The Story of StudyLlama (and Future Plans!)

The Story of StudyLlama (and Future Plans!)

Hi! Welcome to the new StudyLlama blog! 

We’ve been working hard to get to the point we are at today and there will be many more months of work to deliver the most comprehensive study tools reviews. 

Despite StudyLlama was dreamed of for only a couple months, its story begins in 2003, when I enrolled in college.

✨ Where the StudyLlama Story Begins 

Almost two decades ago, there were a very few tools to use for studies: topic generators, plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers, summarizers… You could pay a lot for a tool that might not work properly and was far from perfect. Back those days, I was dreaming about the source where I can get a review on every single learning app I found. 

Since then, I’ve changed a few jobs and all of them were related to education: from vice-rector in the education institution to marketing and PR manager at IvyPanda. I ended up learning how to create a website, promote it, what tools are the most useful for students and bloggers, how to choose the best study program, and what steps to take to achieve the best results in the career. 

Being a life-learner, I never stopped learning and now, pursuing my second higher degree, I still feel a lack of adequate learning tools. There are so many nice apps but, on the other hand, no guidance on what will work best for students. 

Which brings us to…

💪 Creating the Most Valuable Review Website

During my career at IvyPanda, I met a couple of education enthusiasts who are thrilled to find and test new software to see how it works. Together, we work on testing and reviewing the most handy learning products.

The StudyLlama team is filled with people who have more than 50 years of combined practical educator and learning experience, and the added benefit of years of testing hundreds of study software and tools side-by-side. 

We commit ourselves to become the world’s most reliable source of study-related app reviews and comparison information. 

Here, how the assessment process works:

  1. We gather all the products, apps, and services available in each category, download software and purchase subscriptions if needed, just like you do, to assure objectivity in our ratings.
  2. Our editors test learning tools on real projects and assignments to carefully analyze performance, reliability, ease of use, additional useful (or not) options, unwanted ads and functions.
  3. We rank the tools, rate them and write a review on every single tool we test. Every app and service review contains information about the strengths and weaknesses, test process, and recommendations for users.
  4. We put together our rank and select top 10 tools in each category to provide side-by-side comparison.

You will find a few awards in each category: Editor’s Choice, Best Free App/Service, Best Mobile App, Best Paid App. 

Our Editor’s award goes to the tools we believe are the most useful, ad-free, and easy-to-use. You will be able to learn why we chose them by reading our reviews.

Best Free App/Service award goes to high-quality apps that are free of charge.

Best Mobile Mobile award goes to the high-quality learning app to use on your smartphone or tablet.

Best Paid App award goes to quality software and services that provide best value for money.

🎁 What’s in StudyLlama for You

Fast forward to today, and we’ve ironed out our processes and systems. We have the nicest readers ever, and we have a million ideas of things we want to do. Here are just a few of the things we have planned:

  1. Six study tools sections:
  • Grades & Test Score Calculators. All the tools you need to estimate your grades at IELTS, TOEFL, SAT.
  • Essay Writing Tools. Use this section to learn more about the best tools and apps to boost your writing skills: topic idea generators, summarizers, paraphrasing tools, and more. 
  • Text and Speech Tools. The section contains reviews on every tool you may need during the writing process: speech-to-text converters, random word generators, case converters, list sorters, and so on.
  • Math Calculators. Take your math skills to the next levels with our top-selected tools that will help you to solve literally any math task.
  • Science Calculators. Physics, Chemistry, and other science subjects’ tasks have never been easier to solve using the editor’s choice tools from this section.
  • Economic & Financial Calculators. Make all calculations for economic and business papers within a few clicks. All you have to do is to read our reviews and ratings in this section to choose the best tool.
  1. Study blog where we plan to post the most comprehensive guides and useful articles for students, their parents, and educators of all levels.

To make our website even more helpful, we plan to include sections dedicated to CV writing, tutoring, and courses review. 

Now, check our reviews, and take your learning to the next level! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to get feedback from you, especially if you can help us improve.