what you need on each platform, and the ones below proved to be the fastest.

Let’s see which databases are on our top-of-the-line list!

πŸ₯‡ #1 Free Essay Sample Database

Can you guess which platform has the most extensive range of topics and the largest amount of essay samples? We don’t want to challenge your curiosity, so here is the answer. The ultimate winner of this rank is IvyPanda!

IvyPanda Free Essays.

Now, let’s discuss why.

Firstly, the database size is impressive. Just imagine that here you can discover more than 100,000 essays in free access! That means that the chances to find what you’re looking for are especially high. You can forget about hours of scrolling through web pages in search of a helpful article on your topic. We are pretty sure that you can find work on the same or related subject here.

IvyPanda Essay Database.

Secondly, the user-oriented interface makes the experience of using this service exceptionally pleasant. There are no ads that can disturb you and no annoying pop-ups that cover half screen– only a clean workspace and easy flow from the very beginning. You need to take just two effortless steps to find an appropriate essay sample:

  1. Search the essay by topic, word or page count, type, or keywords.
  2. Check several works to make the best of your research.

A great benefit of this platform is that your searching options are not limited to one or two. There are only a few platforms where you can find essays by their type, and hardly any services offer you to search by the number of words or pages.

IvyPanda Papers by Essay Type.

When can this be helpful?

If you want to see how other students organized their lengthy papers, you may not pay much attention to its subject. In this case, it will be more time-saving to search by the particular word count. For instance, you can learn how many paragraphs to write for an introduction if your paper is over 5,000 words.

πŸ’Έ Best Business Essay Examples Website

Almost all platforms of this type contain essays on business-related  topics; however, only one specializes exclusively on this subject. If you were reading our article carefully, you might already know the answer. It’s the Business Essay database.

Business-Essay.Com Screenshot.

This website provides costless access to hundreds of papers on various topics. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Accounting
  • Brand Management
  • Business Communication
  • Case Study
  • Company Analysis
  • Company Missions
  • Corporate Governance
  • Decision Making
  • E-Commerce
  • Employees Management
  • Financial Marketing
  • Global Scale Management
  • Leadership Styles
  • Logistics
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Workforce

Here, you can business school essay examples for any study level and of any type. There are argumentative, cause & effect, descriptive, persuasive, and many other papers. You can learn their specific features by analyzing the examples. It’s much more productive than studying theory only.

The Business Essay platform is easy to navigate and, what’s more, contains zero ads, which makes it super convenient to use. The interface, in this case, is crucial, and it’s performing its duty excellently – you can find what you need in seconds and save your time for more exciting activities.

This platform exists thanks to the hundreds of students worldwide and a team of academic professionals. The first supply their high-quality essays, while the second check them and select the best ones. You can donate your writing piece as well. Complete a short form on the website and upload the file. You will get the check report on your email. Thus, you will help thousands of students who seek inspiration on this platform daily.

Business-Essay.com Essays Category Screenshot.

The process of searching for the proper essay is fast and almost effortless. Start by typing your subject or keywords to the search bar topic, press “Enter,” and discover dozens of unique works. Another approach is exploring the list categories. Choose a subject to which your assignment relates, for instance, “Risk Management,” and see what essays about this there are.

Business Essay is a particularly useful online service for students who major in management, economics, logistics, entrepreneurship, and everything connected with this field. Use the examples from here to improve your outlining and creative skills. You can also reference papers from this platform, as they are plagiarism-free and contain top-notch content. Be sure to check related samples when reading an essay. We hope you will find more than you expected!

🩺 Best Nursing Essay Examples

Healthcare and medical issues require high scrupulousness and a solemn attitude when you’re discussing them. While humanitarian students are more likely to deal with essays daily, medical students receive this kind of task less frequently. People who can write well tend to be more straightforward, can justify their decisions, and understand the relations between events better. Isn’t it crucial for writing an excellent nursing school admission essay?

If you want to improve these skills or simply get some clues on how to fulfill your writing assignment, try the NursingBird platform.

NursingBird Main Page.

This website contains hundreds of excellent nursing essay samples. Whichever specialty you have, be sure that you can find exactly what you need here. Discover new views on the topics you’re already familiar with or explore subjects unknown to you. Here, students worldwide share their best works, helping each other boost their writing and creative skills.

The process of using this service is as straightforward as it is. There are two routes you may take to find healthcare essay examples. The first one is to enter the keywords of your assignment in the search bar on the main page’s top. Type in the words that represent the essence of your task. For instance, if your topic sounds like “Cytarabine and Its Neurological Side Effects,” you can select only two words from this long name to find a sample: Cytarabine effects.

NursingBird Essay Sample.

Another way to get a proper medical school essay examples is to look through the list of popular healthcare topics. There are thirty general categories, each of them containing dozens of papers. Tap on any your task relates to and look for what you need. This method is particularly helpful if you want to discover a work on a specific issue and other connected essays.

πŸ‘ Best User-Friendly Service

Too bored scrolling monotonous essay databases? We know two platforms that will change your experience of using this type of service. These are StudyCorgi and AssignZen! They will make the process of working on your paper funnier and less tiring.

StudyCorgi Main Page.

The first thing to mention about these websites is their well-thought interfaces. The information is located, so it’s easy to find what you need quickly. Also, the design of both platforms is playful and bright so that you enjoy the process of working with them. On the top of the websites’ main pages, you can see a search bar to type in the keywords and find a proper essay. Then, you can scroll down, read about these platforms and discover the recently uploaded paper. If you go further, you will see a list of popular topics.

AssignZen Main Page.

As you open any category or search essays by subject, you will see dozens of works displayed on separate tab each. The tab’s information includes the paper’s title, word count, uploading date, and a short piece of text so you can get a clue what the essay is about. The paper page includes the work itself and an essay subjects menu, so you can promptly jump to another topic if needed.

Before being posted on the platform, each essay on both platforms should pass a quality check by a team of academic experts. They analyze its grammar, content, formatting, and scan for plagiarism. The monitors will accept not every work submitted by other students, so you needn’t worry about the quality of the essays you encounter on StudyCorgi and AssignZen. All of them can benefit you in different ways!

πŸ“ How to Use Essay Examples in Your Writing

Do you know what blank paper anxiety is? If you’re familiar with this issue, essay sample databases will be helpful for you. Sometimes, when you see the assignment, you have no idea of how to fulfill it. Then, you’re just staring at the blank page and wait for inspiration to come. If this happens to you even once in a semester, we have a solution. Discover free writing examples online to save your time and effort.

College Essay Samples as a Source of Inspiration and Knowledge

It’s a helpful thing to bear in mind: you can find an excellent paper written on the topic you’re assigned in 95% of cases. So, if you don’t manage to find good examples, maybe, you’re searching in the wrong place? The platforms like Ivy Panda, Study Corgi, or the others from the list above are the ones that will surely help you.

Why is it handy to see the writing examples? You can learn a lot from them, from structure to tone of voice and vocabulary use. They will also help you understand how different citation styles work in actual cases. For instance, how you should cite a YouTube video according to the APA style.

What’s more, checking college essay samples can impact your creativity. You may notice exciting writing techniques and tricks and learn them for further use. Although the essay outline standards are relatively low-key, there’s enough space for experiments, and students often play around with sectioning their papers. The more samples you look through, the more approaches you get to know, which increases your creative skills.

One of the main concerns regarding essay databases is the quality of the writings. However, you needn’t worry about this when speaking of the platforms e reviewed. All of them employ teams of academic experts who check the works being uploaded on the websites. You will come across the best essays only, which scored at least B+.

Essay Outline: Samples to Learn the Paper Structure

There are lots of things to learn from sample essays. One of the most obvious and most accessible to comprehend is the paper structure. It’s the first thing that catches your eye when scrolling through the paper.

Some essays have separate sections with titles, while others may not. Both approaches are applicable; however, you should consult your tutor about which one is preferable in your type of task.

When each section has a title, the paper is easier to read because you don’t have to deal with a massive text block at once. Still, for the shorter writings, you may not need to do this.

The primary paper’s outline includes three parts. Some of them may be trickier than others, so be sure to find good essay introduction samples. By studying these, you will learn how to write compelling thesis statements and readdress them in your writing piece’s final section. Another thing to look at is the essay hook examples. These are sentences that grab readers’ attention and engage them in the topic under study. Here is an excellent sample of how you can place a hook in the introduction:

IvyPanda Free Essay Database History paper introduction sample.

The highlighted piece plays a crucial role in this paragraph because it addresses the readers and makes them think of these questions’ answers. This rhetorical figure is a type of hook that is relatively popular and highly effective.

Essay Samples: Learn the Formatting Rules

Apart from essay outlining, there is another aspect that is easy to fail if you lack experience. Now, let’s talk about formatting styles.

Basically, there are four most common ones: APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. All of them got their names from famous universities or associations. Formatting styles differ mainly in the citation approaches and the treatment of reference lists.

Let’s review some of their key features:

  • The APA style helps unify the headings, abbreviations, tone, statistics presentation, construction of figures, and citing references. It’s common for papers on social science, business, and nursing.
  • MLA is mainly used by researchers in the field of literature. It helps improve the lengthy essay’s readability and prevents plagiarism by locating the information quickly.
  • The Chicago style is popular among art, history, and humanities scientists. Additionally to the bibliography rules, it contains proofreading and editing mechanics.
  • Researchers from such fields as sociology, technology, and natural sciences often use the Harvard formatting style. One of its main features is using the author-date method for in-text citations.

The theory is hard to comprehend without practice, so don’t hesitate to check the essay sample databases and find the writing pieces in the style you need!


Today, you’ve learned about some of the most helpful platforms, with hundreds of college essay examples available for free. You don’t need to choose just one of them because they are all worth your attention! Try each of the websites, and you will undoubtedly find something handy. These essay databases will help you get ultimate inspiration and improve your writing skills.

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