Jimpix Review

If you need to organize a brainstorming event, several factors should be taken into account. Consider using a random word generator, for example, the Jimpix, to avoid these steps and save plenty of time.

With this feature-rich online software, the concept creation comes to the next level. The web tool also allows you to check the outcome availability as a nickname for several popular social networks. A modern and clean design forms an intuitive virtual area.

The web tool looks and works well on mobile devices. A user-friendly design makes this multifunctional platform handy for nearly all kinds of users and creative projects. It is free.

Make a significant step up in productivity and generate plenty of new ideas with this online application!

❤️ What We Like About Jimpix

The following aspects describe the reviewed software the most. Check them out and read the detailed information afterward for a significant creative efficiency boost.


With this web software, you may generate numerous random results and customize them in many ways. Select the best outcomes by liking them, and the system will store the chosen items in a separate list. The online application provides enough options to work with the selected data.


You get the feature-rich and powerful idea generation software without payment.


The online tool may scan through several social networks and determine whether the selected result is suitable as a nickname or occupied.

Easy to use

All options the web service provides are packed in an intuitive and clean form. You will quickly get plenty of fresh concepts from the 13,200-word database even without a tutorial. The web page has a convenient elements’ layout.

📑 Jimpix Details

With a swift and responsive system, the whole brainstorming will be smooth and productive. The new word generator offers comprehensive adjustment capabilities. The web app’s flexibility allows you to save and create random ideas simultaneously.

Take a closer look at the web tool’s front page:

Jimpix input form

The online app does not overwhelm you with active elements. You will find all settings in well-organized menus. With this feature, the software always shows only the necessary elements on the page.

Do not hesitate to generate up to a hundred words at a time. Select the category, results’ length, first letter, and press/tap the “Go!” button. You may also decide whether the outcome’s size should equal the chosen letter count exactly.

The system forms a well-structured list of items based on the initial settings. Here the web app provides additional options for the created data management. Feel free to save, sort, copy as text, or view the chosen results.

A saving option works without registration; just do not clean the browser history if you still need the selected words/ideas. Check the “Show Bells and Whistles” box and find several extra settings for further concept customization.

There are no hidden or trial functions. The web software is free.

🆚 Jimpix vs. Other Similar Tools

The following table reflects the reviewed online application’s core pros and cons and the top four random concept generators. The StudyLlama team put them together in a brief form for your convenience.

ToolSupported languagesAdjustable resultsGuides/InstructionsAdsUser-friendly
Good usability
Word TipsEnglishFeature-richGoodAd-freeMobile-friendly
Good usability
BrightfulEnglishWord type
Results number
Average usability
Modern design
The Game GalEnglishGame type
Average usability
Modern design
JimpixEnglishFeature-richBasicToo many adsMobile-friendly
Good usability
Modern design

We decided to put the Jimpix in sixth place. The web tool’s page has too many ads. Other applications, for example, the Game Gal and the Word Tips, form an ad-free environment.

On the other hand, the reviewing software allows you to manage large sets of fresh ideas for nearly all creative projects and events. The valid nickname finding option makes this online service especially helpful for active people. All elements of the tool’s interface fit well for smartphone and tablet screens.

A modern and easy-to-use web software works fast. Its flexibility allows you to perform a brainstorming session even on the go. With the mentioned features, the word creator can be a daily source of fresh concepts. The online tool offers its functionality free of charge.

☑️ How We Test

Testing this feature-rich web software took a significant amount of time. However, StudyLlama specialists evaluated all tool aspects from different perspectives. Check one of the results out based on the initial random settings.

Jimpix output form

Here we decided to generate fifty-three words. The “Length Match” and “First Letter” parameters affect the results’ quantity the most. As you may notice, the system has a clean and intuitive design.

📊 The Bottom Line

We put the Jimpix in the sixth place of our Top 10 Free Online Random Word Generators. The following core features make the web tool the right choice for nearly all idea creation tasks:

  • The online software is free.
  • A mobile-friendly design makes it convenient to use almost everywhere.
  • With this feature-rich online application, the fresh concept creation becomes flexible.
  • An easy-to-use interface makes it possible to get the outcome even without guidance.

Do not hesitate to work with this efficient web tool daily and get the advantage of modern brainstorming simulation algorithms. You may tell us about your choice and share this article with friends.