The Word Counter Review

From time to time, you need to think of many fresh ideas quickly and without complicated actions. With these requirements, an in-person brainstorming event becomes less convenient. A random word generator, such as the Word Counter web app, efficiently fulfills the task.

The new concept finding tool makes it possible to speed up this creative process. There are plenty of result customization options that allow you to get numerous outcomes. An intuitive and clean interface helps the user to understand the whole process even without tips.

With a mobile-friendly design, this web software is suitable for productive work even on the go. The web application does not hide its functions behind the “paywall.” You may use this powerful random idea finder free of charge.

Start and complete the brainstorming sessions without limitations and almost everywhere with this web app.

❤️ What We Like About The Word Counter

We assembled the most vital features in a shortlist from the entire tool’s functions set. Do not hesitate to scan through them, add the gathered data to extra information from other article parts, and improve the creative performance.


The random concept generator provides rich outcome customization. You may generate fresh ideas for essays, word games, and parties. Feel free to change initial settings at any time.


With the chosen distribution model, the web tool becomes an even more convenient idea finder. The web app is free.


You will not notice any inconvenience when working with this software. It is well-optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices with small screens.

Easy to use

A user-friendly and clean interface forms a smooth and quick workflow. With an intuitive design, you will generate fresh concepts without any tips. The web tool’s page works fast and responds well to the user’s actions.

📑 The Word Counter Details

There are no unnecessary steps or excess elements on the web page. You will not be stuck in the middle of the process; all descriptions and instructions are clear enough. Read an additional section below the new word generator for in-depth clarifications.

Here one may assess the online software appearance and page layout.

The Word Counter input form

As illustrated, the designers of this powerful application freed up plenty of space from excess design solutions and kept essential options. With this feature, you may concentrate on the creative process and avoid disturbance. There is a particular separate area for outcomes.

Choose a number of outputs, their type, first/last letter, result’s size, and tap/press the “Generate Random Words” button. The system shows the items on the same page and in a previously mentioned field for fresh ideas. There you will find a well-structured list.

Feel free to copy the best concepts to an external text editor and play with this flexible solution to improve your efficiency. The web software works well on devices with small screens. With this functionality, a brainstorming organization becomes possible even in a lack of time.

You may use all software capabilities from the beginning and for free. A modern design helps the user to avoid excess actions and save plenty of time.

🆚 The Word Counter vs. Other Similar Tools

Take a closer look at the web app’s pros and cons compared to the top four random word generators. Our editors tested these tools and created a short table with the evaluation results for your convenience.

ToolSupported languagesAdjustable resultsGuides/InstructionsAdsUser-friendly
Good usability
Word TipsEnglishFeature-richGoodAd-freeMobile-friendly
Good usability
BrightfulEnglishWord type
Results number
Average usability
Modern design
The Game GalEnglishGame type
Average usability
Modern design
The Word CounterEnglishFeature-richGoodAverageMobile-friendly
Average usability
Modern design

The Word Counter occupied the seventh position in the rating. One of the main drawbacks that affected the web tool’s place is ad presence. All four top applications have ad-free interfaces.

With an additional button for the copy function, the WordCounter online software allows users with slightly outdated mobile devices to conveniently perform exporting actions. The web tool under the review does not provide this option. You need to conduct appropriate gestures on smartphones.

Nonetheless, a modern and clean interface makes the word-finding software an efficient helper for busy people. All page elements automatically adjust to a target screen resolution. With this portability, the web app will generate plenty of new words/ideas almost everywhere.

You do not need to pay for this comprehensive application/companion.

☑️ How We Test

The system has numerous features, and we tested all of them. The StudyLlama team selected various options, checked the boxes, and analyzed the page sections they could find. Here is one of the randomly chosen outputs.

The Word Counter output form

As you can see, the service forms a controllable workflow. You may adjust settings essential for the exact creative project and change them at any time. A user-friendly design and the system’s flexibility significantly improve the efficiency of the idea creation process.

📊 The Bottom Line

The Word Counter has insignificant drawbacks in comparison with the tools from upper positions. That is why this powerful web app is in seventh place of our Top 10 Free Online Random Word Generators. The following features make the reviewing tool a reliable concept creation solution:

  • With a user- and mobile-friendly interface, you may use the application even on the go.
  • There is no need to pay for it.
  • A clean and intuitive design makes the web tool a handy ideas generation companion.
  • The feature-rich platform makes it possible to adjust the outcome to the exact needs.

With this word creator, you will quickly create plenty of results. Write your thoughts about this web application in the comment section and share this article with friends.