Text Fixer Review

Sometimes you may be stuck during the fresh concept creation. Other people could help with new ideas, but the brainstorming organization might be challenging. Consider a random word generator, for example, the Text Fixer, as a quick and efficient solution.

With this online application, you may replace the time- and energy-consuming in-person event with its swift and convenient web version. The software offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. You will quickly start generating results even without a tutorial.

There is no need to register or provide any kind of private data to the service. The web tool works for free. The online app offers a mobile-friendly design and allows you to generate random ideas even on the go.

Save plenty of time and automate the word creation with this powerful web tool!

❤️ What We Like About Text Fixer

The StudyLlama editors condensed all the application’s tested features into this shortlist of its crucial functions. Take a closer look at them and read the review to boost imagination and efficiency significantly.


You may conveniently generate numerous outcomes with this online application. There is an additional section for the intermediate results below the web tool. The system makes it possible to continue creating fresh ideas while saving the best ones.


With this random concept generator, you get free and full access to its functionality from the beginning.


The online software supports French and German languages.

Easy to use

Several sections containing clarifying information and tips are located before and immediately after the web app’s interface. This data will be helpful for those who would like to research the topic further. The word creator is intuitive enough for efficient work, even without guidance.

📑 Text Fixer Details

A flexible and easy-to-use system helps to organize a clear workflow. The web tool does not have excess elements and rearranges the results’ layout according to your actions. With this responsive behavior, even a large amount of results will not cause any confusion.

The following picture shows the application’s main interface:

Text Fixer input form

We took this screenshot of the original state of the system. As you may notice, the online software starts generating the outcomes from the beginning without extra steps from the user. The random word finder forms the result in the form of a clickable word set.

You may push/tap the best items, and the concept creator will store them in a separate field. The service saves this data until the next page reloads, so there is no need for registration. Each selected item also disappears from the formed results’ section.Choose up to ten outcomes, press the “Generate Random Words” button, and save the best ones. You may copy the best ideas as text to an external document for further analysis. The web app is free.

🆚 Text Fixer vs. Other Similar Tools

Check out the following table with the top five random word generators, including the reviewed one. For your convenience, we put together all the online tools’ pros and cons.

ToolSupported languagesAdjustable resultsGuides/InstructionsAdsUser-friendly
Good usability
Word TipsEnglishFeature-richGoodAd-freeMobile-friendly
Good usability
BrightfulEnglishWord type
Results number
Average usability
Modern design
The Game GalEnglishGame type
Average usability
Modern design
Text FixerEnglish
Results number
Language selection
AverageToo many adsMobile-friendly
Average usability

The StudyLlama team decided to place the Text Fixer in fifth place because the online tool has ads. All web apps from the upper positions offer an ad-free interface. Furthermore, the reviewed word finder only provides one outcome customization option.

There is no separate button for the result exporting. One may also consider a slightly outdated design a minor disadvantage compared to the Brightful and the Game Gal web apps. However, you will not notice any inconvenience generating fresh concepts with the online tool from our top’s fifth position.

A flexible word/idea saving feature allows you to work with large result numbers and keep them under control. French and German languages support expands the web tool scope. By the way, the system is well-adjusted for smartphones and free of charge.

☑️ How We Test

We tested the web tool’s interface and functionality. The new word generator formed numerous outcomes based on the initial settings quickly and steadily. Here is one of them:

Text Fixer output form

As illustrated, the “Your Word List” section contains the saved data from several generations. With this consistency, you get a smooth and convenient user experience. A mobile-friendly design also enhances the web app’s flexibility.

📊 The Bottom Line

The Text Fixer took the fifth position of our Top 10 Free Online Random Word Generators. You may take into account the following web tool’s features when planning the next brainstorming session:

  • The system grants full access to the fresh idea creation features for free.
  • It is optimized for use on mobile devices.
  • One will quickly figure out how the software works without guidance.
  • The web tool makes it possible to generate and save data simultaneously.

With this online software, your imagination, inspiration, and creativity move to a new level. Please, let us know about your choice and share this review with friends.