PrepostSeo Paraphrasing Tool Review

Paraphrasing is a process of rewording the original piece of writing to omit plagiarism and make the content more specific. Paraphrasing platforms rewrite input text with the help of neural networks, replacing certain words or phrases with synonyms.

PrepostSeo paraphraser is one of them, and we are sure you will enjoy working with it. It supports seven languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Turkish. You can simply upload a file or paste a piece of text already written by someone, and let PrepostSeo do its work. And remember, you can always revise the output text in the way you like—PrepostSeo will suggest options for you. 😉

❤️ What We Like about PrepostSeo Paraphrasing Tool

For certain purposes, using the PrepostSeo rewriter is more convenient than the other paraphrasers. Here is why:

File Import & Export

You can upload files of several formats: doc, docx, pdf or txt. It is sufficient for processing large text blocks or articles.When finished rewriting it with PrepostSeo, you can download it as a .txt or .doc file.


PrepostSeo Paraphrasing tool is entirely free. You don’t need to register, subscribe to mailing, or pay to experience high-quality rewording. 

No Character Limitations

There is no difference whether you want to rewrite a few sentences or a 1500+ word article. Just paste it in the box or upload as a file, and PrepostSeo will process it.

Supporting 7 languages

Many paraphrasers are crafted only for English-speaking users, while PrepostSeo is tailored for a multilingual environment. Additionally, to English, you can input texts in Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Turkish. 

Two Text Processing Modes

PrepostSeo has two modes for rewriting the uploaded content. You can choose between the Standard and Advanced modes.

Editing Options

After the paraphraser finishes rewriting your text, you can edit the output text and adjust it to your needs. PrepostSeo will suggest a few synonyms for the highlighted words, and you can select the most suitable one. 

🕵️ PrepostSeo Paraphrasing Tool Details

Now, let’s review in detail how the PrepostSeo rewriter works. 

The process of paraphrasing with it is as simple as it is:

PrePostSeo Paraphrasing Tool Details
  1. Paste a piece of text or upload a file in one of 4 formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt).

Tip: Sometimes, the paraphraser may read the .pdf file inaccurately. In this case, try to convert it to .doc or .docx. You can do that using the iLovePDF platform.

  1. Choose the mode (the Standard or Advanced).

Tip: Select the Advanced mode if you want to have an option of editing your text.

  1. Press ‘Paraphrase’.
  1. Check the rewritten text and edit it if there is a need.

Tip: Click on the highlighted word to replace it with a synonym or type in your alternative. You can search for proper synonyms in Thesaurus online dictionary.

  1. Press ‘Paraphrase Again’ if you want to completely change the suggested output text (optional).
  1. Click ‘Next’ to finish editing and copy the text or download it as a .txt or .doc file. 

PrepostSeo free online tool helps students, freelancers, and bloggers create plagiarism-free content. It changes the wording of your article, essay, or blogpost without affecting its original meaning. Using highly efficient AI technologies, it rewrites texts of various styles and topics. Unlike some paraphrasing tools, it searches for the keywords in the text and then replaces them with the most accurate synonyms to preserve the content’s key point.  

This rewriter works in two modes: the Standard and Advanced. If you aim at processing 2-5 sentences in a few seconds, the Standard mode is an option for you. If you are working with an article or academic paper, the Advanced mode would be more appropriate. It may take some extra time to paraphrase the content, but you will receive an editing option to improve the output text.

While processing the written piece, you can turn on the ‘Show Original Text’ button to compare the input and output versions. However, there is another option that may be more convenient for you. After the text is paraphrased, you can click on the highlighted words and view the original variant as shown below.

PrepostSeo Paraphrasing Tool Screenshot

Also, after finishing rewriting, you can check your text for plagiarism or grammar errors. PrepostSeo website has the relevant services too. Copy the output content, scroll down the page and click on ‘Check Plagiarism of this text’ or ‘Check Grammar of this text’ button. You will be redirected to the selected platform and proceed with upgrading your content.    

Need additional tips for using this rewriting tool? PrepostSeo has a bunch of instructions and tricks to make the best of it.  

✨ PrepostSeo vs. Other Paraphrasing Tools

Many platforms offer paraphrasing tools, and it can be difficult to find the one that resolves your particular issue. We prepared a list of top-rated rewriters to see when it is better to choose PrepostSeo. 

Check out the table below and compare for yourself:

Tool nameFree/
AdsCharacters limitsCaptcha/ registrationExtensionsImport/
PrepostSeo Paraphrasing ToolFreeModerateNo  NoNoImport
QuillBotFree & Paid plansNoFree – 400,
Paid – 10,000
Optional registrationMS Word, Google Chrome, Google DocsNo
Paraphrase GeneratorFreeNo2,000CaptchaNoNo
MyAssignmentHelp Paraphrasing ToolFreeNoNoNoNoImport
Easy Writing NZ Paraphrasing ToolFreeNo10,000NoNoNo

As we see from this table, the PrepostSeo paraphrasing tool has some undeniable advantages. Unlike many other rewriting online tools, it has no character limitations, and you can upload and download files with the content. Also, the PrepostSeo paraphraser can process texts in 7 languages. This feature distinguishes it from the dozens of other rewriting machines.  

So, when should you choose PrepotSeo?

  • If your text is more than 500 characters;
  • If your text is in English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, or Turkish;
  • If you want to process a file in .pdf, .doc, or .docx.

✔️ How We Test

You’ve already learned about the great features of PrepostSeo, so now it’s time to test this platform. Let’s do that!

First of all, we need to choose the text we want to rewrite. It would be a piece of an article Edit My Essay: 22 Ways to Get It Done Right by IvyPanda. We selected the first two paragraphs to process them with the PrepostSeo platform. Secondly, we pasted these paragraphs into the box for input text and chose the Advanced mode of rewording. 

PrePostSEO Paraphrasing Tool Input Form

Then, we pressed ‘Paraphrase’ and let PrepostSeo rewrite this piece.

A few moments later…

PrePostSEO Paraphrasing Tool Screenshot

Here we have an editable text with highlighted words that were changed by the machine. We can click on them to choose the more appropriate ones or enter our suggestions. When we were done with editing, we pressed ‘Next’ and then ‘View Final Unique Content.’ 

PrePostSEO Paraphrasing Tool Result

We can now download the finished piece of text as a .doc or .txt file or copy it to the clipboard. Also, PrepostSeo suggests using its plagiarism and grammar checkers to create unique error-free content. 

You may wonder what the best part about working with PrepostSeo was. Look: it processes texts rapidly and suggests the most appropriate synonyms for the keywords. Moreover, we tried to upload the whole article, and it was processed within a minute. 

💻 The Bottom Line

You’ve made it down here, but are still not 100% sure you have to choose PrepostSeo? Let’s summarize everything you’ve read about today to answer this question.

Paraphrasing is essential when you’re creating content. It’s not easy to come up with a unique text from scratch. Usually, you will rely on some already existing papers or articles, but your writing piece should still be plagiarism free. That’s when online tools like PrepostSeo will be useful. 

You can copy and paste a piece of text or upload a .doc, .pdf, or .docx file. PrepostSeo processes text by replacing the original key nouns, verbs, and adjectives with their synonyms. It suggests the words with the closest meaning to keep the key subject of your writing. This paraphraser works in two modes: the Standard and Advanced. Choose the second one if you want to edit your text after paraphrasing. Then, download the finished piece in .doc or .txt format, or copy it to clipboard. Also, the PrepostSeo platform has a plagiarism and grammar checkers, so you can process your text afterward and improve it.

Not to mention, PrepostSeo supports 7 languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, or Turkish. The quality of paraphrasing is the same for any of them! This paraphraser is completely free and doesn’t require registration. 

If all of the above meets your requirements, you have to try the PrepostSeo paraphrasing tool!
We hope this article was handy for you. Check out our overview 10 Best Paraphrasing Online Tools!