EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter Review

Nearly all essay, debate, or research writing projects have specific criteria you need to meet. A page count is a popular limitation. It could be hard to precisely estimate the number of pages factor, especially when additional text formatting requirements are applied to the task.

The EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter allows you to automate the writing project’s size estimation. This web app saves plenty of time generating the outcome in real-time. Select the font, its size, and spacing to improve the result’s accuracy significantly.

With a user-friendly and clean interface, you will not notice any inconvenience. The EssayToolBox web app does not have excess elements, and a words-to-pages conversion process is transparent even without tips. This online software transforms the writing project’s word count into a number of pages without annoying ads.

Figure out how many pages your paper has efficiently and for free.

❤️ What We Like about EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter

Our specialists formed this shortlist of the EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter’s brightest features. Scan through the article and boost your efficiency.


This words-to-pages conversion web tool has a modern and clean interface. The system shows the result on the same page in real-time. With this feature, you will instantly see the changes in a page count estimation after any formatting corrections.


The EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter gives full access to its functions from the beginning. It is free.


With the web app, you will evaluate the text’s page count conveniently and without disturbance. This online software does not have annoying pop-ups and ads.

Easy to use

An easy-to-use and intuitive interface makes it possible to automate an estimation process even without guidance. The EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter adjusts well to the devices with small screens. This online tool forms a quick and efficient page count evaluation workflow.

📑 EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter Details

A modern and light-weighted design helps you to maximize the words-to-pages conversion efficiency without unnecessary steps. The web app’s flexibility makes it possible to estimate a paper’s size even on the go. This feature can be convenient when the deadline is close.

Here is the EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter’s main interface.

EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter input

As illustrated, the web tool has a word count input field and three text formatting drop-down menus. You may select the font, font size, and spacing for a more precise result. The system generates an outcome without reloading the web page.

Feel free to scan through the extra section with additional information describing the words-to-pages conversion and providing some pre-made page count estimations. The data provides extra details for a more in-depth process understanding. This area is located immediately after the web app’s interface, but you will quickly get the result even without tips.

You will not notice any inconvenience when working with the EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter. This web tool does not have annoying ads and is well-optimized for smartphones and tablets. All web page elements have appropriate proportions and are positioned conveniently on devices with small screens.

Evaluate the writing project’s page quantity quickly with this free web app.

🆚 EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter vs. Other Similar Tools

This table has the pros and cons of the top 5 words-to-pages converters. We developed this chart for your convenience. Scan through it and compare the chosen web apps.

ToolImport optionGuides or InstructionsAdjustable font settingsAdsUser-friendly
TypeMyEssays Words to Pages ConverterYesYesFeature-richNoneYes
WordCounter ToolYesYesFeature-richNoneAverage
EduBirdie Words to Pages ConverterYesYesAverageNoneAverage
Essay-service Words to Pages ConverterYesYesAverageNoneAverage
EssayToolBox Words to Pages ConverterYesYesAverageNoneAverage

According to the table, the EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter is in fifth place. The web app allows you to change three text formatting options, while the TypeMyEssays Words to Pages Converter and the WordCounter Tool have several extra settings. Each additional outcome customization function improves the result’s accuracy.

The Essay-service Words to Pages Converter’s tips section is compact enough for a quick scan. There is a similar area on the EssayToolBox page, but the information is divided into several blocks you need to scroll through. 

However, a modern and clean design makes the work with the web app quick and smooth. Type/paste the paper’s word count, adjust needed text formatting and check the outcome. Feel free to use the online software as a daily words-to-pages conversion helper for almost all writing projects.

With an easy-to-use and ads-free design, you will get the best results. The EssayToolBox estimates the article’s size without registration. This web tool is free.

☑️ How We Test

For testing purposes, we chose the “He Left So I Could Learn” essay. The article’s size equals 474 words. We used this number and/or paper’s text.

The system had generated the following outcome for the number of words input and default settings.

EssayToolBox Screenshot

As you may notice, the online software generates the outcome on the same page. This words-to-pages conversion web app works in real-time. With this functionality, an evaluation process is free from unnecessary steps and suitable for smartphone users.

📊 The Bottom Line

The EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter took fifth place in our Top 10 Free Online Words-to-Pages Converters.

This web software has the following features.

  • The online software does not have annoying ads.
  • With a user-friendly and intuitive design, the conversion process will be quick and efficient without guidance.
  • You do not need to register or pay for the web app.
  • The words-to-pages conversion tool is well-optimized for tablets and smartphones.

With the EssayToolBox Words to Pages Converter, you may automate a word count into page quantity transformation for nearly all writing projects. Write in the comments section about your choice and share this review with friends.